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For those people who have no clue what an Ask Group is, let me explain.

Have you heard of any of the other Ask Groups? Just in case you're missing out on all of the amazinderfulness, here are some links to them in case you want to join these type of groups if you find you like them:

Ask Demigods and Gods: (The FIRST Ask Group EVER! Thank you Leo for this wonderful idea!)

Ask Wizards:

Ask Royals: (My personal favorite:P)

And then there's a bunch of other ones that I forget.

But yeah, if you are already in one of the Ask Groups, the way it works on those groups is the same way here.

You are able to claim ONE character from-since this is an Ask Shadowhunters group, from a character from either the Mortal Instruments Series OR Infernal Devices series. Then you "Roleplay" as that character. But it's not exactly a Roleplay. You just talk as that person..I'm not the best at explaining things..I know. Is that clear enough to understand?>.<

Then other people can ask the character that you claimed questions, and that character you are can answer questions. But everyone can just chat, and it's pretty great. You just TALK!(Talking is amazinderful!!! I love talking..TALK TALK TALK!)

So, I think that basically is it. Am I missing anything?O_O Nope...anyways, QUESTIONS?:P

message 2: by Justin (last edited Feb 12, 2014 05:38PM) (new)

Justin (justinekstrom01) All in the AGE:

Ask Demigods (Percy Jackson):
Ask Wizards (Harry Potter):
Ask Us (Kane Chronicles):
Ask Royals (Disney Princess):
Ask Dreamers (DreamWorks):
Ask Animals:
Ask Storybrooke (OUAT):
Ask Warrior Cats:
Ask Shadowhunters (TMI/TID):

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WOW! i didn't know there were so many..O_O

message 4: by Justin (new)

Justin (justinekstrom01) :)

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