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Class 10- 15-16 year olds go and learn here. In the classroom they learn mostly poisons and learn English, Math, and Science, the basic concepts. They go to the gymnasium to practice self defense and they go outside to practice survival skills and their abilities.

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hello sensei~

ready to learn~

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Alright, give me a second, I will create a teacher :)

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Kate wrote: "Alright, give me a second, I will create a teacher :)"


Take your time, I'm in no rush!

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Done, ok, starting now if you want to talk as us and not characters, use these (())
((for example like this))

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Ms.Asagi sat behind her desk, she sighed.

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((Matte, Matteo, Hc-Iris, play your own character, Chiruha Asagi is my charrie, I'll be playing her, if you want, create as many charries as you want but only play you own, just saying cause you have never rped before))

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((It's ok, it's ok, we can start rping))

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Katya walked into class, it was the first day, in fact it was her first day. She had automatically been transferred to 10nth grade the moment she became a member of the Refuge, she sighed. Everyone here was just like her, it was a relief to finally find a proper home.

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Kate wrote: "Ms.Asagi sat behind her desk, she sighed."

Kate wrote: "Ms.Asagi sat behind her desk, she sighed."

((OHMYGOSHH I'M SO SORRY I HAD NO IDEA!!!!!!!!! I deleted that last part which I wrote, so let's start over. So sorrry!!!!!!!!!! Okay, now I kinda get what it's about now. Please teach me the rules and the ways of roleplaying! Thanks for understanding and sorry again! do you want to start it off then?))

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(sure, Jigiri can walk in and they can start socializing..))

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Katya walked into class, it was the first day, in fact it was her first day. She had automatically been transferred to 10nth grade the moment she became a member of the Refuge, she sighed. Everyone here was just like her, it was a relief to finally find a proper home.

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Kate wrote: "(sure, Jigiri can walk in and they can start socializing..))"

((ok great!))

Jigiri entered the classroom. "How strange," she muttered, "so this is school?"

She looked around, wanting to find a place to be alone, preferably in the corner of the room. Ah, there it is.

Jigiri walked past the silver haired girl. She swung her sword around lazily, without a care, but almost slashed the girl's desk in half.

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Katya glared, "What's your problem?" she said, sliding back her chair, avoiding her sword.

Ms.Asagi looked at the two girls, her eyes narrowed, Interesting.

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Jirigi looked down at the girl. Her eyes glowed dangerously red.

"Why are you even talking to me, miss lolicon. This place isn't for little fancy princesses like you, who care about their hair, and their attire and- What's with the dress and the wings? Who are you and what's your species? Are you even supposed to be here?"

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((Her wings aren't out but yes, she's wearing a sort of dress, just a clarification, sorry.))

Katya stood up, "Who are you to be talking to me like you k,kw me." she said, her dark aura surrounding them, "I am under no obligation to take your insults, you don't effect me in any way Miss Pissy pants." she said, rolling her eyes but she did like a good argument...Whatever, Katya didn't care enough to quarrel with a random stranger.

Ms.Asagi stayed where she was, interested, both girls were Yokai but one was not a full one but a half fire spirit and the other was a full Yokai who possessed shadow powers, aka dark powers.

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Kate wrote: "((Her wings aren't out but yes, she's wearing a sort of dress, just a clarification, sorry.))

Katya stood up, "Who are you to be talking to me like you k,kw me." she said, her dark aura surroundi..."

((oh sorry I didn't know. So I guess normally her wings aren't out then))

Jigiri glared darkly.

"Fine. Whatever.But stop dodging my question. I ASKED WHO YOU WERE, WHAT YOUR SPECIES IS, AND THAT'S IT. Who asked for you opinion about me and ah-'pissy pants' "

She made the quotations gesture with her hands.

She dropped the sword on the ground.

"Fine! Don't talk! Yeah, just continue to ignore me, like everyone else in my life!"

Jigiri slammed both fists on the table, trying to intimidate the girl.

She stared deeply into her red eyes, and saw.. just a bit..her own reflection... A monster, a fool. Who was she to bully a poor girl she'd only just met. She felt ashamed and like an idiot. What would Mother say about her behaviour?

"Whatever. Just go and braid your pretty hair or somehthing. We're done talking. You're not even worth talking to. Ah, at least your pretty looks are worth looking at though. You must go to the beauty salon, much don't you, huh. "

She picked up her sword, and continued her lazy motion of swinging, but something caught her hand.

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Katya grabbed her hand, "I will tell you, but, in return I would appreciate you stop saying how I have good looks."

She sighed, releasing her arm, "I hate it when people start judging me by my looks, it isn't fair, it's like judging a book by it's cover, a yokai can have a pretty face but yokai are very dangerous, you should know that since you're similar to me, I can tell you're part yokai but never ever do what you did now to another, intimidating would never work on me but it might work o, other who are more gentle but when their savage side comes out, they are dangerous and not gentle which is why getting angry at someone isn't the right thing to do, I'd rather receive an insult from someone and then make them pay later and without attracting attention to myself." she said, her dark aura slightly subsiding and she calmed down quite a bit.

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Jigiri seemed surprised.

"I see. I know that you idio-"

Her bad habit of badmouthing almost came out again.

"I know what you're saying. How else do you think I've lived my life on the streets for the past 7 years? But really, you're quite pretty. "

Jigiri gave a warm smile. After all, she was part fire-spirit.

Jigiri looked down. It was such a long time since she gave a smile and wasn't quite sure if she'd practiced long enough. Her smiles always looked creepy, as if she was plotting something nasty.

She looked away, and felt somewhat happy yet embarrassed. She tried to walk away from her warm grasp.

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Katya laughed softly.

"Now now, don't go yet." she charm spoke.

Katya smiled, "I understand, trust me, I know, I've been living on the streets as you may call it too, since I was born and until I cane here. Today is my first day here so I have no idea whatsoever about what we're going to do." she said, finishing, she sat down, here desk was at the back, next to the window, in the second last row.

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury (so is Octavia in this class since it's 15-16)

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Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury (K)

Octavia rushed in quickly. "Sorry I'm late!" She called out. She quickly slid into her desk. It rocked from her momentum but went back to normal.

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Ms. Asagi smiled, "Everyone sit down." she said.

Katya sat down, pulling Jigiri down into the seat next to her.

Ms.Asagi, looked around the classroom, "We welcome all new students." she said, "I am Ms.Asagi, your homeroom teacher and I will be teaching you Math, Science, and Language." she said walking around, observing each student.

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury Octavia looked around at all the other students.

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((I'm gonna make a guy character, can you wait a few minutes? It won't take long...))

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Nikita sat back in his chair, not really paying any attention, he didn't look at anyone nor anything, he fiddle with his keychain, the key from his sister, lazily.

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury Zander sat in his seat quietly. He was sketching out something from his nightmare last night. He scowled in disgust at how terrible the drawing turned out.

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Nikita looked over at the paper of another guy, a drawing... Something was bothering the person probably, Nikita narrowed his eyes, "Why'd you draw that?" he asked.

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury Zander froze slightly. "It's nothing," he whispered softly. He crumpled it up. "It wasn't good anyways..."

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Nikita shook his head, he put this thought in his (Zander's) head: Now, putting yourself down won't help, I'd un-crumple it and continue drawing.

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury Zander looked away trying to ignore the thought.

Octavia twirled her pencil in between her fingers thoughtlessly. She wanted to get to something interesting.

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Ms.Asagi turned to her class, "Octavia, please come up and tell the class how to mix these to ingredients to create a paralysis poison for Science class." she said, smiling dangerously.

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury Octavia looked up at her. Oh dear, I should have been paying attention, she thought. "Um...may I pass on that offer?" She asked nervously.

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Ms.Asagi laughed softly, "Octavia, you may this time, I'm being lenient today because it's the first day but please pay attention next time." she nodded at Nikita.

Nikita looked up at Ms.Asagi, he sighed, getting up, tucking his key inside his shirt, he reached the front of the room and poured two of the liquids together and stirred, it turned into a dark redish brown shade and he saw Ms.Asagi nod. Nikita looked at the class, he smirked on the inside to himself, most of them were new...

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury Octavia sighed. She decided to try to pay attention, but she kept getting distracted. She looked over to the side and caught sight of Zander.

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Nikita walked back to his seat, brushing past Octavia, his eyes narrowed, Is she new? he thought.

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury (did I forget to add that...she is new)

Octavia tilted her head to the side and tried to pay attention again. She just couldn't stop getting her mind from going to random thoughts.

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((Yeah, I know that, but, Nikita doesn't))

Nikita decided to play a little game, he started putting random images into Octavia's mind, manipulating her mind as a test, to see if she was capable of resisting his powers which not a lot if people could do.

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury Octavia noticed images she didn't usually think of and could sense someone manipulating her mind. Someone who was too strong for her to stop. She looked around to see if she could tell who it was.

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Nikita innocently played with the key around his neck while scribbling notes, smiling slightly, she was too weak... She'd get stronger though. Nikita liked putting people to the test and if he saw anything interesting in them, he'd actually try to at least get to know them. So far there was no one except maybe Octavia...

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury Octavia looked around and sighed. She shrugged. OH well, have some fun. You must be bored too... she thought. She started sketching drawings of fire and of a boy a little who looked a little older than her.

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Nikita decided to put her to a last test for now, he put the image of his key (which was currently hidden from view) in her mind since he saw her sketching, the outcome would be interesting.

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury Octavia almost started sketching the key, but then looked up. She recognized that key from one of the students. She looked over and her eyes landed on Nikita. Caught you now, she thought.

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He smiled slightly at her, What? he mouthed at her innocently. He supressed a laugh, of course she'd know it was him, that was the reason he put the key in her mind anyway. He enjoyed playing games.

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury Octavia rolled her eyes and went back to drawing.

Zander also was drawing again. His drawings were filled with sci-fi like weapons and blood.

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((*sigh* I wish more people were on, it'd be more interesting...))

Nikita ignored Octavia, it was only fair to return the treatment, he started doing his notes on Language.

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury Octavia looked up and started paying attention again. She started taking notes around her sketches not wanting to waste paper.

Zander looked up and finally decided to look at all who was there.

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Katya looked at all of the students, she noticed some sort of communication between a girl and a guy and then they started ignoring each other. She sighed, she looked over at whoever was behind the girl, Octavia. She saw a guy, she shrugged, starting to play with the shadows in the room, forming drawing and pictures on her paper from the shadows of the room.

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