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≈aleх: pнoenιх oғ тнe ғlaмe≈ (loveisendless) Lightning, Shadow, Light, Wood, Life, Death, etc. *Limit of ONE element and TWO characters*

Relationship status
Other info

message 2: by Katherine (new)

Katherine (pandafox) | 16 comments First Name: Valentine
Middle Name:Angelina
Last Name:Adorante
Date of birth:2/14/1996

Body type:Slender


Personality:Lina is a playful, quiet-occasionally- expressive girl. Shes bluntly honest and doesn't like people that try to get attention

History:She enjoys to live in the present instead of looking back at what and who she lost.

-Likes being called Lina
-Enjoys Music
-Attention from people she cares about

-People who change their opinion to match hers because their too afraid to stand by their own thoughts

Lina loves any romantic gesture but is also a person that loves her personal space. She can swim and have a good time with anyone but can also be someone that likes her alone time.

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Katherine (pandafox) | 16 comments First Name:Ellianah
Middle Name:Kaliyah
Last Name:Grace
Date of birth:1-1-95

Hair color:Blonde
Eye color:Green
Body type:Slender


Personality:Ellie is an open out going girl. She is easily likable and loves to socialize with people. She is family oriented and loves nature. Including plants and animals but doesn't like to get surprised or scared. She loves books and music.

-Being called Ellie
-Rainy days
-Snuggling up in bed
-Sleeping in late
-Enjoying the day

-She can't stand people that don't have opinions

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Name: Alex Kull
Age: 16
Birthday: April 6
Element: Death
Personality: Violent, reserved, quiet
History: father was killed by a fire elemental when he was young, and he and his mother went to several countries before coming to Elementus
Appearance: https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/im...
face claim: Andy Biersack
Relationship status: single
Sexuality: Bisexual
Hair color: black
Eye color: blue/grey

message 5: by Aimee (new)

Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) Name: Barnett Dowray
Age: 16
Birthday: October 14
Element: Sound
Parents: Orphan
Personality: Cheery, stubborn, loves to laugh, good sense of humor
History: When he was 10 he awoke in an orphanage with a name tag. He doesn’t remember anything else prior. The people at the orphanage were very friendly and good-hearted. There was one lady who taught him how to control his powers. She also taught him to look positively at life and to enjoy life, and it’s hardships.
Appearance: tumblr moytkwJrKW1qh9n5lo1 1280 fashion tumblr photo:Justin Livingston Topman beanie Topman shirt Topman chinosmenswear neon beanie beanie new york new york Men's style men's summer
He also wears noise canceling headphones around his neck. This helps him calm down when things get stressful. He’s usually found wearing jeans and a tee-shirt under a sweat jacket of some sort. He's 5'10".
Powers/Abilities: manipulate sound waves
Strengths: he's very creative and understands his limits
Weaknesses: He can be a bit hot headed at times and loses his cool every now and then
Relationship status: Single
Sexuality: Bisexual
Other info: He loves visual art and silent films; he speaks english and knows ASL

message 6: by Travis {Ποια λύκος θα ταΐζετε ;} (last edited Aug 16, 2014 05:05PM) (new)

Travis {Ποια λύκος θα ταΐζετε ;} | 25 comments Name: Beau Daniels
Age: 18
Birthday: October 14
Element: Storm
Parents: Mother-Jocelyn Daniels(Alive)
Personality: he is funny, loyal and fun. He loves to be outside and play sports. Can be stubborn at times, yet a good friend. Trustworthy, honest.
History: When he was 2 years old his father abandoned him. Beau had issues for a while, and he discovered his powers. When he did, no one wanted to be around him. They all wanted to send him to a mental hospital. Scientists from all over came and did tests on him but they all seemed to end up dead. Him and his mother fled and ended up in Elementus City.
Appearance: http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/236...
Powers/Abilities: He can bend lighting to any shape he wants, absorb lightning, summon lightning elementals, absorb lightning, shoot lightning, become pure lightning, create lightning, and bend all the powers of storm
Strengths: Creative, understanding, drawing, fighting
Weaknesses: Controlling his powers-sometimes gets out of hand
Relationship Status: Single
Sexuality: Bisexual-can fall in love with a guy or girl
Other Info: He loves to draw, but can lose his temper, but rarely happens. Has bright exquisite blue eyes

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Name: Liana Wilson
Age: 16 years
Birthday: May 17
Mother - Deceased
Father - Living
Older Brother - Deceased
Element: Lightning
Personality: Liana can be calm one moment and crazy the next. Her mood can change in an instant, as she is bipolar. She has breakdowns daily, especially when looking in a mirror, where she sees her mom. Liana thinks that she's a monster, and she thinks that everyone else does as well. So she doesn't trust anyone, not even her own father. She can be manipulative at times, and she can be kind and sweet when she's not being mean. She is also very intelligent and knows exactly how to either anger and terrify someone.
History: Liana discovered her powers when she turned 4 years old. She had zapped her older brother when he took her doll away. Her mother and father worked hard to train her to use her powers. Then, tragedy struck. Liana was only eight years old when her older brother died in a car crash at the age of 18. Liana's mother became depressed and neglected Liana and Liana's father. Then, a week after Liana's tenth birthday, her mother vanished. The police couldn't find her mother, no matter how hard they tried, and they came to believe that she was dead. Liana changed after that. She had been born bipolar, although it wasn't severe. Her mother's disappearance made it much worse. Liana and her father got into many fights, until finally Liana left at the age of 14.
Appearance: http://cache.desktopnexus.com/thumbna...
-Make lightning take any form (sword, dragon, lion, daggers, etc.)
-Absorb lightning
-Create lightning with her fingers
-Zap people with lightning (she can change the range at will)
-Not trusting
-Mental Breakdowns
Relationship Status: None
Sexuality: Straight
Other info: Liana's mother woke Liana up right before she left and told Liana that no matter what happens, she must not forget who she is. Then she left and Liana went right back to sleep.

message 8: by Elmina (new)

Elmina | 31 comments Name- Damon
Age- 17
B-day- Jan. 20
Parents- John and May Matthews. Both light elemental and both are alive.
Element- Death
Personality- Damon does not socialize and he doesn't touch people. He's not shy or rude, he's just scared of his power. His first kiss ended with the girl running out screaming. Any teacher who's ever accidentally came in contact with his skin refused to teach him anymore, even his parents wouldn't touch him. Then again, Damon doubts they're really his parents. How could a death elemental come from two light elementals? How could he be so dark while they're so bright and cheery, except when they're around him of course. No one's cheery when they're around him. He always looks depressed, probably because he has next to no human interaction. He never really has someone to talk to, so he tends to keep his thoughts and feelings hidden. If someone asked about him, he would automatically close up and avoid the subject. He can get angry very quickly but he would never use his power against anyone, at least not intentionally.
Appearance- Damon looks absolutely nothing like his parents who both have blonde hair and blue eyes. Both Damon's hair and eyes are jet black and his skin is pale. He is tall and strong and his eyes always seem like they've seen more than they should.
Powers- Whenever he touches someone, they see themselves dying in the worst way to die possible in their eyes. Everyone seems to feel depressed around him.
Strengths- Hiding thoughts and emotions. Making people depressed.
Weaknesses- Easily angry. Not very social.
Relationship- Open
Sexuality- Straight

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Name: Aria
Age: 17
Birthday: Oct 12
Parents: Lana and Marcus Andrews, both water elementals
Element: Ice
Personality: She is very reserved. She doesn't feel like anyone understands who she is or would even like to.
History: She grew up with her twin sister, Harper, even though they don't look anything alike. Harper had always been the outgoing and friendly one. Aria has a history of anxiety and depression
Appearance http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photo...
Powers/Abilities: She can produce ice as well as shape it into different forms. When she gets upset, things around her freeze.
Strengths: Hiding her feelings, running, drawing
Weaknesses: crowds, new people
Relationship status: single
Sexuality: straight

message 10: by Krul (new)

Krul Tepes Name: Meri Valentine
Age: 17
Birthday: Unknown

Parents: Unknown
Element: Light

Personality: Cheerful and carefree. Often beaming with happiness. Love teasing people. Is kind and caring to those she cares about. Loyal to friends and family. Optimistic. Stubborn in many ways. Gets into trouble easy. Acts recklessly.

History: Unknown

Appearance: [image error]
Powers/Abilities: Controlling light in many forms.
Strengths: Combat. Weaponry.
Weaknesses: Rats.

Relationship status: Single
Sexuality: Straight

message 11: by Elmina (new)

Elmina | 31 comments Name- Avery
Age- 16
B-day- February 14
Parents- Kathy and Martin Jones. Both are alive and love elementals.
Element- Love
Personality- Avery is actually really mean despite her element. She loves messing with people and has no problem doing it because of her power. Karma sucks though, whenever she uses her power for any bad purpose, she immediately feels drained and in rare cases, looses consciousness. She sadly still hasn't learned her lesson. Whenever she's not messing with people with her powers, she messes with people in other ways, though on the surface she is very sweet and everyone feels drawn to her except death elementals who almost immediately hate her. Another way she tricks people is using her irresistible aura to lure people in and basically stab them in the back. Another way is flirting with them until she can tell the really like her then acting as if she had never seen them before or simply disappearing. This isn't a problem for her since her parents move a lot and are easily convinced.
Appearance- Avery's curly blonde hair goes down to her elbows and she rarely cuts it, she prefers it long. Her brown eyes have a mischievous gleam to them like she's thinking about who to trick next, which usually, she is. She is a bit short thin and tan. Fashion is very important to her, she rarely wears the same thing twice in one month and she pre plans her outfits carefully. Makeup is also important to her and she never has the same color eyeshadow as the day before, she always tries to be different every day.
Powers- She can make people fall in love or make people hate each other along with her natural tendency to be irresistible to anyone except Death elementals who are affected in the opposite way than how normal people are affected.
Strengths- Avery is irresistible. She is very persuasive and is great at playing tricks on people.
Weaknesses- Avery rarely trusts anyone and death elementals tend to hate her a lot.
Relationship- Avery has boys lined up around the block for her. That doesn't mean she likes any of them.
Sexuality- Straight.

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Name: Roman Johnson
Nickname: Plasma Boy
Age: 13
Birthday: 1/1/01
Parents: Rafael and Myra Johnson
Element: Plasma
Personality: Like plasma, can change options about anything when ever, makes friends one day but hates them the next day, can be easily persuaded
History: Comes from a long line of plasma elemental, he was raised in a nice community. When he turned 13, he left the community (a plasma elemental tradition) to find some where else to be. This is that place.....
Appearance: description
Powers/Abilities: Can make anything out of thin air (as long as it is reasonable)
Strengths: Making objects
Weaknesses: Making friends
Relationship status: open
Sexuality: straight
Other info: none

message 13: by fake name (new)

fake name (dmbb) | 1 comments Name: Jarm Zie

Age: 16

Birthday: April 20

Parents: Jarkness Zie and Lizzy Zie (Dark is her madden name)

Element: Destruction

Personality: Sarcastic, annoyable (Gets annoyed a lot), humorous, and very intelligent

History: Came from a nice, loving family until his powers were found and his parents became scared of him. He has now abandoned his family.

Appearance: Long, dirty-blonde hair, usually has heavy clothes on.

Powers/Abilities: He creates chaos when he wants to, blows inanimate (and small) things up with his mind. Knives hidden in his hands, when touches inanimate things they will crumble.

Strengths: Death and darkness

Weaknesses: Light

Relationship status: Single

Tristan, High mastro (Nine Blades) . (tristantristan054563) | 45 comments Name: Blurr

Age: Eons old

Parents: N/A

Element: Chakra

Personality: Child like and Insane

History: Once a king of demons and Summon creatures, He ruled the world with an Diamand Grip. Cruel and passionless he killed without mecy. Till a young boy Sealed him in a Vortex box. For a thousand years he was sealed away before a great war consumed the Earth. The two sides where The Craftkights And an Evil summing group known as the Black. Thier leader was more evil than even the Kings of hell, He released blurr and Ordered him never to speak, Until said otherwise, Blurr was sealed after three more years of terrible war. The Earth was shattered the Land split as oceans flooded creating the World of our time. Blurr lost his terrible power and his sanity traped inside the Vortex box

Apearence: Haveing no Physical body He Manifists in a black robe with a strange mask.

Powers/Abilties: Able to move impossibly fast and Copy Most abilties he has an array of Jutsu

Strengths amd Weaknesses: His power comes from his mask. If it is Damged or broken his sanity would be lost and his Power increased, seting him in a Rage until the mask regenerates or he is given a new one

Relationship status: Although he referes himself as a male he Is Asexual

Tristan, High mastro (Nine Blades) . (tristantristan054563) | 45 comments Name: Moonlight shadivakin ((shadow walker

Age: About 170000

Parents: Zæ And Star Shadivakin

Element: Shadow

Personality: Wise and kind he is a natural leader and a bit of a loner

History: He is the last of his kind Once his clan where the rulers of the realm of shadow and darkness But that was before his birth, His mother fled to the remains of an Ancient kingdom, where the last Prince of Hyrule, The last sheikah Resided in a forest, He took the cursed woman in she died a year after his birth. His people know everything thier fallen know so long as they see thier eyes Via Picture or Physical, He has traveled many realms

Abilties: Shadow shifting and posesion of peoples shadows

Weakness: His body is imortal expet for a smal area behind his ears, during a Lunar Block out his powers are non existant, during a solar one, He turns into a wolf demon

Strength: Night time and standing in shadows

other: Is Normaly on the side Good And loves teaching others

message 16: by Chaney (new)

Chaney Name: Clarissa Stones
Age: 18
Birthday: August 1 1995
Parents: Maria Stones(shadow) Eric Stones(fire)
Element: Shadow
Personality: independent, cautious, kind, can be rude if you give her a reason to be.
History: at 6years old she witnesses her dad being killed by a death. Now stays usually at home with her mom, or will go to fire hangout. Sometimes stays at the edge of the beach to listen to the sound of waves, it calms her down and let her think.
Appearance: has golden hair from her dad and hazel eyes from her mom. Has a slender body but is athletic built.
Abilities: able to run very fast and element is shadow. Stealthy
Strengths: books, summer, stealth, planing things out.
Weaknesses: trusting, selfish people, awkward situations, and making friends.

message 17: by Chaney (new)

Chaney Name: Austin Hathworn
Birthday: March 6 1995
Parents: Helena Hathworn Josh Hathworn
Element: lightning
Personality: humorous, friendly, outgoing, athletic, gets mean if you mess with him or family and friends
History: lives with both mom and dad they both have the element lightning they help him train. Also has many friends.
Appearance: light brown hair, grey eyes. Broad chest muscular, and athletic built.
Powers/abilities: very strong, able to control energy sources like lightning. Also able to make lightning and other energies.
Strengths: fighting, making friends, creative, controlling powers
Weaknesses: careless people, the cold.

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samyam g | 26 comments Name: ameneot grandal
Age: 17
Birthday: 25/1/1997
Parents: flameot grandal and flia gandal. killed when he was 8 years old. he has been wandering since then.
Element: shadow
Personality: sense of humour, daring, goes head on into everything
History: after his parents were killed, he found out he was an elemental.so he went in search of a place where he could fit in until he came here.
Appearance: description
Powers/Abilities: he has shadow power which means he can create dark storms, become invisible, teleport, make everything dark in the area and can see in the dark
Strengths: weapon fight, elemental fights
Weaknesses:: animals, bare hand fight
Relationship status: single
Sexuality: straight
Other info: weapon: description

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♥ bomb ♥ υиøffı¢αł яøłeρłαч мeитøя (fantastic-bomb) | 1 comments ((UNDER CONSTRUCTION))

Name: Cahira Jones
Age: 17
Birthday: January 7th

~Lirah Jones ~ Mother
~George Jones ~ Father
Element: Atoms

Relationship status:
Other info:

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

Name: Anastasia Still

Age: 15

Parents: Lady Lilac (Rousse) Still- lives in England (water elemental)
Sir Dennis Still- died in a horrible storm

Element: lightning

Personality: Anastasia is sometimes a very happy, loud, and outgoing girl, but other times she's a depressed, shy girl, in other words she's bipolar

History: When she was seven her dad was outside in a storm and when he got near the house she ran out to him, but before she got to him a bolt of lightning struck him and he died. Anastasia blames herself for her father's death and so does her nineteen year old brother, Andy.

Appearance: https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/im...

Powers/Abilities: create, absorb, and control lightning

Relationship status: single

Sexuality: Bisexual

Other info: When something reminds her of her father she has a meltdown

message 21: by Conner (last edited Feb 16, 2014 03:40PM) (new)

Conner Bennett | 1 comments Name: Melody Archer
Age: 16
Birthday: 1/27/98
Element: ice
Parents: dead
Personality: bipolar, friendly
history: parents died in a house fire
Appearance: https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/im...
Sexuality: bisexual
Powers: freezing things and making things out of ice/snow
Relationship status: single
Sexuality: Bisexual

message 22: by Lilliana (last edited Apr 29, 2014 09:33PM) (new)

Lilliana Downing (Toxic_Lils) | 1 comments Name: Flair sunset

Age: 16

Birthday: 1/1/1994

Parents: She doesn't know

Element: Fire

Personality: Shes a bit of a bad ass and she isn't into cruel things unless she sees a different side to it. She really had a bad child hood for her dad ran away with her mums money and her mum died in a house fire, from then on she took care of herself and lived in a tree house. She hasn't had that much experience with boys and people younger than her and she will do anything to save someone she loves.

History: Her dad ran away with her mums money and her mum died in a house fire, from then on she took care of herself and lived in a tree house.

Appearance: http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236...

Powers/Abilities: she can spit fire out of her hand and can heat anything when her body temperature is hot.

Strengths: when she was 13 she built her self up to take care of her self she did daily training's of punching the truck of the tree house and push ups and sit ups. After school she would do chin ups on the schools monkey bars when ever she could

Weaknesses: She try's to avoid water when ever she could to avoid being cold but she does shower at least twice a week

Relationship status: she is really looking for that perfect one

Sexuality: Female
Other info: None

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