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Jane (janeinri) | 420 comments Mod
I am about 20% done, and so far I really am enjoying this one. I love the 80's references - maybe because I lived through them as a parent, and watched/listened/played a lot of the things mentioned. I love the premise, a big prize as an Easter Egg - and the world is not too changed from our present day to be unbelievable. Looking forward to the rest of the book.

Thanks to this book club - I never would have know about this book otherwise. And thanks to my library for having this for me to borrow electronically!

Shane | 11 comments I haven't started yet! But I plan to jump on it soon.

message 3: by Nadine (new) - added it

Nadine Brandes (nadinebrandes) | 36 comments Jane wrote: "Thanks to this book club - I never would have known about this book otherwise. And thanks to my library for having this for me to borrow..."

Same here, Jane! I'd never heard of the book before and my library made it all possible. ;) Can't wait to hear your thoughts when you finish it!

Shane -- looking forward to your thoughts, too!

Wendy | 3 comments Loving this book! Total nostalgia trip with all the TV, movie and music references from the Eighties. My kids were more into the games side of things so will be recommending this book to them as well.

message 5: by Mkfs (new) - rated it 1 star

Mkfs I'm running a bit behind (hadn't yet heard of the group when this book was being read).

Currently about 25% through it, according to Kindle.

I'm really having trouble getting into this one. The 80s and gamer references are excruciating. The author describes the world he has created in exhaustive detail, which would be fine if he wasn't using first person narration to do so. As for the narrator himself, I'm not convinced such a person could exist -- he seems to change in order to suit whatever need the author has to fill at the moment (poor? okay, poor! dumb? okay, dumb! agile? okay, agile! smart? okay, smart! fat? okay, fat!).

Guys, I need to know: does it get any better? Or should I just stop reading this turkey right now?

Jane (janeinri) | 420 comments Mod
Well, I liked it - but maybe it's not your cup of tea. As I said, I lived through the 80's, and my family were gamers - so all the pop culture references where part of what made me like this. The story does seem to pick up speed, so - hmm, not sure what to say. Personally, I try to read the current month's book if at all possible - I'm pushing myself to read things I normally wouldn't. But if you find yourself dreading picking up the book/e-reader, then move on.

message 7: by Nadine (new) - added it

Nadine Brandes (nadinebrandes) | 36 comments I liked it, too, but I definitely got bogged down by a lot of the 80s and gamer references. It took some effort (for me) to push through them and follow the actual plot, but in the end I thought it was worth it.

However, it's not a book for everyone. If it hasn't got your interest, maybe put it down and start up this month's book (The Inverted World.)

message 8: by Mkfs (last edited May 19, 2014 08:59AM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Mkfs Jane, I lived through the 80s too. That's why I find the book so annoying! Politically, economically, culturally -- that decade sucked on just about every level. The constant name-dropping would be bearable if the references were obscure, but this is the same mainstream junk that was carpetbombing us from every radio and TV station at the time.

According to a few reviews (this one captured my reaction pretty well), the book gets better halfway through. I'm going to give it until 50%. It seems to be picking up slightly.

Have fun with Inverted World! I read it two years ago, which is why I am playing catch-up with this one (and possibly a re-read of The Long Road).

EDIT: I just remembered what this novel reminds me of: Headcrash (mostly in terms of the online world and the narator).

Jane (janeinri) | 420 comments Mod
It's funny - I loved the 80's! I was raising 3 kids (born '79, '82, & '87) and just loved all the neon, hypercolor (LOVED that!) and gaudy plastic & rubber jewelry. Politically - yeah, it sucked. Economically, well - we bought our house in 1981, and while we were living paycheck to paycheck we had a little house & a yard & garden. My kids were children of the 80's - they still love the music & TV & movies of their childhood - and the video games! So I guess we come at it from different perspectives LOL.

Yes - it does have more action and less pop culture references the last part of the book. Hope you either start to enjoy it or find another that you like better!

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