Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3) Mockingjay question

What would you do if you were forced into something like the Hunger Games?
Kim Kim Feb 11, 2014 03:51PM
What would you do if you, or someone you know, had to participate in something like the Hunger Games?

I would probably run around shrieking and crying for a while either until I was killed or until I won out of pure default.

I would train like no other. Make friends with people I know could help me through to the end. Wait it out and let the others kill each other. and then kill my friends in their sleep.

I think we all thought about what we would do in such a situation while reading the book. I think I would be really scared most of the time, I dont think I have any killing instincts. I would try to keep my distance from other players, hide most of the time. And if I get lucky to spot another player defenseless, I would go for a kill. Sneaky perhaps, but its a survival game after all.

It's not that we'll be allowed to 'do' anything what we want. But I'll do my best to survive in the Games. Collect as much sponsers as I can, go to each training section to learn everything as best as I can, learn to fight and then..try to survive the Hunger Games.

If i were forced to play the hunger games i would try to win. I would killl everyone! No allies no nothing! Just winning! :D

I'd hide and hunt, but i would never kill anyone. I would just wait for them to die on their own.

Not kill anyone and try to survive by default. Which is practically impossible, but it's worth a try.

Train in stealth, survival, concealment, tracking, and hand to hand combat. Then use whatever weapon I could get my hands on the kill them from a distance (probably throwing knives and bow and arrow) and disappear very quickly.

I'd kill myself and leave the honour to me. I know the capitol tries to prevent suicide but if you really want to you can. I will not die for other people amusment. (Now don't be worried: I'm not suicidal, on the contrairy, but the Hunger Games are a really extreme situation witch I'm pretty sure are not likely to be hold in the 'real' world)

deleted member Feb 18, 2014 11:37PM   0 votes
Do as the junkie tributes in QQ did, camo and hide - hope for the best.

Try to make just a few allies and protect myself and them. I wouldn't really try to win though...just try to help my favorite ally out. It isn't realistic for me to think I could win really ;)

Eat,sit,attempt to survive and kill, cry, most likely die

I would probably die.

. Feb 17, 2014 05:26PM   0 votes
Pull a Johanna Mason and protest.

I'm gonna be real here. At first I would likely be shocked. Paralyzed with fear. I would be sad, nervous, anxious to get it over with, and overall scared. Once I realize there's no getting out of it, I would attempt to survive. But, let's face it, I'm some gladiator. I would have little experience with weapons, so I would do a more survivalist strategy. I would just try to out-live the rest and hopefully it will pay off in the end...

Madolyn Fishburn I totally agree. I wouldn't try to kill anyone and that would be my own Johanna Mason protest ...more
Feb 19, 2014 06:44PM

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