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message 1: by Alex, Admin (new)

Alex (ninjascorpion20) | 146 comments Mod
We will start when 7 people make at least on character. you have a max of 2 characters at a time. You can make a new character after one time 5 times. Then you're out. make a character like this:


message 2: by fake name (new)

fake name (dmbb) | 377 comments Name: Jarm Zie
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Skills: Nimble/agility
Weapons: Battle knife, pistol
Appearance: Me (IRL)
Personality: Same as ZSRP on RP Central
History: Amneasia

message 3: by Alex, Admin (new)

Alex (ninjascorpion20) | 146 comments Mod
Name: James Serpent
Age: 25
Gender: Male
skills: speed, swords
weapons: 2 swords
appearance: Tall, dark black hair, blue eyes
personality: Annoying but cunning, always has a plan
history: Normal life, Graduated college at a normal time, worked for a plastic molding company

message 4: by fake name (new)

fake name (dmbb) | 377 comments In the year 5046, the first AI creations are made. they are made mainly for helping with scientific research. Then, one short-circuits and turns evil. It thinks robots have been treated unfairly over the years. So, he develops a super-powered lunar eclipse that will wipe out the human race in 5 days. the humans must stop him before it's too late.

message 5: by Logan (new)

Logan (loganp) Name: Mez Quest
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Skills: Fighting & Strategy
Weapons: M27 Rifle with a ACOG scope, military knife
Appearance: Dirty Blonde hair, gray eyes, black jeans, white T-Shirt, gray jacket
Personality: Leader-ish, funny, weird, helpful, caring
History: Mez was born into the war and has been raised to always hide and fight he always has been the leader-ish one and is shy at times. His entire family is dead as far as he knows (( You guys can create a family member for me))
Other: None

message 6: by Benjamin (new)

Benjamin | 25 comments Name: Simon
Age: 48
Gender: Male
Skills: Mining, making tunnels.
Weapons: Iron Pickax, Rifle, Pistol.
Appearance: Medium sized and wirey.
Personality: Has the eyes of a hock and the stare of a statue. He never lets off his guard and nothing surprises him. People have found him cold.
History: Worked in the mining business before a cave in forced him and his coworkers to wait in silence before the rescue team arrived.

message 7: by Matt, Awesome Flying Fire Breathing Turtle (last edited Mar 06, 2014 07:21AM) (new)

Matt D. | 82 comments Mod

message 8: by Mooneater (new)

Mooneater | 5 comments Name Nate D. Rizzle
Age 13
Gender male
skills speed, swords, knives, intelligence and hand-to hand combat
weapons twin scimitars, two throwing knives and two diamond edged daggers
appearance Blonde, Ice blue eyes with a yellow ring around the Iris, roughly 5' 9" dark jeans, dark shirt and a black hooded sweatshirt
personality Mysterious and shy but very outgoing around friends.
history Grew-up on the streets fighting for his life before stumbling upon two diamond edged knives and creating his own fighting style that allowed him to quickly rise through the ranks of a very powerful gang until becoming the leader at age ten. He quit when the AI system turned on mankind.

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