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Covert Operations, or CoveOps, is a class taught by Joe Solomon. This class teaches how to do field work and how to be spies.

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Joe stood in the front of the classroom while students were starting to fill in.

Grayson walked in with Cody and they found a place to sit next to each other.

Joe rolled his eyes and glared at them both. He expected them to be late but Zach was.

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Cody sat on Geaysons lap.

Zach ran in 5 minutes late and sat in Codys spot.

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Joe took a deep breath "Welcome to Covert Operations class or COV OPS. I am Mr.Solomnan. In my class you will be learning how to work in the field blah blah blah something blah blah blah boring stuff."

Grayson yawned and took out his phone.

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Cody looked at what he was doing.

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Joe ignored him and said "Your first exam is a show what you know test. It won't be graded, I just want to see how much experience you have with field work."

Grayson ignored Joe too. He wasn't really paying attention. Field work was a breeze.

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Cody took out her phone and took a selfie with Grayson. And giggled.

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Grayson kissed her cheek.

Joe tried to ignore them. "So today I will hand out the exams and you have the rest of the period to finish it."

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She giggled again.

Zach fell asleep.

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Joe couldn't take it anymore. "Cody get off of Grayson's lap. Zach wake up and all three of you pay attention." Joe said that louder then he wanted to.

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Cody shook her head not moving. And Zach woke up. "23?"

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Grayson laughed. "Do you really want to do this again Joe?"

Joe was shaking in anger but he said calmly "Cody would you kindly get off of Grayson's lap for the exam and Zach I would like you to stay awake...please."

((Sorry I went to see the Fantastic Four))

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"I dont wanna." She shook her head.



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"She don't wanna." Grayson shrugged and smirked. He put his arms around her waist.

Joe didn't say anything. He gave up. He passed out the tests and sat at his desk.

Grayson smirked and started his test. "Piece of cake" He whispered.

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Cody giggled

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He finished in no time. He'd been studying field work all his life.

Joe looked up to see that Grayson had already finished. He mumbled "Finished?"

Grayson glared at him and nodded.

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Cody finished after him. Zach fell asleep.... again.

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Joe stood up stiffly and went to collect there tests. When he walked by he hit Zach in the back of the head. "Your lucky these aren't graded."

Grayson looked at his fingernails "I wish they were."

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"Ow what the f....." He said.

Cody laid her head back on him.

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Joe sighed and went back up to his test to start grading there papers.

Grayson took a selfie with Cody.

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Cody laughed. "send it to me." She said to him.

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He nodded and sent it to her.

Joe was surprised with the results. "Maybe they were cheating." He mumbled to himself.

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Cody looked up at him.

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He looked down at her and raised his eyebrows.

Joe was finished grading them when most of his other students finished. He was shocked by Cody and Grayson's results. "Zachary are you finished?" He noticed Zach was the only person not to finish yet.

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"Uh huh." Zach said handing him the paper.

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Joe was tired and didn't feel like teaching anymore "Class dismissed."

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Zoey got up and left.

Cody stood up "Come on." She said to Grayson.

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((You mean Zach right?))

He stood up too and took Cody's hand. "Well I guess we have the rest of the day off." He smirked.

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((Yeah sorry im rping with Zoe to.))

"Mkay." She smiled.

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"What should we do then?" He asked.

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"I do not know..........." She said walking out.

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"Wanna go to the beach?" He asked and bit his lip.

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"Sure." She said.

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"Okay let me get my swim trucks on." He nodded.

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"Kaykay." She said.

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"Are you coming with me or you wanna meet at the gate?" He but his lip.

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"Ill come." She said.

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"Kay." He took her hand and walked towards his room.

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She followed him.

((U post))

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