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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > Main character doesn't even get out of bed for many pages /s

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message 1: by Tell (new)

Tell Jones | 2 comments Hi all. Brand new here and I have a book I'm dying to read but don't know the title of, let alone the author.

The book is named for the main character. It's an intentionally slow paced book, meant to highlight philosophies on nihilism, depression, or something along those lines I think. It takes a lot of pages (for some reason, 40 comes to mind) just for the character to move from his bed to a nearby chair. It supposedly spawned a philosophy named after the book with the suffix "ism" attached to it.

I heard about this book long ago and I'm very interested in reading it now. Any help will be greatly appreciated!.

message 2: by ToriLynn (new)

ToriLynn | 4 comments Speed of dark by Elizabeth moon?

message 3: by K. (new)

K. (aoutranc3) | 76 comments Sounds like Oblomov by Ivan Goncharov. That is the title and name of the main character, who takes fifty pages to leave his bed. Because of this slow plot there is much made of philosophy and social commentary.

message 4: by Tell (new)

Tell Jones | 2 comments Oblomov! That's it! Thank you so much!

message 5: by Lobstergirl, au gratin (new)

Lobstergirl | 37567 comments Mod
Reminds me of one I just finished, where the protagonist spends a lot of the book on a "davenport."

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