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I wasn't sure where the best place to put this was, so apologies if it's misplaced.

The 'Librarian's Manual' states that when we add the total page numbers, we are to exclude any introductory material that uses Roman numerals. However, I've found that almost all the books that I've added from my own collection have had wrong page counts, owing to the fact that the contributor probably used the information from Amazon which does include the introductory material in the total page count. I wonder if it would be possible to leave a note in the librarian's manual (and under the 'edit book' screen as a tooltip) pointing out the possible disadvantages of using unverified sources for information? This can also be a problem for publication dates as well.

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Most of that information didn't come from a librarian or other user, but from our imports.

Please feel free to make any correction to information you see that is incorrect. That's why we have all our wonderful librarians!

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