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was it just me who couldn't follow the plot?

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Red Heaven After they broke into that house, until the end of the book, was kinda hazy for me. Maybe it was just me but I wasn't following where they were or what they were doing.

Gary Garth McCann I remember the plot being difficult to follow. Have you read other Mary Roberts Rinehart? I find certain of her books to be the ones I love. Strangely, they span almost her full writing career, because one I love is The Circular Staircase (1908--only two years after The Man in Lower Ten) and another I love is The Swimming Pool (1952--really, my favorite of hers). I also love The Door, The Wall, The Great Mistake. A few other titles I can't remember as well (The Album, The Yellow Room are probably in the same vein). Really, try The Swimming Pool. I have a librarian colleague who shares my opinion that it's the best of MRR. Great fun. But MRR novels are dated gender-wise: usually a rich young woman trying to help her brother or such accused of murder while she falls in love with the manly detective or such. Usually at some point the household servants get into a panic about dead bodies popping up and she has to lecture them. (Ah, don't we all have such problems with our servants.)

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