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Team Aspen or Maxon? Why?

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message 1: by Christina (new)

Christina Team Maxon beacuse he is so genuine and sweet. He would protect America with his life.

message 2: by Margaret (new)

Margaret | 1 comments Team Maxon because he loves America more than anything, and even though Aspen does too, Maxon is always honest with her.

message 3: by Noor (new)

Noor (noorkudaimi) | 1 comments Maxon because when Aspen came to the palace he demanded to get back with America, when it was his idea for the whole enter the selection thing

message 4: by Mariana (new)

Mariana | 1 comments Yes Maxon is so sweet and protective and theY deserve each other. Aspen is sweet too but he broke America's heart...... Thats not for a gentleman

message 5: by Sofia (new)

Sofia | 2 comments Maxon all the way!! "My heart is yours to break." He's the sweetest fictional character I know!

message 6: by Ava (new)

Ava | 2 comments Team Maxon! He is literally every girl's dream man. Even though America's relationship with both Aspen and Maxon is beautiful and passionate, Aspen's time with America ended. They grew apart and into new people.

message 7: by Alison (new)

Alison Skinner (alisonskinner31gmailcom) | 2 comments Team Maxon!!

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

100% Team Maxon, "Break my heart, break it a thousand times if you like it was only ever yours to break." He is so sweet even when he is mad at America.

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

Team Maxon. I like Aspen, but I feel like he lies to America, and he wants America to just forget that he wanted her to enter the Selection in the first place, and just be with him. Maxon, on the other hand, gives her plenty of time to heal from Aspen. He doesn't push her to do something, he doesn't give her a deadline or anything, he just lets her heal. Besides, Maxon is just ADORABLE!!!!!

message 10: by Briann (last edited Feb 14, 2018 06:08PM) (new)

Briann Rubner (rubygirl18) | 2 comments Maxon!!! Aspen left America alone and hurt in the tree house because of hurt feelings. Then returns to her life when she wanted to run away. Maxon is nothing but real with America and Apsen sees that and just keeps pushing himself on her and she lets him because he is comfortable. Maxon is new so its easier to keep him out and doesnt know any better. I didnt like how Maxon jumped to conclusions at the end when she was caught apologizing to Aspen when he walked in on them sleeping together. He is still great though!!!!

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

YES!!! That part where Maxon was jumping to conclusions I got SOOOO angry, but he's still great. It's okay to have a momentary lapse in judgement. Especially if it's you, Maxon.

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

I agree. I am the same way and I read that part over and over again when I want to get mad at something or someone. I usually get mad at Aspen even though its really not anyone's fault. He's the easiest to blame in my mind.

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

Yeah. I like to blame Aspen. He's great in The Heir and The Crown, but in the first three books I hate him so I just blamed him for everything.

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

Me too. Its sad how him and Lucy cant have any kids.

message 15: by Vee_Bookish (new)

Vee_Bookish | 1 comments I don't think I've ever met anyone that likes Aspen. I started hating him when he had that misogynistic complex in the treehouse that he had to "provide" for America because she's female or something? Boy no.

message 16: by Eden (new)

Eden | 1 comments Team Maxon 100%. I liked Aspen at first but when America was at the palace he wanted her to forget about Maxon and just be with him. After that the little love I had for him faded. The crazy thing is I have some friends who like Aspen better. I was very surprised when they told me they liked Aspen better. I asked them why the liked Aspen better they just said " He's better" In my mind that's not a good enough reason to like someone better.

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

Thank you Eden. My friends do the same thing.

message 18: by Elle (new)

Elle | 3 comments Team Maxon! easily just because he has always treated America like she was a princess even when she wasn’t. He treated everyone (even Celeste) with respect.❤️

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