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Class 12- 17-18 year olds go and learn here. In the classroom they learn mostly poisons and learn English, Math, and Science, the basic concepts. They go to the gymnasium to practice self defense and they go outside to practice survival skills and their abilities.

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My character is 19, is it okay if I'm here? Or I'll just change my age then, it's okay.

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Yup, it's ok.

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Oh okay then

I'll just be 15 then, it's okay, I don't really care that much about the age. Ok, I move to your class then!

(class 10? )

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Kk, did you create a character?

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yea I did

Jigiri is my OC, so she'll be my character for this group. (I put the bio in the other discussion regarding introducing yr characters)

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Kk, well, you can make multiple characters.

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Kate wrote: "Kk, well, you can make multiple characters."

((oh I see

I guess I'll make a couple adults then. This school needs some teachers doesn't it?

I'll make some more when I have more time.))

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((Alright :)))

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