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message 1: by Frances (new)

Frances (mothindarkness) | 83 comments Mod
Hey everyone. I know I've been in and out, but since the group is still going and still growing, I think we need a new litte picture up top.
It's about all of us here, and that's just a doodle from my first serial...because I had no idea anyone would come on board.
So...lets take ideas for a little graphic here and when we get some good ones y'all can vote and I'll get it changed.

Thanks for being here!

message 2: by Amber (new)

Amber (amberterminatorofgoodreads) You could just mash a graphic of all the serials online including the blood magic saga by Monica S. Kuebler at http://www.blood-magic.net . just a thought.

message 3: by Frances (new)

Frances (mothindarkness) | 83 comments Mod
It's an idea Amber and I'll keep it on the list, but I'm not sure how we'd pick which ones to include, and I'm horrible about worrying we'd leave someone out.

It's definitely on the table though! I'll just need help with the which ones to use part if we vote that way.

message 4: by Amber (new)

Amber (amberterminatorofgoodreads) Okay cool! Good luck with it. ^_^

message 5: by Monica (new)

Monica | 9 comments I think the image should just be a neat logo that says "Web Serial Fiction". I was thinking a regular logo over a symbol... Either something combining books and web or something that signifies writing in general.

message 6: by Frances (new)

Frances (mothindarkness) | 83 comments Mod
I was thinking on those lines too. I might see what I can slap together...I mean carefully craft in Gimp. :)

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