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message 1: by Julie (new)

Julie Johnson (juliejohnsonbooks) | 43 comments Hello! I'd be very appreciative if someone could help me by adding my upcoming release to the Goodreads database. Thanks in advance!

Title: Say The Word

Author: Julie Johnson (THREE spaces between... Same author as the novel "Like Gravity')

Expected Publication: 2014


“The heart isn’t like the liver. It doesn’t regenerate, no matter how much time passes. Once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. I’d left mine with Sebastian when I walked away that day, and I hadn’t seen it in the seven years since.” — Lux Kincaid

At eighteen, Lux is forced to make a choice. One that nearly destroys her.

She breaks a boy’s heart.

She breaks her own, too.

Seven years later, Lux never expects to see Sebastian again — especially not when her career as a journalist is hanging by a thread and she’s stumbled onto the story of a lifetime. As she chases down leads and explores the dark underbelly of Manhattan, Lux will put her life on the line. But after crossing paths with a still-unforgiving Sebastian, it’s her heart she’s most worried about.

Amidst the blame and the betrayal, the hurt and the heartbreak… can two lost lovers ever find their way back to one another?

Lines will be blurred. The past will be unearthed. And Lux will find out that some secrets aren’t meant to be kept…

message 2: by Gene (new)

Gene Done.

message 3: by Julie (new)

Julie Johnson (juliejohnsonbooks) | 43 comments Evgeny wrote: "Done."

Thank you!

message 4: by Gene (new)

Gene You are welcome.

message 5: by Julie (new)

Julie Johnson (juliejohnsonbooks) | 43 comments Would it be possible to add


at the top of the book description, just to clarify that it is an upcoming release? Thanks!

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