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Breaking the Code to the Catcher in the Rye: Phoebe Weatherfield Caulfield

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Cosmic Arcata | 198 comments Mod
"radiant, bright, prophetic"
I think prophetic or a prophet might be her role in The Catcher In the Rye.
Could this have something to do with controlling or manipulating the weather in order to give their side an advantage in battle.

“Weather manipulation through contrail formation … is in place and fully operational.”

Case Orange cites publicly available material that shows geoengineering has been ongoing for “at least 60 years.” Used as a weapon of war in Hamburg by the UK during World War II, it was also used in the Vietnam Conflict by the US. Controversy over its use, revealed by investigative reporter Jack Anderson, spurred Senate hearings in 1972. During those hearings, military officials denied the use of cloud seeding technology. Later, a private letter from Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird admitting that his testimony was false surfaced. He, again unbelievably, claimed he didn’t know what was happening. [9]

Caulfield In David Copperfield mentioned in the first sentence of this book we have mention of caul. A caul is a veil that was born over the face of a newborn.

We will investigate more about how Hamburg as we discuss The Catcher, but for right now lets just focus on how Phoebe has been prophetic...

Cosmic Arcata | 198 comments Mod
I liked finding this tidbit to establish that weather modification is not something new.

"Between 1791 and 1833, Saint Helena became the site of a series of experiments in conservation, reforestation and attempts to boost rainfall artificially.[4] This environmental intervention was closely linked to the conceptualization of the processes of environmental change and helped establish the roots of environmentalism."

Cosmic Arcata | 198 comments Mod
I found another reference to 'Caul':

"The purpose of the Caulbearer is to serve mankind, and to guide men and women to understand themselves and the world and universe within which we live. The Caulbearer mind is such that if it is properly trained by those who know how, it will be of service to those who wish to follow its ability to reason and understand certain things which lie above and below the immediate vision of our everyday realitie"

This would underscore the title's meaning and Holdings desire to be the Catcher In The Rye.

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Cosmic Arcata | 198 comments Mod
Ka - Egyptian mythology.
The ka as a spiritual double was born with every man and lived on after he died as long as it had a place to live. The ka lived within the body of the individual and therefore needed that body after death. This is why the Egyptians mummified their dead. If the body decomposed, their spiritual double would die and the deceased would lose their chance for eternal life. An Egyptian euphemism for death was "going to one's ka". After death the ka became supreme. Kings thus claimed to have multiple kas. Rameses II announced that he had over 20.

The ka was more than that though. When the ka acted, all was well, both spiritually and materially. Sin was called "an abomination of the ka". The ka could also be seen as the conscience or guide of each individual, urging kindness, quietude, honor and compassion. In images and statues of the ka, they are depicted as their owner in an idealized state of youth, vigor and beauty. The ka is the origin and giver of all the Egyptians saw as desirable, especially eternal life.

Osiris was often called the ka of the pyramids

Cosmic Arcata | 198 comments Mod
"A Ka lives after the body is dead"
Kora and Ka with Mira-Mare by Hilda Doolittle 1934 poetry.

I finished listening to J.D. Salinger: A Life

His last interview was very revealing, it said. When asked about his war years he referred to himself in third person.

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Breaking The Code To The Catcher In The Rye

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