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message 1: by Samuel (new)

Samuel | 41 comments RED DAHLIA
By Ross S. Simon
Red Dahlia by Ross Simon

She has chosen us, at her banquet of flesh.
When he retires from the First World War to a colonial Indian life of peace, Commodore Clifford Selickton RN is unaware of the blood about to be spilled through that which he unleashes. Selickton takes a beautiful young priestess, Virhynda, for a wife, and they bear a darling little child…a child who, horrifyingly, is prophesized to become the very incarnation of the dread Kali-Ma, East Indian goddess of blood sacrifice. The mind-bending examples they witness of random people receiving their doom are, in fact, only preludes to the hideous, demonic goal of the Blood-Mother: conquest of the earth, to cover it in a maelstrom of hellish flame and mangled flesh that will consume all mankind. Worst of all, Kali aims to achieve this by striking at the very heart of the civilized world…and it might take a miracle from the Hindu gods themselves to stop her once and for all.

I am offering six .pdf copies of "Red Dahlia" for reading and reviewing, and would like the reviews posted either on Amazon or here on GoodReads. If on Amazon, please state above the review that you received the copy from the author for honest review. Thank you.
Sam Ridings (writing as Ross S. Simon)

Trista Borgwardt (tristamborgwardt) | 48 comments I would like to read and review Red Dahlia. My email is

message 3: by Samuel (new)

Samuel | 41 comments Sure, Trista. I'll send it right to you. Thanks.

Trista Borgwardt (tristamborgwardt) | 48 comments My review is posted on Amazon, Goodreads and at my website Great book!

message 5: by Samuel (new)

Samuel | 41 comments Thanks, Trista. I'm glad you liked it.

message 6: by eclecticire (new)

eclecticire | 2 comments I would like to read and review your book

message 7: by Samuel (new)

Samuel | 41 comments All right, sure. The month's time limit for Read 2 Review that it's being offered for isn't up yet, so please let me have your email address, and I'll send it right to you. Thanks for taking an interest.

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