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message 1: by John (new)

John Burns I've created 2 more lists, intended to be alternatives to the populist "best boooks ever" list by putting restrictions on the number of ratings a book is allowed to have in order to be eligible.
The idea is we'll have a listopia list where the less well known books that get left out of the usual lists get a chance to shine.
Theres one for moderately obscure books:
and one for very obscure books:

message 2: by Manday (new)

Manday | 212 comments Nice lists! I added one to the very obscure books. Its going to be hard to get people to vote on them when they are so obscure though!!! I haven't heard of any of the other books on there.

message 3: by Susanna - Censored by GoodReads (last edited Jul 08, 2009 12:16PM) (new)

Susanna - Censored by GoodReads (susannag) | 1736 comments I added a number to the "very obscure" one - nice concept.

Shall have to go vote on the other one!

Susanna, List Addict

P.S.: I interpreted "any genre" as including non-fiction. This a problem? I can remove them if it is.

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