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≈aleх: pнoenιх oғ тнe ғlaмe≈ (loveisendless) A pristine lake and white sandy beach.

message 2: by Aimee (new)

Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) Barnett was wandering around and found himself on the beach. He took off his shoes and walked barefoot in the sand. Moving his toes, he remembered how he loved the sound of the waves. They were soft and soothing as he walked along the shore. As he did so, Barnett saw a girl standing on the edge of the beach.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) Barnett rushed over as he called out, "That was cool! You're amazing!" A smile covered his face as he got closer. He was so excited to meet someone new. She was a water elemental...He's never met one so this was a great opportunity. He was now face to face with her, "Can you do that again?"

Travis {Ποια λύκος θα ταΐζετε ;} | 25 comments Beau walked to the shore and looked around. He wondered where everyone was. He finally saw two people talking and went over to them. "Hi!" he said

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) Barnett smiled to Beau and replied, "Hi, what's up?" Barnett was go happy to see that there more opportunities to make more friends. Looking to the two he stated, "Barnett."

Travis {Ποια λύκος θα ταΐζετε ;} | 25 comments "Nothing much," he replied. "Beau," he said as he put out his hand. "So, what elemental are you? I am lightning"

Travis {Ποια λύκος θα ταΐζετε ;} | 25 comments He turned around. "Hi," he said

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) Barnett smiled, "I'm sound elemental." He was interested in lightening elementals. The only one he knew was Liana.

Travis {Ποια λύκος θα ταΐζετε ;} | 25 comments "That sounds really cool." he commented. "What can you do?"

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) Barnett replied, "I can manipulate sound waves. What about you?" He gestured the two of them. He had an idea of their abilities but wanted more information.

Travis {Ποια λύκος θα ταΐζετε ;} | 25 comments He thought for a moment. "Well, i can do basically anything with lightning, absorb it, create it, form it into things, and i can turn into pure energy." he said as he did in fact turn to pure energy and shot lightning everywhere.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) Barnett moved slightly so that he wouldn't get hit by anything. He didn't think he would, but just to be on the safe side. "That's awesome!" He said as he wondered what it felt like to be pure energy. "My turn! My turn!" Barnett stated. He moved his head to the side and the world grew quiet. Nothing could be heard. Suddenly, Barnett put his hand up and blasted a crater into the side of cliff using only sound waves.

Travis {Ποια λύκος θα ταΐζετε ;} | 25 comments "thanks! that was cool yourself as well." he commented. He wondered how sound waves were able to shoot stuff

Travis {Ποια λύκος θα ταΐζετε ;} | 25 comments ((ugh, i guess i have to do homework then))

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) Barnett looked at Beau and smiled, "So what does it feel like to be pure energy?

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Travis {Ποια λύκος θα ταΐζετε ;} | 25 comments ((ok))

"Well, it feels weird, yet really cool." he said

Travis {Ποια λύκος θα ταΐζετε ;} | 25 comments "Cool." he said to Katara. "Is it easy for you to do that or did it take practice?" he wondered.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) Barnett listened as they talked. He wanted to know more about other people's powers. When he was younger he was told that he had an unusual elemental and wanted to know how others worked.

Travis {Ποια λύκος θα ταΐζετε ;} | 25 comments Beau was really wondering how this sound elemental thing worked. he turned to Barnett. "So, how exactly does your power work?" he asked

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) Barnett smiled and began to explain, "Well I can control sound waves, the things that enable us to hear different frequencies and pitches." Barnett wondered what was the best and most simple way to describe his powers.

message 23: by Chaney (new)

Chaney Clarissa walks over to the edge of the tree line by the beach and sits down. She just listens to the calmness of the waves in front of her. She focuses and brings darkness around her so no one will be able to see her.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Harper sat at the edge of the water, staring at it, eyes wide

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Chaney As Clarissa was about to walk down to the water she sees a girl by the water's edge. She stops and watches her.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Harper watched how the water flowed hypnotically. She shook her head. God. She hated water.

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Chaney Clarissa sees the girl just stare at the water then shake her head and look away. Should she go down there? She asks herself, she know she never been good at making friends or stuff like that. So Clarissa goes down to the lake but stays a safe distance away from the girl.

Travis {Ποια λύκος θα ταΐζετε ;} | 25 comments ~Broken Glass~ wrote: "Katara nodded and turned to answer Beau."It's easy enough."She said."

"Cool." he commetned. Then he turned to Beau. "So, what you doing for Valentines Day?" he asked.

message 29: by Chaney (new)

Chaney Clarissa sees another guy at the other side of the lake she puts shadows around her to stay hidden.

Travis {Ποια λύκος θα ταΐζετε ;} | 25 comments He saw katara look away.
"What don't you like about the subject? I presume that is why you looked away." he asked/said

Travis {Ποια λύκος θα ταΐζετε ;} | 25 comments "Really? What happened to make you think that?" he asked, not sure she will tell him.

Travis {Ποια λύκος θα ταΐζετε ;} | 25 comments "Huh, really." he said. "Well, I sort of like it. I don't know why but i do."

Travis {Ποια λύκος θα ταΐζετε ;} | 25 comments "Well, what should we talk about then?"

Travis {Ποια λύκος θα ταΐζετε ;} | 25 comments "Well, neither so I," he said with a chuckle

Travis {Ποια λύκος θα ταΐζετε ;} | 25 comments He paused for a moment. well this is awkward he thought to himself. "So, what was something really interesting that happened to you?" he asked.

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Chaney "Ok how do u like it?" Austin asks Liana.

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Liana smiled longingly. "It reminds me of a postcard my mother sent me. She went to Miami Beach. She looked so happy…but I knew she was happy because she was able to communicate with me in some way."

message 38: by Chaney (new)

Chaney "Yeah I sure she was happy to talk to you. And it does seem beautiful here." Austin says smiling
Austin sits down in the sand then looks back up at Liana
"Wanna sit?" Austin asks

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Liana nodded and sat down besides Austin. "It's so beautiful, so peaceful…"

message 40: by Chaney (new)

Chaney "Yeah it is. I can tell u that I'll come back her a lot. It's so calming. I can think here." Austin looks to the side at Liana. She was smiling which made his smile grow.

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She breathed in the fresh air happily. She felt so much better, so much calmer, here. She was feeling sleep, too.

message 42: by Chaney (new)

Chaney Austin kept watching her. She looked so relaxed. He laid back in the sand and stretched his legs out smiling. He could stay here all day he thought.
"Yeah I agree." Austin replied.

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Liana snuggled close to Austin and murmured, "I'm feeling sleepy." She fell into a peaceful slumber.

message 44: by Chaney (new)

Chaney Austin felt so relaxed with Liana. He saw her getting sleepy and he said--
"Go to sleep, it's fine here." Austin said to her.

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Liana was dreaming of her mother. They were sitting on a bench near Miami Beach. Her mother said to her, "Liana, I love you. Never forget that. Never forget who you are."

message 46: by Chaney (new)

Chaney Austin watched Liana close her eyes and fall asleep. He looked out at the water and watched the waves.

message 47: by [deleted user] (new)

Liana woke up suddenly. She felt cold. It was so warm…why did she feel cold? 'My mother,' she thought happily.

message 48: by Chaney (new)

Chaney Austin jumped and looked at Liana alarmed when she woke up so suddenly.
"Oh!" Austin said.

message 49: by [deleted user] (new)

Liana rubbed her eyes. "How long was I asleep?"

message 50: by Chaney (new)

Chaney "Ummm well like 10 minutes that's why I was so startled when u woke up I thought u would sleep longer." Austin says.

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