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message 1: by Emma (new)

Emma (keeperofthearchives) Hi everyone,

I was so excited the other day to see the new Orhan Pamuk 'A Strangeness in My Mind' on Netgalley. He is one of my favourite authors and has such an individual style. My Name is Red is one of the best modern literary novels i've ever read. But when I clicked on it, the info said it wasn't available for request. At all. Not just for my region (UK). Instead it said something like 'would you like this to be available for request'??? Hell yes!! So why is it on there at all? Has anyone else seen this before?



message 2: by Martha (new)

Martha Rivera (marthacrivera) Emma
I've seen this before. I think the publisher wants to see how much interest it will get before making it available. I've seen other books become available soon after.

message 3: by Emma (new)

Emma (keeperofthearchives) Thank you Martha. In that case, I'll keep an eye on it!

message 4: by Susan (new)

Susan | 28 comments I have been keeping an eye on the new Ashley Weaver for ages but, sadly, it is still not available for request :(

message 5: by Sue (new)

Sue (readalongwithsue) | 17 comments I wondered this, but just recently, I wished it, and I had some widgets sent me. Never had that before

Dorie  - Cats&Books :) (dorie--catsbooks) | 440 comments Sue that's great. I've never gotten a wish granted this way, how fun

message 7: by Christy (new)

Christy (christyrb) I noticed last week a book was listed as unavailable but said "Wish for it!" so I clicked that, and a day later got

"It's your lucky day! You wished for Blood Sisters, and you have been randomly selected to receive this book on NetGalley. Sign in right now to start reading, and please share your feedback and review via NetGalley. "

The thing that surprised me was the word "randomly" in there, which seemed a bit strange! I didn't realise netgalley did random approvals.

Fictionophile  (fictionophile) | 166 comments This happened to me as well.
My wish was granted to read "The Good Neighbor" The Good Neighbor by A.J. Banner by A.J. Banner.

message 9: by Angela M (new)

Angela M I think this is a new feature. I've had three wishes granted . What's interesting is that they are all from the same publisher- Lake Union Publishing , a division of Amazon . But I was interested in the titles so glad to have them .

message 10: by Fictionophile (new)

Fictionophile  (fictionophile) | 166 comments I just saw a title I absolutely covet on NetGalley!
Coffin Road Coffin Road by Peter May
However... it is only available to reviewers in Australia.
I SO WISH there was a button you could click that said:
"I wish it was available in Canada".

Ann Marie (Lit·Wit·Wine·Dine) | 5 comments I recently requested a UK title and received access almost immediately. It many be worth a try.

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