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message 1: by Nicolette (new)

Nicolette Sent mine.. :D

message 2: by Samarpita (new)

Samarpita Sharma (samarpitasharma) | 1 comments Country specific?

message 3: by Book'd (new)

Book'd Hitu (hituzbookworld) | 10 comments I would be happy to review the eBook versions.
You can refer my reviews on my goodreads page here

My mail id is

message 4: by Book'd (last edited Feb 12, 2014 05:46PM) (new)

Book'd Hitu (hituzbookworld) | 10 comments Vera wrote: "Book'd - your profile is private and I cannot see any of your reviews."

Let's be friend then, a friend request is sent your way.

message 5: by ✰ Zainab ✰ (new)

✰ Zainab ✰ (zai0) Just sent mine.

message 6: by Srdjan (new)

Srdjan Jovanovic | 9 comments i would love to review yore books

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