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≈aleх: pнoenιх oғ тнe ғlaмe≈ (loveisendless) A place for people of different elements to hang out. Loaded with games, books, etc.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Aria sat in a corner, holding a book. Where her fingers made contact, bits of frost formed

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Elmina | 31 comments Damon walked in and wondered again why he'd even come. He pushed the thought from his mind as he looked around hoping no one was there, worried he'd make everyone depressed. Apparently just being in a room with someone could put a downer on their day. He sighed.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Aria glanced up for a moment, seeing a guy, then looking back down at the book, which was almost frozen to her hand

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Oberon walked in and looked around. Unfortunately, he couldn't see. What did this place look like?

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Elmina | 31 comments Damon saw various people with various elements, a light elemental messing with the lighting in the room, a nature elemental making potted plants grow, an ice elemental reading a frozen book, at least he thought it was an ice elemental. Either way, it didn't matter, he thought to himself as he picked a book off a shelf and started reading it. The words didn't make any sense to him though and he realized he was reading a book in a different language. He picked a different book, this one, lucky for him, was in English. He say down and started reading.

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Oberon asked a boy, "Do you know if there are any Braille books around here?"

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Elmina | 31 comments "Braille?" Damon set his book down. "Probably." He looked at the shelf next to him and pulled down a Braille book. "Here," he said as he handed the book to the boy.

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Oberon ran his fingers along the spine and smiled. "Plants and Soil. Huh. Thanks. What's your name? Can I feel your face? It helps me to differentiate people from one another."

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Aria broke the ice between her fingers and tbe book, closing it ans closing her eyes

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Elmina | 31 comments "I'm Damon, and I think, for your sake, you shouldn't touch my face," Damon said calmly, but his face paled.

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"Nonsense." Oberon ran his hands along Damon's face, feeling. "Hm. All right then." Oberon lowered his hands. "What's the matter?"

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Elmina | 31 comments Damon froze as soon as he touched him. Then he was confused, but relieved. "I don't understand..." He muttered. "I mean, everything someone touches me-" he didn't finish; he didn't want to talk about it.

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"Maybe I'm different because I'm blind. Or maybe because I control the element earth. Earth is very stable and steady."

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Elmina | 31 comments Damon though it was probably because of the blind thing. Earth had nothing to do with his power. It made sense though, he couldn't see death if he couldn't see. Either way, Damon was just relieved he didn't run away screaming like most people did when they touched his skin.

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"Nah, it's probably because I'm blind." Oberon grinned. "I'm Oberon. Nice to meet you!"

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Elmina | 31 comments "It's nice to meet someone who doesn't run away from me when I touch them," Damon said as a small smile crept on his face.

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Oberon cocked his head, confused. "Why would people run away from you? Anyhow, what can you do?"

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Elmina | 31 comments Damon felt a lump in his throat. "When people touch me, they see themselves dying in the worst way possible," he said, "or at least, that's what they told me."

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"Wow. That's a pretty cool power. All I have is control over earth. I can feel vibrations in the ground that tell me where everything is. I can even feel those ants on a rock outside. I can feel the animals under the ground too. So, my control over earth improves my 'sight,' and my 'sight' improves my control over earth. It's a win-win situation."

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Elmina | 31 comments "Your power is cool," Damon said, "and useful. Mine is neither."
((Sorry I was eating.))

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((That's all right.))

Your power is useful too. If an opponent touches you, they get terrified."

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((gtg Need to take a shower))

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Elmina | 31 comments "I don't have any opponents though," Damon said.

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Oberon replied, "How do you know?"

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Elmina | 31 comments Damon shrugged. "I don't know, I just.... don't."

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Aria looked up, watching those around her

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Elmina | 31 comments Damon noticed the girl who was reading a frozen book looking around. He hoped she wouldn't come over and talk to them.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Aria stayed where she was. She had no reason to interact with people, no one would want to speak with her anyways. Frost started to form over her skin

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Elmina | 31 comments Damon shivered as the room suddenly got colder.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Aria didn't notice she was making the temp drop

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Elmina | 31 comments Avery walked in and immediately shivered. Why was it so cold? She looked around and saw a death elemental, she could tell by the way he suddenly looked mad, like someone had insulted him. Really it was only because death elementals tended to hate her, a side effect of her power.

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Oberon felt a girl walk in. He walked up to her. "May I feel your face? That's how I can differentiate between people."

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Aria continued to watch the environment around hwr,not noticing her cause to the temperture

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Elmina | 31 comments ((What if she was deaf XD that would be mean and hilarious at the same time))
"Sure," Avery said as she brushed her curly blonde hair out of her face and tucked It behind her ears.
((I love how you totally abandon Damon XD poor Damon))

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((Yeah, Oberon just abandons him and goes right to another person.))

Oberon felt the girl's face. He nodded. "Okay then." He dropped his hands and grinned. "I'm Oberon! What's your name?"

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Elmina | 31 comments ((*sigh* typical. I actually have to go now, and no for 10 minutes his time. Bye.))
"I'm Avery," she told him excitedly with a big smile.

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((NO! T-T Bye…))

"Avery? Okay. Hey, why are all the guys staring at you? Is there something on your face? If so, I didn't feel it."

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Elmina | 31 comments ((Back!!))
"I you're blind then how do you know they're staring at me?" Avery asked, holding back a laugh successfully.

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Oberon replied, "I can feel vibrations in the ground. Right now, I can tell that Darmon ((I think that's his name)) is facing towards a different girl. He hasn't seen you yet. I can even feel those ants outside on that rock."

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Elmina | 31 comments "Oh great, you said his name and now he sees me and he's glaring at me," Avery said as she looked away from Damon.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Aria watched the new comers interact and rolled her eyes. How come meeting people is so easy for others?

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Oberon shrugged. "Not my fault. He's the one who turned around to glare at you."

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Elmina | 31 comments "I know it's not your fault," Avery said.

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Oberon laughed. "All right then. Avery, right? That's a nice name. But tell me, why ARE all those guys staring at you? It confuses me."

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Elmina | 31 comments Avery shrugged. "Everyone seems to like me, except Damon," she said.

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"What's your power?"

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Elmina | 31 comments "Making people love or hate each other and everyone except a select few naturally love me," Avery explained, smiling.

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Oberon raised an eyebrow. "So you're a lot like Cupid?"

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Aria eavesdroped, a talent she had brcome very good at. She rolled her eyes at the cupid girl, the temperature dropping again

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