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Class 11- 16-17 year olds go and learn here. In the classroom they learn mostly poisons and learn English, Math, and Science, the basic concepts. They go to the gymnasium to practice self defense and they go outside to practice survival skills and their abilities.

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Belle entered their classroom lazily. It's still quite early and no one else is here, which is good. She propped her small harp on her desk then played a music, something that reminds her of the sea that is calm before the storm.

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Ms.Riversong entered the room silently, her black outfit and childish pigtails were perfect today. She came up to the board and wrote her full name on the board, Bianca Riversong. So far there was only one student, she looked at the girl, her two different coloured eyes usually scared people at first, it was especially weird that one of them had the impression of a tiny clock.

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Belle sat with her eyes closed and completely absorbed by the music that she didn't noticed their teacher who just entered right away. When she felt someon staring at her, she straigthened herself up and put her harp away as she realized it was their teacher.

"A fine morning to you Ms. Riversong," she said in a singsong voice.

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Ms.Riversong Smiled, "Good morning Belle." she said, sitting down on top of her desk, swinging her legs around, if anyone didn't know her, they would have thought she was a child. Bianca was actually 20 wasn't a child but her height only helped that fact making her look small and like a doll.

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ληgєłα  (angelacousins) | 32 comments Before they both new it none other than Jax strolled into the room, leaving of an air that he didn't want to be disturbed, like usual. He sat at the back table like he always did, without saying a word, only looking out the window and at the mist that was forming outside the school premises.

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Xena also walked into the room, she nodded a hello to Ms.Riversong and went to her seat, second last row, next to the window, in front of Jax. She didn't mind him because he had never bothered her before.

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ληgєłα  (angelacousins) | 32 comments Jax to a moment to glance up at Xena, he smelt her sweet and suble scent of roses. For some reason he felt as though he recognised her from somewhere, possibly a dream?

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Xena took off her jacket, putting it on the back of her chair, her teardrop pendant was exposed on her neck, the beautiful tiny crystal gave off hues of blue and clear light. She sighed, taking out her books and new notebooks, glancing at Jax once.

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((I gtg, I'll be back soon though))

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ληgєłα  (angelacousins) | 32 comments Jax stared back at Xena, his eyes drifted to the teardrop pendant that was around her delicate neck. It was very beautiful. Suddenly Jax felt a shooting pain in his forehead, "Ahh" said Jax, as he clenched at his forehead. Immediately images started to flash before his eyes. His vision became blurry, however, his vision quickly sharpened. He then saw a girl with her head turned.Her flowing wavy locks were blowing in the subtle wind that danced across Jaxe's skin. He then realised that he was clenching at something in his hand. He looked down at a crystal like pendent, "What?" Before Jax could comprehend what was happening, he resumed back to reality. He looked up to find Xena staring at him. It was as though something triggered a hidden fragment of memory.

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Xena looked at the boy, it was the first she had seen him in her life yet he seemed so familiar to her. It was scaring her, she looked away, subconsciously playing with the tear drop pendant, the cool surface calmed her, it was something she treasured greatly, she knew someone important in her life had given it to her but she couldn't remember who... Xena's narrowed, a boy, it was a boy, the boy who had saved her that time, but, she couldn't remember his name nor what he looked like, she clenched the pendant. Why?! The only thing I want is to know and why can't I have that? she thought and sighed.

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((Angela are you on?:)))

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ληgєłα  (angelacousins) | 32 comments Yes I am, just thinking of what to write

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ληgєłα  (angelacousins) | 32 comments Jax continued to gaze at Xena, it was the first time that he actually noticed how beautiful she was. Her purple eyes where enchanting, it was almost as though they were taking Jax on a journey to her world. Before Jax could realise, he noticed that he had been staring at her for several minutes. "What am I doing", thought Jax and he rubbed his eyes. "It's not like I am infatuated with her or anything...

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((May I join you guys? Let's add some spice to your romance ;) ))

Belle strummed her harp, a sweet music eminating from the instrument. Seeing that it would be a while before there class started and the others are not here yet, she made her way towards Jax. She sat on the chair beside him then whispered softly,


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ληgєłα  (angelacousins) | 32 comments Jax was quickly awakened from his trance, by none other than Belle. "What is it?" Questioned Jax as he looked beside him at Bell attentively, looking slightly annoyed.

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Belle gave him a pout and a look she knew he can never resist.

"Is she so fair that you can't take your eyes off her, beloved?" she in a sweet voice laced with poison, loud enough so Xena could hear.

Theirs is a love-hate relationship, and more than anything else, she likes making him uncomfortable.

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ληgєłα  (angelacousins) | 32 comments Jax looked at Belle, and smirked at her attempt at seducing him. Instead of shrugging her off like he usually did, he decided to have a little fun with her, she was quite cute in her own way. "You look cute today Belle, have you done something different with yourself?" Said Jax in a teasing sort of way. As soon as he said this he looked over in Xena's direction to see if she was looking at him at all.

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Belle flipped her hair off her shoulder with a huff. "I am ALWAYS cute!" she said indignantly. "You just don't realize because you're busy ogling at other girls," she added under her breath.

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ληgєłα  (angelacousins) | 32 comments Jax chuckled at the suggestion. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you or anything", said Jax in a cunning manner. "I don't want you to think you usually look bad or anything, will you forgive me?" Jax said this in the most calculating way possible, as though he was amused by the idea of being nice to girls and making them fall for him, because of his good looks, then rejecting them later.

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"I might forgive you, yes," Belle said nonchalantly, running a lazy finger through Jax's collar. "If you'd tell me what fascinates you so much about our angelic friend here," she added in a whisper. "Does her blood smell so good to you, Jax Zeon? Could a vampire hear it sing like we mermaids do?" Belle teased.

She actually liked bantering and flirting with Jax--the two of them are very much alike, though none would admit it. Seducers. Players. Predators. Creatures that one shouldn't dare trust.

And you've always been a challenge since you came here two years ago, she thought.

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ληgєłα  (angelacousins) | 32 comments Jax suddenly snapped at the suggestion that he only wanted Xena's blood. "Who do you think you are implying that I only want her blood?" The mood suddenly darkened as Jax began to feel anger accumulating in the pit of his stomach. "And get your scaly hands off me you sea witch" Jax new that Belle hated it when he refereed to her as a sea witch rather than a mermaid.

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Belle suddenly cackled a humourless laugh at Jax's reaction, then muttered a not so apologetic "Ooops, pardon Miss Riversong," at the look their teacher gave her.

"And how sweet of you...blood sucker," she spat, not bothering to hide her irritation at his insult.

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ληgєłα  (angelacousins) | 32 comments "You better be careful or I might just pay you a little visit tonight. Be careful to lock your window tight, it might just be your precious blood I'm after, although, maybe you would enjoy my little visit?" Remarked Jax as he plopped down his head on the desk, burrowing his head in his muscular arms wanting to be left undisturbed.

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"Oh, I would surely enjoy your visit, Jax," Belle remarked with a mischievous glint in her eyes. "And have you forgotten? We're almost adults, so I live at the lake now. But I think you'd fancy skinny dipping there every once in a while." She softly strummed her harp then sang in a soft voice:

My heart is pierced by Cupid,
I disdain all glittering gold.
There is nothing that can console me
but my jolly vampire bold.

She then stood up and sashayed back to her own seat, but not before giving Xena a mean once-over.

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Xena glared at Belle, "Honestly Belle I don't understand you, your always flirting with him yet you always insult and make him mad after, you really piss me off." she said quietly, the air in the classroom almost seemed alive, Xena stole a look at Jax but looked away, she didn't understand why she was always searching for someone, a familiar face, she sighed, irritated. The wind blew in, opening the window forcefully as she sighed. Xena tsked at herself and got up, closing the window that was in-between Jax's desk and hers.

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Belle just smirked at Xena. "Well, it's actually none of your business, is it?" she said, staring at her, challenging. "And now you ruined the weather, and drenched my seat" she added as the wind suddenly blew and scattered raindrops to nearby chairs.

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ληgєłα  (angelacousins) | 32 comments Jax felt the cold raindrops hitting the back of his head. He lifted his head off the table and sneaked a glance at Xena, before looking over at Belle. "Belle..." said Jax, in a drawn out manner. "Don't jump down Xena's throat she's done nothing wrong, maybe you should just fix that rotten personality of yours, okay?"

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"Really, Jax? I'm the one who's got a rotten personality, eh?" Belle muttered in a huff. She snapped her fingers then the puddle of rainwater began to gather, forming into a ball of swirling, angry waves. "Forgot what you did to my friend last two summers ago?" she whispered venomously as she made her way back to Jax, her eyes taking a stormy gray hue. "You're the reason she's not here anymore, Jax, remember? No longer here at the face of the earth. Broke her heart too much, yes you did," she added. "Think I'm gonna let you live happily? Think again, bloody vampire," as Belle said that the ball of water that has been following her suddenly dropped right on Xena's lap, drenching the girl.

"Oopps. Sorry. I did that on purpose," Belle taunted with a smirk then retrieved her harp. Then she made her way to their teacher, saying, "Pardon me miss. I suddenly felt the need of water. May I go out for a while? Class isn't starting yet, anyway, and I remember I have to talk to the Principal, too." She then walked out of the room without glancing back, and self-satisfied smile plastered on her face.

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((Sorry, had to get Belle outta your way for a while, guys ;) Gotta run, and I may not be on for a few days. :( Oh, and it was fun roleplaying with you! I hope you won't take my charrie's actions personally, though! lol. Ciao!))

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((haha, its fine and come back soon! :D))

Xena groaned, "Great, this kind of makes me want to make sure when she enters the lake, she couldn't come back out." she muttered, annoyed. Xena looked at Jax, "Um, I have a question, I don't mind if you don't want to answer but can you please tell me what happened two summers ago? You see, I have no memories from that summer, the only thing I remember is waking up in the end of August with this around my neck, do you know anything? If you don't then it's fine..." she asked quietly, pointing to the teardrop pendant. She looked down at her lap, rubbing her jeans, trying to get them to dry.

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ληgєłα  (angelacousins) | 32 comments "Well lets just say it's a long story..." The fact is Jax didn't even remember what happened two summers ago, but the problem was since when did this happen? Since when did he suffer from memory loss? "To be honest..." mumbled Jax staring at Xena intensely, "I feel as though I've met you somewhere before, where? I simply don't know, the only thing I know is that I have seen that pendent around your neck somewhere, and..." Jax suddenly refrained, realising that he was about to tell her about the incident that happened a couples of minutes previous...

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Orin popped up from under the desk.

"Shut up guys, I was trying to sleep. Ahh, your stupid quarreling was so loud, I can't fall back asleep anymore," grumbled Orin.

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乂Angela乂 wrote: ""Well lets just say it's a long story..." The fact is Jax didn't even remember what happened two summers ago, but the problem was since when did this happen? Since when did he suffer from memory lo..."

((sorry is it alright that I join in? ))

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ληgєłα  (angelacousins) | 32 comments ((sure))

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(( yeah that's fine))
Her eyes widened slightly, "Really? You've really seen it before?..." said, suprised. She tilted her head when he stopped talking. She realized that he probably didn't want to talk about it so she sighed, shaking her head. She saw someoned pop up from under her desk, "Oh gods, sorry." she said, jumping from suprise in her chair, she laughed, a dangerous look cam into her eyes, "Yeah, that was thanks to an evil sea witch." she said.

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ληgєłα  (angelacousins) | 32 comments "If that evil sea witch bothers you again be sure to tell me. I will send that stupid sea witch back into the depths of the ocean", said Jax displaying a charming smile to Xena.

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((I'll brb))

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She grinned, "Thanks." she looked at him, "Hey, I think she likes you..." she said. Xena touched her pendant again, her vision flashed, Jax was no longer in front of her, a dark shape, no. A coat was lying on top of her, something wet and sticky, blood was poring out of her arm and side, her shoulder was also severly injured, black dots swam in her vision. Someone's hand, someones warm hand was holding hers, somebody was next to her, looking down at her, wet droplets fell on her skin, just a few but they were obviously tears. Suddenly a white falsh crossed her vision and she was back in the present. She was breathless, blinking, trying to clear the dots that appeared.

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ληgєłα  (angelacousins) | 32 comments "Hey... are... are you okay?" Said Jax, shocked to see Xena looking disorientated and confused. He hesitated for a second then got up, and walked over to Xena. He then put his hand on her shoulder. As soon as he touched her she felt as cold as an iceberg. He then smelt an overpowering smell of blood, even though there was no visible source. "What's wrong?" Jax questioned.

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Shefocused her violet eyes on him, "This has never happened before..." she said whistfully. "Jax, are you sure you don't know?" she said quietly, she suddenly shook her head, "I'm fine, I'm ok." she said, mostly trying to convince herself. The vision...No a long lost memory. A shudder ran through her body, why did this happen when she was with Jax? Maybe he had something to do with whatever had happened two summers ago. She looked up at Jax, "I want to find out who gave me this." she said, holding up the teardrop.

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ληgєłα  (angelacousins) | 32 comments Jax looked down at her pendent again. Why did he feel as though he had seen it before? Jax focused on the rays of light that it emitted. The longer he looked at it the brighter the emissions appeared, until he felt as though he was blinded by the light. Suddenly a great light appeared in the midst of his focus. It penetrated his entire surroundings. Suddenly a vision appeared to him. It was of his childhood friend that passed two years ago, the friend his father brutally sucked dry because he discovered Jax was a vampire on that day... the day all of Jax's dreams and best friend got stripped away... He was reminded by the cloudy white sky that encased that whole memory, as though it was in a glass ball. He remembered the tears that streamed down his friends face, Julian. But what was that light coming from him? Jax looked down at his neck... It was the pendent! It was Julians! However, why did Xena have it?

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Xena looked at Jax, "Jax, Jax!" she started to get worried, "Jax, I only know one thing, I was dying and then someone saved me, leaving this pendant behind, I know this from the momory that came to me, please, answer me." she said, looking up at his blank face.

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ληgєłα  (angelacousins) | 32 comments Jax suddenly came to, woken up by Xena's pleading cries. Xena, I'm not certain why you have that pendent, but there is one thing that I know... that pendent was my old childhood friends! Why would have the person who saved you leave it behind?

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Xena shook her head, "How should I know?!" she said, "I have no memories, absoloutly none, I have no idea, maybe I was close friends or maybe someone dear to whoever saved me..." she said, sighing.

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ληgєłα  (angelacousins) | 32 comments Jax was completely puzzled. However, one thing was for sure, just being around Xena's presence triggered vital memories from the past. Memories that my play a massive role in the future...

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Xena looked at Jax, "Do you remeber anything? I find it strange that just the two of us don't have any memories from two summers ago do, did you remeber anything?" she asked.

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ληgєłα  (angelacousins) | 32 comments "To be honest... ever since my friend died, which you may or may not be aware of my memory has been a little foggy. I remember bits and pieces, but its just been a little rough".

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