Smaragdgrün (Edelstein-Trilogie, #3) Smaragdgrün question

Are Gwen and Mr. Bernard related?
Rosalynn Rosalynn Feb 12, 2014 07:08PM
I think that they are but I can't seem to find any evidence to back it up. I'm thinking Mr. Bernard is either Gwen's nephew, or great nephew

Well, at the end of the book you can see Gwen's parents change their family name to Bernard, and Lucy is pregnant in this very same chapter. So, yeah, chances of Mr. Bernard being her nephew/ great nephew or ever brother are not that slim. Anyways, there are no precise evidence which show which one is the truth.

There isn't any specific evidence in the books. But as already said here, Lucy and Paul have changed their name to Bernard and Lucy is pregnant in the epilogue.
And during an interview or author reading Kerstin Gier said that they are related. I found a website where she's quoted:
"By calculation, he's her nephew. But I left that open deliberately. In any case, Mr. Bernard is the decendant of a yet unborn brother."
Which also contains the information that Gwen had a brother who was born in another time (I suppose Lucy is pregnant with him in the epilogue).
...Still in the movie there is an evidence about their relation. (its only out in Germany so far and I don't think it'll come out in America/Britain etc. any time soon. And seriously I don't recommend watching it. They literally turned the whole story upside down!)

In the movie it is said that Lucy and Paul are mr Bernard's grandparents. So he would be Gwen's nephew

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