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Deeper (Caroline & West, #1)
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Laura | 500 comments For the next two weeks we have the wonderful Robin York with us to answer your questions.

Robin York is the author of NA novel Deeper which tackles the issue of revenge porn and she also writes bestselling contemporary romance novels under the name Ruthie Knox

Please hide any spoilers! Not everyone will have read the books you ask about.

Moon  (chanpreet) | 59 comments I love the play on the titles. Are those your choices or those of the editor/publisher?

Nicole | 24 comments This was one of the best books I've read in a while. Thanks. I love that enmeshed in the beautiful love story, another, arguably more important story existed which took a stand on revenge porn. Do you feel books today should have more important messages/topics?

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Alex O'brien (theredgirl) | 2 comments I completely enjoyed your book. I lost quite a bit of sleep; unable to put my Kindle down. It's amazing to me how a writer puts all the pieces together, making words, sentences and paragraphs flow so nice and smooth. What's your process when beginning a new book? I wouldn't even know where or how to begin but every time I read, I find myself wondering how the writer put it all together, especially when there's so much information that needs to be organized, put in the correct order, then on paper. Do you write out ideas in outline form? Do you just jot ideas down as they come or do you sit down and begin writing, word for word?

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