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Here is the Way you CAN do it.





Reason was the boat:




Relationship Statues:

Class: (Upper, Mid, Low Class)


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Wait for me to make mine Then Publish yours.

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Name:Danny Keller

Gender: Male

Age: 18

History: Danny Keller was anything but average guy or kid whatever you wanted to call him. He was raised as a spy by his parents. He was born in Wells, England. But raised around the world by different cultures. He was an only child as far as he knew. His father worked for MI6 as well as was his mother. They were both operatives that worked for them. Danny was taught the ropes of the job by his father and his mother who didn’t want that for him but their world was dangerous .He learned different fighting styles from different teachers. He knew Krav Maga, Tae kwon do, Jiu jitsu, Judo, Ninjutsu, and his favorite which he considered more helpful since he hated fighting Parkour. He loved running it made him fell free. He never feel in love because in his world it was dangerous .It meant you were getting sloppy and that’s what happened to his parents when they retired and went on the their honey moon, which they never got to do, they were both shot and killed. He was raised by MI6 ever since. He never had a mission he could not complete. His success rate was amazing making history. That got the Government worried about him getting a hit set on him so they sent him to a faraway easy mission. Steal a prized Disk back from a thief that was sent on the boat that got him stranded.

Reason was the boat:MI6 sent him to steal a prized Disk back from a thief that was sent on the boat that got him stranded.

◤Hᴀɪʀ ◤ Black
◤Eʏᴇs ◤ Grey
◤Sᴋɪɴ ◤ White bit not caucasian white
◤Wᴇɪɢʜᴛ◢ 160
◤Hᴇɪɢʜᴛ◢ 6'2

Sexuality: Stright

Nickname: Danny,Day

Relationship Statues: Single but open

Class: (Upper, Mid, Low Class) High

Other: He is a secret agent for MI6

Tristan, High mastro (Nine Blades) . (tristantristan054563) | 184 comments Name: Luka Taime

Age: 24

Reason on the ship: Unknown

Old job: Yakuza Enforcer

Background: Born in Moscow, Russia his parents where killed by the KBG when he was Six. He made his way south to the China, where a Monk found a starving Poor Orphen and took him in, Trained him, Taught him all the ways of Jujitsu, He is a master at weapons in general. He met with Yakuza agents at Twelve, helped them hid from the Chinese secret police, Little did he know that the Monk who was raising him was the brother of the Head of the Japanses Mafia, ((A.k.a The Yakuza)). He passed the test, did thier jobs and Rose the ranks, Though most Gajin ((Foriegner)) Would Never Rise up in the Yakuza he was a speaical case. On the cruise ship hd tons of weapons but where all lost at see save for his Katana Gifted to him by his Teacher

Appearance: White hair, Blueish black eyes, weres a mask over his face covering his left eye, Hiding a Sacred Tattoo that means "Of Us"

6'6 Slim and muscular

Sexuality: Straight,

Relationship: Single

Class: Dont eff With me

Other: Yakuza Enforcer

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Except that you just can't kill people with it

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but your accepted

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Rhian c: (rhian_) | 250 comments Name: Piper Brielle Greystone

Gender: Female

Age: 18

History: Piper was a rich spoiled little girl and was convinced she was a princess until she was 11. She grew up a perfect life until her parents were shot down when she was 11 (that's when she knew she wasn't a princess). Piper became depressed, she started cutting and burning, she was soon diagnosed with bipolar disorder and paranoia. She inherited everything and now lives by herself..losing her mind..

Reason was the boat: She doesn't remember..she was to busy in her mind.


Sexuality: Heterosexual

Nickname: Pipe

Relationship Status: Single

Class: (Upper, Mid, Low Class) Very high

Other: n/a

Tristan, High mastro (Nine Blades) . (tristantristan054563) | 184 comments Lol..I think Luka would Enjoy Rping with her

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Accepted wait nest time before you rp please...

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Name: Yvanna Gomez
Gender: Female
Age: 18
History: Yvanna was born and brought up in the Philippines. She stayed there with her grandparents until her mom, who is working in California, decided that it would be better if she stayed with her and finish studying there.
Reason why on the boat:
On a vacation before starting her university life
Description: Yvanna is fair-skinned with long, dark (almost black), wavy hair framing her face and brown, almond-shaped eyes. She is around 5'6" in height and a lithe figure.
While Yvanna is not a particularly shy person, she isn't comfortable in approaching others first. She has an easy smile and a warm disposition, but always prefers solitude over mingling with the crowd.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Nickname: None
Relationship Status: Single
Class: Mid

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{Name} Ivy LeAnn Anderson
[First Name] Ivy
[Middle Name] LeAnn
[Last Name] Anderson

[Birth Day] April 10th
[Birth Place] Brazil
[Age] 17
[Birth Mother] Marsal
[Birth Father] Mark

{Grade} 11th

[Happy] When Ivy is happy, she is happy! She smiles, she talks, she jokes, and she tries to make your day amazing! When Ivy is happy or not, she puts everyone else's feeling before hers. She feels as if it is her duty to make their day.
[Sad] When Ivy is sad she still helps others She likes hiding her feelings. She doesn't like to be sad. But she can be and it hurts her. SO she pushes her feelings down in a little jar, which makes it look like she is happy all the time when she really isn't.
[Anger] Ivy is hardly ever angry, but when she is she is pissed! Her face gets red, and honestly she says things she doens't mean, and after her break down if it gets that far she apologizes like crazy, if you deserve it and then she feels bad for like.. ever.
[Excited] Ivy excited makes everyone want to laugh. She is hyper and jumpy. She laughs and giggles, and claps. She'll get.. well, excited! Be careful though, if she gets to excited she will hit you..
[Jealous] Ivy doesn't get jealous, if she is jealous she is only sad really.. and depressed.
[Nervous] Ivy stampers and talks.. TOO MUCH! And then she tried to talk herself out of things. She is very... Messed up. She shakes and one time actually puked, because she was so nervous.
[Scared] Ivy scared.. She looks horrible. She turns a horrible pale color,, makes her look dead actually. She stays mute forever. She stares straight. If anyone could get her out of that state that would be a miracle.
[Flirty] Only Sometime!!! HAHA

{Appearance (Please post a picture- no anime please}
[Height] 5'11"
[Weight] 125
[Hair Color] Red
[Hair Length] Shoulder length or longer
[Eye Color] bright green

Some people wouldn't believe her history, she pushed that away too. Ivy was beaten, if she was late by a minute, she was beaten by her father. If she had bad grades she was slapped by her mother. This is a reason why she doesn't have.. a relationship, she is scared of what will happen to her. She does have trust issues also. When Ivy went to school she told her teachers she fell down in soccor. Or ran into the wall. When Ivy was hospitalized She told the doctors she tripped and fell down the stairs but she was thrown down them instead... She broke her arm and leg. She still currently has her arm in a cast. Soon after she was taken from her parents because the police had found out what they had done to her. Now she is on her way to a new family when this happened.
[Mother] Marsal
[Father] Mark

{Relationship Status}
[Sexuality] Straight
[Crush] N/A
[Bf/Gf] N/A

{Class} middle.

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Giggles accepted

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Name: Aria Enola Jacobson

Gender: female

Age: 17

History: She was born in England and lived with her rich family in their mansion. They were incredibly strict parents so she started rebelling at the age of 12, dyeing her hair a variety of colors and getting many tattoos

Reason was the boat: Her family was all on the boat as their typical monthly vacation.

She has light purple hair and a nose ring. She has multiple tattoos, including a wolf on her whole back and one on her ribs that no one has seen yet.

Sexuality: straight

Nickname: N/A

Relationship Statues: single

Class: (Upper, Mid, Low Class): Upper

Other: She is a wild spirit, not caring what others think of her. She doesn't make friends easily. Took dance since she was 4 and uses it to relax.

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I'm so dating her

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lol I'm meant Danny...

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Amy hurry and rp you will want to meet everyone early

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•CookieMonster• Name: Danielle Stone

Gender: female

Age: 18

History: When Dani was 10 she was taken to a secret academy to be a spy and a assassin. She is the top student in her class and goes on secret missions. She lost a partner on one mission and doesn't like to talk about it.

Reason was the boat: dani was on the boat for a top secret mission.


Sexuality: straight

Nickname: Dani

Relationship Statues: single

Class: Upper


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Haha i love you your something else...

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•CookieMonster• Thanks. I try not to be normal. And I love you to. :D

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((Since we desperately need more male charries...))

Name: Jack Woodsworth
Gender: Male
Age: 22
History: Jack is from California, but he is not your typical surfer guy. He grew up in a great and loving, albeit not wealthy, family. He graduated from college a year ago, and is just beginning to realize his dreams.
Reason why on the boat:
He was a crew in there
Description: Jack has raven black hair and startling gray eyes. He's tall and has an athletic physique and has a light tan.
Jack is a no-nonsense kind of guy. He may be sort of a recluse, but he is very kind to those in need and is very patient, too.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Nickname: None
Relationship Status: Single
Class: Mid

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Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) [First Name] Atolla
[Middle Name] Abraliopsis
[Third Name] Tomopteris
[Last Name] Deiopea
[Name Origin] Because of the career of her parents, her name was decided on discovered bioluminescent marine life from the deep sea. Each creature that held her name was both beautiful and dangerous. Her name comes from the latin origin of the scientific name of the creatures she was named after.
[Nickname] Tethys

[Age] She is nineteen years of age.
[Date of Birth] July 14
[Time of Birth] 21:07
[Location of Birth] She was born in Cairns.

[Gender ] Female
[Sexuality ] Bisexual

[Physical Appearance]
Despite having crossed the line of restricted age, she displays many of the features of a teenager. She has bright green eyes that reflect a strange bioluminescent greenish blue hue that led her parents to name her what they did. Her bleach blonde hair is of the current color, rusted amber. She keeps her hair just past her shoulders to avoid any real annoyances but cannot stand the look it gives when short so has decided this length is best suited for her life. Her slim figure is defined by sleek muscles built from the year-round activities that increase her ever growing athletic abilities. She has a unique beauty that is reserved to the locals there, a particular way to them that gives them the illusion of flawlessness.

[General Style: Casual] Her casual style most closely resembles her employee dress. Because her days are either spent working among her parents and the many tourists who flock to the area or keeping close to the area for which she works. Considering the year round tropical temperatures, there is hardly any need for a change in wardrobe. Due to this she owns a wide collection of bathing suits, shorts and tank tops. All of which are worn on a daily basis and have enough variation that she cannot grow sic of them.
(view spoiler)


Reserved: She is not to be considered shy and is not one to avoid conversation or events. She is reserved in that way that she knows many but is satisfied enough with never making any real connections with people. Ling on such a destination as this she has met large waves of tourists and potential friend in her times but very rarely ever craves the personal attention that is wanted by many females. She is content with existing in solitude, even within the crowd.

Polite: She possesses that nature that allows her to be liked and makes her ideal for working with tourists. She has a welcoming nature that is hard for some people to compose. She has a natural politeness that can not often times be broken and often leads to her thriving in jobs that involve social situations. She is often sincere in her polite nature but does not reserve it toward particular crowds and at times this can make her seem as though he acts in a particular way with everyone.

Fun: Like most people, she enjoys having fun. She has revolved most of her hobbies around the land she lives on. She has many hobbies that filter toward her available resources. Her ideas of fun are the common ones reserved in summer such as, midnight swims along the shore, kayaking, surfing and exploring the dunes.

Scattered: She is not scattered in the sense of mind, but rather in the sense of lifestyle. She has three jobs at the moment and considering none of them halt during particular parts of the year, she basically revolves her life around her jobs. Her aspirations are more local because she appreciates how unique and differentiated her home is from other places of the world.

Birth/Infancy: Atolla was born in the small clinic, on a remote island available as medical assistance. As an infant, her father had just discovered his first species that allowed him the luxury of controlling where his research went on from there. Because of this Atolla was named after several of the species that her father had found. Her mother had come to this island to set up her own business in a location that would ease the difficulties of opening her own business. In doing so she met Atolla's Marine biologist father and they soon married and had Atolla herself.

Childhood: Her childhood was mostly spent on sailing trips with her father. This was the point in her father's career where he was required to observe a species of marine bacteria and had to do trips over several days and frequent night trips. Considering her father was in charge of Atolla's education, he saw it best to take her with and teach her through the process of seeing. She soon enough learned much of what her father knew simply through experience.

Adolescence: Most of her teenage years were spent sailing with her father and soon evolved toward learning the trade and turns of her mother's business. She learned the different things that the island offered and how the place was set up for tourists and travelers. Atolla had a distinct interest in this business and so her mother allowed her to learn all the different attractions of the area and work at them to the point where it became a large role in her life.

Young Adulthood: After Atolla became a legal adult she took to travel by any means she could acquire. She recently did some work that left her with enough to afford the cruise she ended on but she was by no means wealthy or high class.

[Class:] Lower class though with the recent influx of wealth she had she was able to afford a middle class trip and she keeps up a higher middle class appearance.

Mother: Her mother goes by the name of Mary Claira Michaels. Owner of a surf shop that offers surfing lessons, scuba diving lessons and sells surf boards and refers to other connected attractions.
Father: Her father goes by the name of John Alex Michaels. He is a marine biologist who also offers sailing courses for teens who visit the area.

[Relationship Status] Single


~People who litter
~Self righteousness
~Sleeping pills
~Shrunken heads

[Occupation] Her official occupation include teaching scuba diving and surfing lessons at her Mother's surf shop as well as tourist photography as one of her own reserved occupations that is less popular. At times she steps in for waitressing at the bar for her mother on particularly occupied days. Her father often pulls her from her employment and uses her sailing skills for his studies as a marine biologist. This is not considered her official title but she is often paid for her assistance so it has come to be referred to as a job. She is currently looking into the possibilities of becoming a trainee to the local tattoo artist. She recently quit due to travel but still carries around a few means of making quick cash if she finds the need as well as having a collection of odd talents with which she uses for performing.

~Scuba Diving
~Night Photography
~Diving Photography

[Other] None to declare.

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Your accepted...

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Your very welcome.

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✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) Name: Katrina Desiree Hale
Nickname: Kat

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Reason was on the boat: Her dad owns the boatline, and he made this boat for her

Occupation: Government Agent for a secret blackops group called Division


Sexuality: Heterosexual


>> Confident

>> Joyfull

>> Nerdy


>> Awkward

>> Rude:
Relationship Statues: Single

Class: Upper


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✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) Thanks ^^

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✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) Name: Lizbeth Mcguire

Gender: Female

Age: 17

History: She was born on a cold and snowy december night at midnight. She became pregnant at age of 16 and gave birth two months ago. She was being smuggled into America from France when the ship sank.

Reason was on the boat: Escaping her country



>> Easily Amused

>> Childish

>> Sensitive

>> Selfish- she only does whats best for her and her daughter, though at times she can be very selfless

Sexuality: Bisexual

Nickname: Lizzy

Relationship Status: Single

Class: None of the above- she was smuggled onto the ship, but i guess you could consider her lower class

Other: Her daughters who 3 years old. Her names is jen. http://4mphotography.files.wordpress....

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Name: Justin Thompson
Age: 19
Appearance: 6'1 short brown hair hazel eyes muscular build
Class: middle
Reason on the boat: went to visit friends
Personality: short tempered at times kind trusting funny

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add history

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History: his parents never really cared about him he was the 2nd child out of 3 and when his Freind from Spain asked if he wanted to visit he took the chance not knowing what would happen

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✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) and mine? :3

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that baby it's cute..yes

✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) Tehehe XP ik

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Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Name: Miranda Crosby

Gender: Female

Age: 18

History: Was born into a middle class family. Miranda was always partier and loves to have a good time. She's incredibly open and wild.

Reason was the boat: Has been bar tending on the boat for the whole year. Was just bad luck she happened to be on this boat.


Sexuality: Straight

Nickname: Mir

Relationship Statues: single

Class: (Upper, Mid, Low Class) Mid

Other: Incredibly flirtatious. Has a backpack,but the only thing in it is alcohol, makeup, and snacks.

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so many girls do little mes

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