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Gertie (gertiebird) | 167 comments Mod
Vegetarianism is a very commendable lifestyle, and it often evolves into veganism. (Though some folks jump straight into veganism!)

For the vegans, tell us about your switch from vegetarian to vegan, how it went (or is going), what motivated you to go vegan in the first place.

message 2: by Kendall (new)

Kendall Shea | 3 comments I first went vegetarian when I was 16 after hearing a speech about the cruelty of the meat industry. Unfortunately I didn't understand how to eat a healthy balanced diet and ended up so severely anemic my doctor offered me the choice of going to the hospital for a blood transfusion or to eat red meat. Oh, if only I had known better! Fast forward to me at 21 with more knowledge of healthy eating and a book about the vegan lifestyle- the book ended with a challenge to try eating vegan for 2 weeks. 8+ years later and I'm healthy and happy with the knowledge that my lifestyle reduces the incredible suffering of animals and I have helped several others find their way to a vegan lifestyle as well.

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