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Clothes style


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{Name} Katya Ulya Lialinova
{Age} 16
{Appearance} http://img.wonkette.com/wp-content/up...
Weight 90lb
Height 167cm
Clothes style http://favim.com/image/258184/

{Personality} She is very quiet until you provoke her, she likes a good argument and hates losing. She is a yandere. She may seem cute and cuddly to the average person or/and to the regular stranger or someone who barely knows her but in truth, her real personality comes out with her tail and horns (not literally).
{History} She is Ukrainian. Lived there until she was 12, where she learned to street fight, perfect her aim to the point where she never misses, and how to shoot a gun. She just came to the Refuge.
{Species} Youkai (demon)
{Powers} Charmspeak, mind manipulation, and flying (she has black wings)
{Strengths} Picking fights, winning arguments, protecting whoever is dear to her, she is not affected by any sort of insult and she can handle pain well.
{Weaknesses} Losing, she is pretty bad at socializing...
{Other} Her colour is black.

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Kate wrote: "{Name} Katya Ulya Lialinova
{Age} 16
{Appearance} http://img.wonkette.com/wp-content/up...
Weight 90lb
Height 167cm
Clothes style http://favim.com/image/258184/


Cool! I'll create a character as well! Though I'm so sorry if I'm not active, I'll try my best to roleplay as well! Thanks for the invite!

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{Age} 15

{Appearance} http://static1.wikia.nocookie.net/__c...

Weight : 90 lbs
Height : 172 cm
Clothes: likes to wear baggy sweaters casual, shorts, boots, plain. (favourite clothingwear and casual style ---->) http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736...

{Personality} Hateful, rude and doesn't easily show her softer side to others. Though when she trusts you she's really kind and thinks about you for your sake.

{History} When she was little her older sister got into an car accident along with her parents which caused her parents to die, and for her sister to be in a coma for about a month, and when she awoke, she lost her memory, and had a mental disability. This meant that Jigiri (who is 9 years younger) had to take care of her older sister. She lost everything, because she was once living happily in a rich family, so she struggled to survive and support her sister and herself. One day, the siblings were robbed of their small amount of money, and that's when Jigiri just broke. She couldn't stand it anymore, and the demon in her was free, and came out. She had no one to help her when she needed it the most, so she became a very scared and helpless girl who masks it with violence. She loves yet hates her sister. She hates her because if her sister wasn't here, she could be free, and find her own dreams instead of always supporting her sister. Yet, she feels so guilty for it, so she continues to support her, but in the end, she truly does love her sister. later in her life, she was introduced to the Academy,though she first rejected the placement, as she still had to support her mentally sick sister. However, one day, Jigiri had a breakdown again from the stress, and accidentally killed her sister. She had no memory of how, but she just found herself with a sword, and her body drenched in blood.

{Species} A hybrid breed between an oni youkai and a fire spirit.
{Powers} Sword and fire
{Strengths} Acting and lying, pretty strong in terms of physical strength. Pretty caring (though it's not in the obvious way, she's caring so that you won't notice, but once you do, you can't help but feel happy and smile)

{Weaknesses} bring up her history and you're dead dude. She's violent and hateful and rude when you first meet her

{Other} She loves dancing, especially street hip hop dancing, on the lonely streets of Kuriyama in the rain. Her sword play is like dance to her, with hip hop-like movements.

Her colour is red

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Awesome! Approved!

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Kate wrote: "Awesome! Approved!"


I'll just make a change to her age, and that's it! :)

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{Name} Chiruha Asagi
{Age} 21
{Appearance} (#5) http://m.neogaf.com/showthread.php?t=...
Weight 93lb
Height 170 cm
Clothes style http: Blouses and jeans.
{Personality} She is level headed and calm and isn't easy to piss off. She is tough and handles pain well.
{History} She arrived at the refuge when she was 15 and had participated in 3 Anquets, she had been chosen only once and she had survived, when she had turned 21 she became a teacher. She specializes in Language, Math, and Science because she is a vampire and can learn and remember mostly everything.
{Species} Vampire
{Powers} Incredible intelligence, telekinesis
{Strengths} Able to handle people well and not get pissed easily.
{Weaknesses} Being insul

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury {Name} Octavia Scarlett
{Age} 16
{Appearance} http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/7...
Weight 110
Height 5 ft 6 inch
Clothes style:http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs70/i/201...

{Personality} Kind, friendly, outspoken, brave, energetic, kinda leaps before she looks, smart, interested in time and machinery, but she does have slight anger issues and low self-esteem.
{History} She used to live with her parents and her older brother peacefully until one day there was a great fire. Her parents and her older brother survived but she didn't She was then turned into an angel and became her older brother's Guardian angel.
{Species} Angel
{Powers} flying (obviously), Light (make light balls/beams...you know), and talking to both the living and the dead
{Strengths} she fight well with a bow and arrow and mechanics
{Weaknesses} low self-esteem, easily distracted, and not really all that strong
{Other} She likes to sneak away from the refuge every night (or when she feels a slight tingle) to check on her brother

her color is Orange

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Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury thanks ^^

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Kate wrote: "{Name} Chiruha Asagi
{Age} 21
{Appearance} (#5) http://m.neogaf.com/showthread.php?t=...
Weight 93lb
Height 170 cm
Clothes style http: Blouses and jeans.
{Personality} She is level hea..."

#5 on the list of pictures..?

I counted but it's a pig

That site always updates its posts depending on who comments so I'm guessing that she was the character, the blond girl in braids, with one metal arm and one bare arm?

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{Name} Niashi Kaida
{Age} 23
{Appearance} http://st-adell-academy.wikispaces.co...
Weight 110lb
Height 180cm
Clothes style http://st-adell-academy.wikispaces.co...

{Personality} He mostly quiet but the exterior shouldn't fool anyone, even though he seems calm and cool, he can get enraged fairly easily.
{History} He arrived at the Refuge at 16, participated in 2 Anquets but wasn't tagged even once. He became a teacher at 22, it's his second year teaching grade 10
{Species} Fallen Angel
{Powers} He controls power over ice.
{Strengths} He can lie and make anyone do anything easily.
{Weaknesses} He has a short temper
{Other} He's a teacher.

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Hc-Iris wrote: "Kate wrote: "{Name} Chiruha Asagi
{Age} 21
{Appearance} (#5) http://m.neogaf.com/showthread.php?t=...
Weight 93lb
Height 170 cm
Clothes style http: Blouses and jeans.
{Personality} She..."

She has dark hair and side bangs, think Mikasa.

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{Name} Nikita Criminikov
{Age} 16
{Appearance} http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-XfIyxlzrtXI...
Weight 105lb
Height 180cm
Clothes style

{Personality} He is quiet even though he talks and smiles, he is truly quiet and always thinking about something inside, it's strange but everytime something happens, doesn't matter what, he feels responsible, he is on the outside the typical 'bad' boy but i, truth he is always thinking about something.
{History} He lived in a normal family, he had a sister. When he was twelve, his sister was killed in a demon attack, she was a fallen angel but she was a kind soul, he loved his sister and after that day, the day she died , the only thing he had left of her was a key on a chain. After that he ran away from home and since he was 14 he had been in the Refuge, a student at the Academy.
{Species} Fallen Angel
{Powers} he can manipulate thoughts, he is super fast, and he has the power to purge anything even though it drains a lot if his energy.
{Strengths}he can put up a good act, he's an extraordinary liar.
{Weaknesses} He is hurt whenever his sister is brought up.
He has been at the academy for 2 years, this is his third.

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Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury {Name} Zander Julianson
{Age} 16
Weight 120
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Clothes style http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j28...

{Personality} shy, quiet, mysterious, different, once you get to know him, he's dorky, sweet, friendly, and protective.
{History} He doesn't even remember. He woke up here at the beginning of 9th grade and has been here ever since.
{Species} Shape shifter
{Powers} ice, talking to creatures, and speed
{Strengths} he fights like a ninja and he's good at hiding
{Weaknesses} he sucks at socializing.
{Other} he's been having weird nightmares recently.

his color would be an ice blue

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Hibari Hanana *(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ* (pichu799) | 45 comments Mod
Name: Yue

Gender: Appears to be a human female when not in her kitsune form.

Age: Appears to be around 16 in human years. True age around 200 years.

Birthday: Unknown, celebrated on the First Day of the Lunar New Year

Being: Yōkai [White Kitsune]

Hair/Fur: Off White/Pale Platinum - Her hair actually changes in shade according to the moon's phases.

Eyes: Light violet, has more of a magenta shade under her iris.

Human Form: Comfortable in this form at school or in public, but tends to keep ears and tail when many humans aren’t around. She is shorter than Nanami and wears yukatas most of the time, unless Hae gives her something else to wear. Usually despises makeup.

Beast Form: Small [seemingly innocent] white fox kit that grows with increasing fury. Has cool grey collar and tip of tail. In short, cute and fluffy ball of death~

Relatives: Tomoe ‡ Older half-brother. Adores him immensely and sees him not only as a brother but also as a teacher. Most closely blood related to him. He took her in and trained her to become stronger.

Hae ‡ Older half-sister. Adores her as much as she adores Tomoe. Acts as a motherly/sisterly figure to Yue, Hae keeps Yue updated about the current human culture.

Personality: Very calm and intelligent, Yue sometimes takes more time thinking than acting. She will take immediate actions, though, to maintain peace. Sometimes appearing apathetic to most people, Yue is very caring to people close to her, especially family. She has a strong-willed spirit and is fiercely loyal. She is tolerant…but to an extent. When she is upset, she is calmer and quieter than normal. Yue, when in public with humans, is sometimes bubbly but usually tends to listen more often. She doesn’t like being tied down and owing people favors. She is a very homey, peaceful yōkai most of the time who may tend to be a little more easy-going compared to Tomoe and Hae. Always talking as if she has higher authority, Yue will not go against anything Tomoe and Hae say…most of the time~ She always seems bored or blank, but she is very cheerful and helpful. If she wasn’t so indecisive, Yue would be able to always get her way. Thinking very hard makes her seem aloof.

Occupation: A former familiar of a water deity for ten years. Recently a temporary familiar for Hae.

Food: Loves cooking as much as eating. Fond of takoyaki and sake [when Tomoe says it’s okay]. Has developed a taste for modern foods, i.e. fast food. Doesn’t like most microwavable foods but loves shittake mushrooms.

History: Her earliest memory was beating up some bandit yōkai who were bullying her. Tomoe found young Yue fending herself and recognized her as his younger sister lost years ago after she had beaten the bandits up. Yue was cared for by Tomoe for many years, but after twenty-five years, something stressed Yue so much that she transformed into her beast form and began to wreak havoc all over the countryside. By creating a damper/seal, Tomoe was able to keep Yue under control. After the seal was made, every twenty-five years, Yue’s beast form would try to break free, resulting in Yue becoming dangerously ill for a while, but the seal was strong enough most of the time. Yue learned enchantments and combat from Tomoe, and she lived with Tomoe until he fell in love with a villager, Yukiji. She was left behind and wandered around in the demon world [making a name for herself as the silent killing kitsune] and human world for many years, where she met a water deity. He promised to help Yue become stronger but instead tricked her into making a contract. Yue had to serve as the deity’s familiar, suffering disgrace and mistreatment for ten years before he got a new stronger familiar and kicked her out.
Yue went back to wandering in the wild and stumbled upon a waterfall, where she accidentally awakened her half-sister Hae. After awakening Hae, Yue decided to follow Hae and become her part-time familiar, because there would be random periods of time where Yue would want to wander off alone.

General info: She enrolled in Ujigami High School as a transfer student from France who, after rumors were spread by Kurama, was also a pop star that worked alongside Kurama and, rumors were spread after she was seen with Hae, has an older sister who’s a European model. Although Yue may be the most intelligent/cunning of the three yōkais, she is the most indecisive. Although she is perceived as a neutral being, Yue can easily sway people if she puts her heart into it. Because Tomoe serves Nanami, Yue feels that she is obliged to also serve Nanami once in a while. She also understands others’ feelings well. When she does things, though, Yue will do them out of convenience at times. She’s only met Akuraou once, but he seemed to take Yue lightly for a weak yōkai and treated her like a delinquent.

Hae and Yue’s relation is like the sun and the moon. The sun is not aware of the moon’s existence until “a hundred years pass”, and a lunar/solar eclipse occurs. However, the moon is very much aware of the sun, emulating some of the brightness it sees the sun give off.

Name: Hae

Gender: Appears to be a human female when not in her kyuu-bi form

Age: Appears to be around 25 in human years. True age cannot be charted.

Birthday: Celebrated by millions on “The Day of the Fox” [December 20]

Being: Yōkai [White Kyuu-bi]

Hair/Fur: White/Silver

Eyes: Light violet, has more of a magenta shade under her iris.

Human Form: She loathes this form…not the best at transforming. Makes her feel ‘cramped’ [has to suppress her powers] so she doesn’t prefer this form. For clothes—She finds them restricting and stupid. But don’t worry, her familiar clothes her. She’s taller than Nanami, so when she does show up at school, most people think she’s some sort of European model. Busty~ -.- <3
As a human, she usually wears: http://www.lightinthebox.com/women-s-...
In general...anything looks good on her.

Beast Form: TERROR OF THE WORLD~! Worshipped by people – so many people. A large-large-large beast with nine tails! Beautiful wolf, sleek fur, amazing agility, cunning grin…

Relatives: Tomoe ‡ Younger half-brother. They hate~ each other, though Hae did like him when he was little. But you know, he grew up weird.
Yue ‡ Younger half-sister. Hae simply adores her~ Though, she wasn’t aware of Yue’s existence until Yue, already around 100 years old, awakened her.
Father and Mother ‡ They were both pure, strong, revered ninetails. They were worshipped by humans and yōkai alike. Hae is their heir and successor now since they were ‘dethroned.’

Personality: Easily irritated, foul-mouthed, and unmerciful at most parts. Doesn’t like to be told to do things, even if it’s a small suggestion. When she’s angered slightly, she feels no remorse in instantly killing off the human/yōkai. When she doesn’t acknowledge someone, she can erase them from her view completely. Though she may smile and act pleased, remember that she’s a horrible…demon.

Occupation: Goddess of the forest/valley [there are multiple shrines in various forests for her; created for the purpose of paying homage and not being punished severely].

Food: Loves meat, but hates human flesh, despite rumors and legends that speak of her being fond of human liver. Doesn’t eat much human food because wolves don’t either. Get the logic~?

History: When she was a child, Hae went into her human form to play with her half-brother Tomoe. Later, as they grew older, Hae took over the throne, and she barely gave another thought to her brother. She began as a respectable leader…until she fell in love with a human villager. So her ‘loyal’ yōkai spread rumors among the villagers that the Kyuubi was evil and ate human livers…so even the man that once loved her “ran away in fear.” On her wedding day, Hae was alone…she tried to act strong and continued her duty as a deity—protecting her worshippers. Then one day, she had to battle against Tomoe, who [again, just went bad] had joined with some renown bandits. Now~ then, of course, she won. ^w^ But she needed to rest, so she hid in a waterfall and slept for 100 years.
And when she awoke for revenge!!!—she instead found cute Yue <3~ who decided to become her big sister’s temporary familiar.

General info: Fox goddess, a powerful deity with countless legends and folklores written about her. Hae’s hair runs down to her waist, not curving until the very end. She sealed most of her power into a hair accessory, and she appears to be a regular human with immense strength. [She could, most likely, win against a high level yōkai even without the use of her bound powers.] Hae is bad at using her fox magic because controlling a little bit of her sealed power is crazy hard. So she sticks to other means of showing her godly status.

Hae and Yue’s relation is like the sun and the moon. The sun is not aware of the moon’s existence until “a hundred years pass”, and a lunar/solar eclipse occurs. However, the moon is very much aware of the sun, emulating some of the brightness it sees the sun give off.


Currently, Hae works at the Refuge as one of the supervisors, and Yue helps with homeschooling. Yue sometimes talks in olde English, but Hae sometimes speaks with a slight accent/slang.

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Both are approved.

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Hae- Vice-principle, ok?

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Please tell me if you want to change Hae's job for example to a teacher...

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Name Belle Cieux
Age 17
Appearance True form:

Human form:

120 lbs
Clothes style When in her human form, Belle is always seen in soft, flowing dresses.
Belle is a born trickster and seductress. She knows she can get anything she wants without even using her powers because of her beauty, and she isn't afraid to use it. She is also dangerously cunning and deceptive, and doesn't trust anyone except herself.
Belle cannot clearly remember where she is from. She was so young when the whole clan fled from home. Some of them were killed by humans, some through fighting the other savage creatures of the sea. Belle and a severely wounded sister who died after a few days are the only ones who were able to reach the Refuge. She was lucky to survive, and since then vowed to extract revenge on humans.
Hypnotic voice/song, Ability to control water (still learning), Can communicate with water creatures
Strengths *Cunning
*Trickery and Deception
*Seductive beauty
*Quick temper
*Staying away from water for too long
Other Belle can change into her human form because of her mother's gift: a magical pearl that she made into a necklace.

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Hibari Hanana *(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ* (pichu799) | 45 comments Mod
Hae's good as the VP, but FYI, that pedo is a freak at times-

*gets shot*

Beautiful people have lots of power...

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Kk and also, approved.

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((Oh, by the way... could you please add a River topic or something? thanks!))

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Yep, right away.

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Yay! Thank you so much! :D

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{Name} Bianca Riversong
{Age} 20
{Appearance} http://akibatan.com/wp-content/upload...
Weight 97lb
Height 167cm
Clothes style

{Personality} She is a happy but dangerous person. She is mostly positive and bubbly with happiness but when you piss her off she turns into a bloodthirsty and dangerous monster.
{History} She was born inside the refuge, never been outside but she has been sent on many mission for assassination and has survived 4 Anquets, quite a lot which shows that she knows how to fight and seem innocent.
{Species} Shape shifter
{Powers} She can shape shift into any animal and has powers over fire.
{Strengths} She is good at deceit and pretending
{Weaknesses} She is weak when somebody injures her in her human form.
{Other} She is a teacher.

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Name Gwen Collins
Age 15
Appearance Wolf form:

Human form:

90 lbs
Clothes style Comfy clothes like t-shirts, tank tops, and jeans. Loves to go barefoot
Gwen is playful and free-spirited. Being young and growing up safe in the Refuge, she is carefree and has a trusting nature. But whenever she wants something, she can be too stubborn for her own good.
Gwen was born and grew up in the Refuge. Her mother died giving birth to her brother, but her loving father and the other creatures at the Refuge had brought them up well.
Shape-shifting between her human and wolf form
Can communicate with ordinary wolves and canines (telepathically and through body language)
Fast runner
Predatory Instincts
*Can be naive and trusting at times
*Always late and loves to procastinate

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ληgєłα  (angelacousins) | 32 comments {Name} Jax Zeon
{Age} 17
(Appearance} http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/6...
Full face view-http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/3...
{Weight} 135 lbs
{Height} 182cm
{Clothes Style} Usually wears leather coats, jackets, with worn out looking jeans
{Personality} He is quiet and mysteries and is often seen by himself. He loves to bully girls, especially ones he likes, or simply tease them. Despite this, he is a really caring person and would do anything for his friends. However, he sometimes can be very cold, and isn't very good with expressing his emotions.
{History} He used to live a peaceful life with his family in England, although, he was never too close with his father because he didn't like him hanging around humans. He went to a prestigious school and had many human friends, although, he always lived with the burden of being a vampire. He had to hide it from his friends and had troubles in doing so. However, reality took a turn for the worst when his best childhood friend accidentally saw him sucking the blood of a bird behind the school at lunchtime. When his friend saw this he was completely traumatised and ran away. When he went home and told his parents his father told him that his friend must be killed in order to prevent rumours from spreading. Jax made numerous pleas to his father, but one night his father killed his friend and sucked him dry. After hearing this tragic news Jax ran away from home. A teacher from the The Refuge found him alone, and took him to the school. He has been there for two years and has had no contact with his parents.
{Species} Vampire
{Powers} Super strength, agility, turn into a vampire bat whenever needed or develops wings in his vampire form, can manipulate the weather with his moods
{Strengths} Good looks, charming personality
{Weaknesses} Cute girls, bright light, suffering from flashbacks of his father drenched in the blood of his childhood friend
{Other} He is really intelligent. Also, sometimes at night he believes that his childhood friend visits him. He believes his friend is trapped in purgatory and needs his help in order to cross over to the other side, and because he blames himself for his death he wants to try and help him in whatever way he can.

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Name William Collins
Age 40
Appearance Wolf form:

Human form:

178 lbs
Clothes style White shirt and jeans, cowboy boots + a hoodie or leather jacket
Will is a no-nonsense kind of guy that has a secretly good sense of humor. He may seem a very strict teacher and parent but the truth is, he is very approachable. He just wants everyone to focus and be serious during training; there's always a proper time for fun and games.
William found the Refuge when he was a teenager himself. They were travelling as a pack running away from humans hunting them. Most were captured and killed, including his parents. He trained hard during his stay there before deciding to go back to the outside world. He only went back to the Refuge when he met his mate and had their own family.
Shape-shifting between her human and wolf form
Can communicate with ordinary wolves and canines (telepathically and through body language)
Fast runner
Predatory Instincts
*His children
Other His wife died giving birth to their second child. His children are Gwen and Dave. He is a teacher for self-defence.

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All approved.

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{Name} Xena Hannah Jaines
{Age} 17
{Appearance} http://akibatan.com/wp-content/upload...
Weight 98
Height 172cm
Clothes style http://webcodeshools.com/Black_dress_...

{Personality} She hates being told she's wrong and she really doesn't like people who cause pain to others. She is the kind of girl who protects others even though she is a fallen angel
{History} She came to the refuge only one year ago, it was an unfortunate event since she was almost killed on her way there. She remembers almost nothing but she knows that whoever saved her, left her something. A little pendant that was really beautiful and shaped as a tear drop.
{Species} Fallen Angel
{Powers} She has power over the elements
{Strengths} She can handle pain and insults well.
{Weaknesses} She hates being told she's wrong, and often jumps to protect others.

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Hibari Hanana *(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ* (pichu799) | 45 comments Mod

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Jasmine | ModernScrolls (modernscrolls) {Name}: Joseph Francisco Kennedy
{Age}: 16
Weight: 192 lbs
Height: 6'3
Clothes style: Joseph generally wears dark jeans and white t-shirts. He is a very casual dresser and is usually found in converse and occasionally will be found in a jacket. He is also commonly seen in hoodies.

{Personality}: Joseph is an interesting guy. He can be very arrogant and full of himself at times and loves to act as though he's the most important guy in the world. He loves to joke around with friends and if he actually likes you then you get to see he's a really nice guy. To most people he just acts like a jerk with little regard to how anyone else feels.

{History}: Joseph grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania with his father, brother and step-mother. His birth mother was murdered when he was still young. He adored his step-mother and cursed his father and was troubled his whole childhood, his birth mother's death leaving a profound affect on him. He decided to look into it and try to find out who killed his mother and why they would do such a thing - the result wasn't pleasant. Joseph found that his mother had been killed by vampires, and the ones who killed his mother knew that he knew too much. Rather than kill him a woman took mercy on him and turned him instead. He's been cold ever since.

{Species}: Vampire
{Powers}: Can influence other people's emotions
{Strengths}: Is extremely fast and agile as well as strong. He doesn't give a damn about what people think so insults don't affect him.
{Weaknesses}: Will do practically anything for the ones that he loves.
{Other}: Has a small scar on the left side of his upper lip

{Name}: Danielle Jacqueline Chandler
{Age}: 17
Weight: 115 lbs
Height: 5'4
Clothes style: Danielle usually wears dark clothes that are tight on her body and accent her curves. She prefers jeans and shorts and is almost never seen in a skirt. She will wear dresses - when the occasion deems that she must - but other than that she's an extremely tight casual dresser.

{Personality}: Danielle prefers to keep to herself. She enjoys spending time on her own because that's all she's known. When she has to socialize she does it only to get something that she wants and she can be very kind and friendly as well as funny and flirtatious. She generally does things to better herself and hasn't been known to care much for others.

{History}: Danielle doesn't remember her life as a human. All she can remember is waking up cold and alone, being born into an unfamiliar life in an unfamiliar setting.

{Species}: Vampire
{Powers}: She has power over fire and ice.
{Strengths}: She is very strong and agile as well as very light on her feet. She can be manipulative when she needs to be.
{Weaknesses} She can't always fully control her powers and they can get out of hand when she gets too emotional.
{Other}: Has scars on her back that resemble whip marks

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Jasmine | ModernScrolls (modernscrolls) {Name}: Lynx Kronin
{Age}: 23
Height: 6'0
Weight: 140 lbs
{Clothes Style}: When at work Lynx will usually sport a woman's suit, occasionally wearing a skirt and blouse as well. When not working at the school she wears clothes that hug her body and accent her curves. She generally wears black with small accents of other colors - just enough to attract the attention that she wants.

{Personality}: Lynx is a very responsible and mature person. When in her work environment she can sometimes seem cold and imperative, but once out of the work scene becomes playful and flirtatious. She is hard to crack but if you manage to get her to trust you she will always be loyal to you.

{History}: Lynx does not remember a time before she was a succubus. She is aware that she did have a life before she became one, but she does not know what it was or how she got changed. All she knows is that once she figured out what she was, she decided to have fun with it. Afterwards she decided to become a bit more serious. She went to school and at the age of 21 became a teacher. She later progressed to the title she has now as the principal of the school.

{Species}: Succubus
{Powers}: A succubus is an extremely attractive female spirit. She has the power to control her victims with a kiss - if she so chooses - and nearly all men are drawn to her.
{Strengths}: Her speed and agility, her power of seduction
{Weaknesses}: Her seduction works more on men than on women (although women can be affected), she tends to have a soft spot for select people she feels sorry for
{Other}: She's the principal

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{Name} Motori Shizune - class 9 teacher
{Age} (physically 19 forever, but actual age is 298 years old)
{Appearance} http://mangadrawing.net/users/imageca...

Weight spirits have no weight. :D
Height 172 cm
Clothes style: kimono, very traditional, classical Japan, serene and calm clothing

{Personality} Very calm, kind, but strict teacher

{History} Shizune died when she was only 19 years old in a fire, and became a shinigami, because she had regrets in her life that she still needed to complete. As a shinigami, she didn't really have any sort of trouble from dangers, as she was only a spirit, and only the dead could see her. But she can make herself visible if she wanted to. She joined in the Academy as a teacher only 50 years ago, but never was a student. She was already quite knowledgeable, as in her life, because she was a ninja who understood the land, and ways to kill, how to be spies, poisons, etc.

{Species} shinigami (death spirit or death god, grim reaper, etc. )

{Powers} instant death if she glares at you with red eyes (her eyes are normally black)

She also is handy with weapons (preferrably with daggers, kinfes, throwing stars, ninja weapons, etc. )

can guide the dead to where they belong.

She's the janitor of the dead, if students die in the Academy, she cleans up after them, and sends them off to the Afterlife, or gives them permission to reincarnate as a shinigami, like Shizune did.

{Strengths} (see above) Kind, knowledgeable, doesn't get mad very easily, fast, calm, but scary when provoked, very loving, and acts like a mother/ grandma

{Weaknesses} can't ever eat or drink or create bodily waste, as she is a spirit. She's always very hungry.

{Other} She loves flowers, and had a younger brother when she was alive. She's watching over her brother's grandchildren's grandchildren now, and vows to protect the generation forever

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All approved.

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{Name} Akasa Rie
{Age} 15
{Appearance} http://kawaii.kawaii.at/img/cute-nerd...
Weight 82 lbs
Height 154 cm
Clothes style: Cute, miniskirt, childish

{Personality} Very cute and kawaii, innocent, nerdy

She can be a bit lonely, and a crybaby, who obsesses over being cute and beauty, despite the fact that she is an ugly spirit.

Her dream is to be really cute, and beautiful, forever. She hates that her real demon self is a spirit of poverty and bad luck and ugliness.

{History} She lived on the streets and was always a wanderer with horrible luck. Adopted families always took her in, but their families would always end up in horrible situations (e.g. poverty, death, etc. )

She felt horrible, and was unwanted, so she tried to make herself more loved by trying to be beautiful and cute. As she is a wanderer, she wandered and found the Refuge, who took her in. The staff helped her become less unlucky and to stop spreading the bad luck by putting restrictions on her, charms, and she has to drink potions, and go through daily rituals to help her suppress her powers. Now she's a happy girl who surrounds herself with friends in the Refuge.

{Species} spirit of poverty, bad luck, and ugliness - binbogami

{Powers} She carries a hand fan around with her, and if she opens it and fans an area, that will be blessed with bad luck, usually eternal poverty and bad luck, but lately she's been getting better at suppressing her powers at will.

{Strengths} She's actually really good at cooking, and has amazing fashion sense. She's so pure.

{Weaknesses} gets lonely and cries easily.

{Other} She's in class 9 and if she doesn't get her daily ritual, to help suppress her powers, she can be... well... you don't want to see that... Be warned! XD

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Onyxia The Dragon | 24 comments {Name} Victoria Elizabeth Williams
{Age} 15
Weight: 138 lbs.
Height: 5'3
Clothes Style:

{Personality} TBRP'D

{History} Victoria was born in Hell for one purpose: Collect the lives and fear of mortals. As she grew up, she observed mortal lives. Most demons didn't seem to care about how they lived, but Victoria thought that they were fascinating. The more she observed, the more she grew attached to them. And when the day came to claim her first life, she rebelled. She was cast out of Hell, forced to live in the mortal world. Their only mistake was that they forgot to take away her immortality.

{Species} Fear Demon

{Powers} When she enters a room, she can cause discomfort and fear, if she wished. She is strong enough that with the right amount of strength, she can punch into your chest and rip out your heart. She can sense other supernatural beings, and she can read minds.

{Strengths} Influence

{Weaknesses} Animal and Child Deaths

{Other} She's grown to love ice cream and music.

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{Name} Andrew Danning
{Age} 15
{Appearance} http://i1183.photobucket.com/albums/x...
Weight 140lb
Height 5'4
Clothes style: White shirt with a black jacket and jeans.

{Personality} He is usually quiet but if he doesn't like whoever is trying to talk to him, one glance and he can make the person go away. He is actually quite scary if you get on his bad side but he will protect the ones he loves.
{History} Andrew arrived at the Refuge only this year, it's his first year at the Academy. Andrew had a good life until someoe spilled his secret, that he was a vampire. No one belived it at first but his once dear friend staged a scene and soon the whole school was in panic mode, someone tried to shoot him and some people held him down while others tortured him. They thought he was a monster and his savior was one of his only friends who got him to the Refuge but was later killed.
{Species} Vampire
{Powers} Telepathy, telekinesis, manipulation of darkness- shadowtraveling, illusions, etc.
{Strengths} He is good at handling people and at lying
{Weaknesses} When the person(s) he cares about gets threatened or hurt, he becomes reckless by going into full battle mode which is a pretty scary sight.

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ληgєłα  (angelacousins) | 32 comments {Full Name} Leonardo Zen - aka Leo

{Age} 15


{Weight} 130 lbs

{Height} 168cm

{Personality} Leonardo has a very complex personality, although he is still very caring and friendly. He is naturally quite reserved and may seem a little unapproachable at times, but once you get to know him he will always have your back. He is also a very quick witted person, and can sometimes look as though he is in his own little world, but this is usually because he loves to study and is constantly reading books, although this can come across as being unsociable. Leonardo also isn't in any shape or form selfish, and puts others before himself. This is because he’s used to looking after his ill grandparents.

{History} Ever since he could remember Leonardo had lived with his grandparents on his mother’s side, however, soon after he was born his mother died, and his father took off leaving him behind in the care of Leonardo’s mother’s parents. His father was a full blood vampire and was from a very well renowned family, so when he had an affair with a slave girl who happened to be human, he was forced to stop seeing her. However, complications arose when he discovered that she was pregnant with his child, leaving his full blood family name in disarray. With reluctance he was forced to tell his parents, and with months of planning, they decided to dispose of her in order to not shame the family name. Once she gave birth they stabbed her countless times. Ever since, Leonardo has taken care of his frail grandparents and has always put them first. He’s also exceptionally intelligent and has always been the top student at his school. He also studies alchemy and is constantly thinking of different concoctions to help his grandparents from their ill health. However, a year ago when the teachers of, The Refuge, became aware of his intelligence and the fact that he was a vampire, they asked him to join. Initially he wasn't sure whether to go as he didn't want to leave his grandparents side. Nevertheless, they encouraged him to go and think of himself for a change.

{Species} Half vampire

{Powers} Can communicate with birds and can heal exceptionally fast from any injury (has limited powers as an effect of only being half vampire)

{Strengths} He is exceptionally smart, and has an IQ of 300, is good at math, science, can communicate with birds, and is good at alchemy.

{Weaknesses} Is fearful that his father may one day return and take him away, has bad eyesight, doesn't like sunlight, and hates confined spaces.

-Is often seen in fields and forests looking for plants, flowers, and natural resources for his experiments
-Plays a small flute to summon birds
-Has a strange twitch

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{Name} Orin Cyrus - class 11
{Age} 17
{Appearance} http://data.whicdn.com/images/5870235...

Weight 110 lbs
Height 184 cm

Clothes style Dark, black hoodies, jeans,

{Personality} Strange. If you never really talk to him, he appears as a strange person, despite his cool and menacing demeanor. Don't judge a book by it's cover! He's always doing the opposite of what people want him to do, so he can see their reactions. He likes to examine people, to see who they are, where they are going, what their personalities are like, etc. He has strange habits, such as sitting on the floor instead of the chair in the classroom, or jumping off the roof of buildings to see if falling feels like flying, or if it's ever possible for him to die. He likes to explore and be curious. Music is his only comfort.

Though if you get to know him, he's quite childish. He always thinks he can get whatever he wants. But he's not a bad person.

{History} He was brought up in a rich household. His brother was a demon, while Orin wasn't, but his brother was a demon of eternal life. His brother lived for already 24 years, but experienced too many tragedies that he suffered from mental health and killed himself. But he can't die, or can he..? The brother passed on his spirit of the eternal-life demon to Orin, who now inherited that. Orin used to be a normal child, but now his life has changed.

{Species} eternal-life-demon

{Powers} gun, and he won't ever get hurt, or die. His injuries automatically repair themselves

{Strengths} he always keeps his calm during times of crisis, probably because he knows that no matter what happens, he won't die anyway. His calmness helps others to be calm as well and to think straight. Orin is actually pretty smart, though he refuses to take tests and things.

{Weaknesses} His physical strength is poor. He doesn't really need to take any self-defense class anyways. His inner demon already gets in under control. All he needs to know is how to attack, but he doesn't want to ever hurt anyone. He's a pretty gentle person, but childish at times.

{Other} His eyes turned red ever since his brother passed on his demon spirit. They used to be a beautiful shade of blue.

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{Name} Sumiko Sora
{Age} 18
{Appearance} (face)

(clothes) http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736...

Weight 82 lbs
Height 156 cm
Clothes style: Normal, cute, stylish, trendy, etc.

She thought that she should wear a school uniform, so she wore her human world school uniform, since they don't provide uniforms at the Academy

{Personality} She's short for her age. She's bubbly and caring, and full of energy. Though she can be pretty dumb at times, and has a horrible memory. She's horrible at school, but you can count on her for remembering important things for life-situations, battle, and she's really smart for common sense and out on the battlefield and battle tactics.

{History} She's just a regular oni demon with horns and enormous strength. When she was little, she lived in a middle-class family as an only child, and she had a pretty good life and was spoiled. One day she was slapped by her parents because she was a bad girl, which activated her inner demon that rested calm all these years, because she was such a happy girl. The more she became stressed, sad, angry, etc. her demon would emerge from her. She hates when the demon emerges, so she always tries her best to be a good girl. Most of the time, she can control herself, but sometimes, accidents happen.

{Species} oni demon

{Powers} Spear

{Strengths} Actually pretty physically weak, until her inner demon emerges, because she wants to act like a lady, who is a good refined person in her opinion.

{Weaknesses} She's physically weak in her human form. She's also pretty stupid and forgetful in school-related things.

{Other} She loves being cute and fashionable, and gets along well with her kouhai, Akasa Rie.

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Jasmine | ModernScrolls (modernscrolls) {Name}: Eric Masuka
{Age}: 23
Weight: 160 lbs
Height: 5'8
Clothes style: Eric is a very casual dresser. He tends to wear button-up t-shirts with jeans and occasionally will wear khakis when he feels it may be necessary for him to dress more professionally.

{Personality}: Eric tends to be very casual in his manner of speaking with the class and he's generally a very laid back guy. He can be lots of fun because he isn't a stickler for lecture style classes and prefers his students to collaborate with one another and come up with various different ways to solve problems. Eric can sometimes be a bit mischievous and somehow always seems to know things about the students that they wouldn't have guessed he knew.
{History}: Eric has been coming to The Refuge since he was 13. He has spent practically his whole life in this place and has learned to call it home, never quite learning where his home before this place was.
{Species}: Fae
{Powers}: Empath. He can influence people's emotions.
{Strengths}: Eric can influence the emotions of anyone around him - whether it be a single person or an entire crowd.
{Weaknesses}: Being an empath comes at a price - while he can influence the emotions of others, he can also always sense the emotions of others as well. If he's around someone who's sad, he starts to feel sad too. This is extremely draining for Eric, and as a result he tends to always seem exhausted.
{Other}: He knows sign language

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