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message 1: by Colan (new)

Colan (datapanik) | 3 comments I can find the short story "Fountains in the Rain" by Mishima quite easily, in English, on the net but haven't been able to find it in the original "Japanese". Does anyone know of a link to where I might get it?


message 2: by Shawn (new)

Shawn (shawnb) You don't need to quote the word Japanese.

message 3: by Colan (new)

Colan (datapanik) | 3 comments Simply a habit...I am so used to doing so to "flag" the distinction between English, Romanji, Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji, (and Japanese in general) for students that I do it automatically. Hopefully no one took offence.

Domo sumimasen

message 4: by Evelyn (new)

Evelyn | 2 comments Amazon has a website in Japanese; there's a link at the bottom of their web page. I've ordered from Japan without problems.

message 5: by Colan (last edited Feb 15, 2014 12:39PM) (new)

Colan (datapanik) | 3 comments Thank you! It appears that this short story is now in public domain so I was hoping that it floating around the net somewhere for me to grab. If it wasn't, of course I would order it.
It's only around 6 pages in length.


message 6: by Sean (new)

Sean (hakubaka) | 14 comments It wasn't in Patriot was it? It's been so long since I read that I can't remember.

message 7: by Sean (new)

Sean (hakubaka) | 14 comments Sorry, that should be Death in Midsummer, Patriot was one of the short stories I believe - it just hit me.

message 8: by David (new)

David | 22 comments "Fountains in the Rain" is the opening story in Acts of Worship: Seven Stories.

message 9: by David (new)

David | 22 comments Sorry - that's in English. I was replying to Sean more than Colan.

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