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Riya | 1876 comments To sign up for a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, please read the Read and Review rules and fill out the form below:

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Book Title: There Comes a Prophet
Book Link: There Comes a Prophet
Number of copies available: 10 ebooks, 5 paperbacks
Book Genre: YA Dystopian

**And remember: You have 3 weeks to write your review. You must have written 5 reviews prior to this one. You may only sign up for 1 Read and Review at a time. And please, read ALL the other rules!!!**

Read and Review Sign Ups!!!
1. Jaime ( 2/16
2. Chrystine ( 2/16
3. Chloe ( 3/25

Denise Weintraut (deniseweintraut) | 2 comments I'd love to sign up for a paperback RaR, but I'm having difficulty with the form. Is there a proper way to sign up? Thanks! -Denise

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Riya | 1876 comments If you would like the paperback book then just fill out the form, but also send me a private message with your address, so I can pass this on to the author- or you can directly message the author if that is preferable for you.

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Jaime (jaimeamy) | 26 comments I would love to read and review this for you, are paperbacks available for international readers?
If not can i please have an ebook at

Milovesme (keytiin) | 6 comments Chrystine

Thank youu

message 6: by Riya (new)

Riya | 1876 comments Thanks both of you!!!

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Chloe | 2 comments Can I have an ebook version please? Email :

David Litwack | 4 comments Chloe wrote: "Can I have an ebook version please? Email :"

What format ebook? epub, Kindle or PDF?

message 9: by Riya (new)

Riya | 1876 comments Thanks Chloe!

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