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message 1: by MyBookCushion (last edited Feb 13, 2014 11:57PM) (new)

MyBookCushion | 10 comments Hello guys I hope I put this in the right folder. I just want to ask for help. I'm a new book blogger, and have been recently approved to do a book review for Curiosity Quills. they emailed me and said.

"After you've read the title, make sure to let us know if you've enjoyed the story - and even more so, let us know if (and why) you didn't!"

I wonder if you guys did a job from them too. I was just wondering what they meant. Should I give my review to them first, before I post it in my blog?

Thanks guys. I hope I didn't sound too stupid here. >_<

Sarah Elizabeth (bookworm_sarah) | 84057 comments Mod
If it's for a blog tour than they won't want you to publish a negative review so you'll have to let them know if this is the case.

Otherwise, they're probably just asking for feedback - they want to know that you've read and reviewed the book. I usually send an email with a link to my review on goodreads, and a date for when the review will be up on the blog. This allows them to tweet etc. about the review if they want to.

Does that help?

message 3: by MyBookCushion (new)

MyBookCushion | 10 comments It does help a lot. Thanks so much Sarah. ^_^ This is my first "approved" book from Curiosity Quills via Netgalley.

Sarah Elizabeth (bookworm_sarah) | 84057 comments Mod
If it's from netgalley they probably just want you to send the review and a link back to them via netgalley. The email is probably to encourage you to submit your review. I think publishers have problems with people downloading the book from netgalley and then never writing a review.

message 5: by MyBookCushion (new)

MyBookCushion | 10 comments I checked their email through Netgalley. Thanks soooo much!

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