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What character do you think you are most like and why?

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message 1: by Asja (new)

Asja (Roansja) | 8 comments I think that I am most like Fiona because I enjoy volunteering to help with older people. I don't think I would want to help bathe them too often, but I still enjoy helping them.

message 2: by Moses (new)

Moses (ikeck23) | 5 comments I was pretty upset with the ending. Whatever happened, they died or really found the house and sled, it should have ended with a more happy ending! It ended in a lame way because of that, but if they would have made them find a sign of life instead of seeing a memory, it would have at least been a happy ending.

message 3: by Moses (new)

Moses (ikeck23) | 5 comments Oh whoops, wrong topic I commented on. Anyways, I would be like Asher, because I am kind of a bystander and fun person. Also, I have my dumb moments too.

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