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A.J. Waines (ajwaines) | 68 comments The Good Cop, Bad Cop routine – does it really exist?
Find out here:

The Blog of A J Waines: author of Girl on a Train and The Evil Beneath:
Girl on a Train by A.J. Waines The Evil Beneath by A.J. Waines

message 2: by Patrick (new)

Patrick Brigham | 34 comments Not any more AJ that was when people were innocent and you had to watch Dixon of Dock Green or Fabian of the Yard on the telly. TV police series have managed to educate the one time gullible criminal who was probably quite thick as well. Once known as 'the old soldier,' these interview techniques did the trick when you could still ask a policeman the time and he or she knew everyone in your street and you still trusted them!

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