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You may post your private training session here. Make sure it's good, because this will affect your character's sponsor points and give me a good idea on who i'm gonna make a mod

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Gold's stomach was in knots as she rode the elevator to her private training session. She remembered her fathers motto 'try your hardest and watch the results'. "this is for you daddy." Goldie whispered to herself as she the elevator door opened with a swish. Goldie looked around, searching for something she could do. She heard the judges as they talked, not paying her much attention. She smiled evily as she reached for some throwing knifes. Goldie threw them in rapid succesion, hitting the bulls-eye every time. The judges still were not paying attention. Goldie wanted to scream at them, tell them that her life was on the line and all they were worried about was if there was enough desserts to go around. But she didn't, she controlled herself, bidding her time until she could get their attention. Goldie strolled to the middle of the room, facing the judges. She stood until she had gotten the majority of the judges's attention. She smiled a smoldering grin and picked up a knife. She tossed itup in the air, caught it and threw it, much like what she had done with Rhine in the training room. The knife hit it's mark, just as she expected it to. A couple of the judges eyes widened. A few of them smiled. But all in all, they were thoroughly impressed. Goldie narrowed her eyes viciously at the judges. She picked up another knife and without looking, threw it at the dummy. It landed hilt deep in it's forehead. The judges jumped a bit at the sound of the knife hitting it's mark. There was silence. Suddenly, one of the judges, an older gentleman, stood and began clapping. Soon, the rest of the group was clapping as well. Goldie let loose a winning smile as she left the room. "That went well." she said to herself as she ride back to her floor.

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●▬▬▬▬๑۩۩๑▬▬▬▬▬●Pєηєℓσρє Wιℓℓσω -- Dιѕтяιcт 12●▬▬▬▬▬๑۩۩๑▬▬▬▬●

Penelope bounced on her heels as she rode down the elevator. She was nervous, yet excited. Penelope was silently praying that she would do okay, and surprise the rest of the tributes. Even Alex, from her own district. When Penelope got into the waiting area, she sat down in her own spot-dead last.

Waiting, restlessly. Penelope was generally patient, but she knew her life could depend on this. Literally. She took a deep breath and measured her breathing, keeping herself calm, as tribute after tribute went in for their private session. Penelope barely registered the fact that Alex just left.

When the door shut behind him, Penelope's head snapped up. All her nerves were building up in her. She felt herself start to shake. Penelope took a deep breath and gulped, to calm herself. When the calm, cool female voice called her, "Penelope Willow, District 12," she opened her eyes and slid into the room.

The practice area looked no different than normal. Penelope quickly walked over to where you could test your survival skills. She quickly lit a fire-a smokeless one. Penelope had carefully picked each piece of wood, and started the flame without any matches or lighters. She let out a quick grin, then cooled it off. Then, with the speed of a cheetah, she organized plants into edible and poisonous groups. Penelope grinned at her progress. She knew she had to hurry, so she briskly stalked over to target practice.

Penelope picked up a few throwing knives. She glanced at the judges, only a few were actually watching her progress. Penelope let out a feral growl, a few more of their attention turning to her. She grinned, and threw the knives, hitting the target each time. It was not her strength; they hit shoulders, stomachs, a groin, and even a neck. The judges watching blinked, surprised at this lowly district girl. Penelope shrugged, and picked up a bow.

She felt her whole body shiver with excitement at holding up her much-loved weapon. Penelope plucked the string, letting it give off a metallic hiss. Now, the judges who didn't watch her knives had also given her their attention. Penelope cleared her throat, and quickly drew an arrow onto the bow. Penelope felt her body automatically fold out into her natural position to shoot. She adjusted her aim, just a little higher than she was used to; the arrow and bow were heavier than the ones back home.

Penelope sucked in a breath as she pulled back the string, and let the arrow fly. It hit the target perfectly in the heart. That person would be dead, without a doubt. Penelope grinned, and reloaded her bow just as quickly. This time, she imagined herself in the arena, people coming at her. Penelope let out an arrow, then another, then another. She shot from different positions-standing, kneeling-and from different distances.

Plunk. Plunk. Plunk. Plunk. Plunk. All of her arrows hit the targets perfectly, but one. It was the farthest away, and she had been kneeling to hit it. Instead of perfectly on target, it missed its mark by mere millimeters. Penelope hissed and released an arrow just as quick as the judges realized the mistake. Her aim this time was flawless.

Penelope growled at her first miss, as the judges gasped, chuckled, then finally, after an awkward pause, began clapping. It was the same frenzy of intensity as during her interview with Caesar. Absurd. Penelope gently put the bow back on its stand, with the touch of a mother. She slung the quiver that she used back next to the bow, the strap snapping as it was hung back up.

Penelope grinned, though the judges couldn't tell. Her whole body tensed up, realizing what she just did. She had shot so well, but she knew she could do better. But hey, Penelope had been under pressure. She shook her head, ridding herself of her self-doubt. She knew it was bad, and could potentially be her fatal flaw. Penelope let out a sigh, and almost staggered out of the private training area.

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 †Emily† | 465 comments Rhine Evans, District 3

Rhine walked in, her back held straight, her height very evident this way. She wanted to look as intimidating or as skilled as possible. She stood in front of the Gamemakers, “Rhine Evans, District 3.” She said, her voice emotionless. Her grey eyes looked back at them as she back away to the snare area. She bent down and quickly began to work on a snare that could trap a large animal or even a human.. Her nimble, long fingers worked quickly, the trap easy for her to understand as it was almost like attaching and connecting wires like back home and soon the snare was finished and it worked pretty well. She smiled, looking back at the Gamemakers. She shyly stood, leaving the working snare for them to look at. She heard it snap shut as she walked over the edible plant area. Rhine sighed as she looked down at the plant. A small smile spreading onto her face. She knew everything about these plants and she had only briefly read the differences in the training center but her memory allowed her to remember everything. She sorted them quickly, she got everything correct, she smiled, beaming. She was so excited, maybe her photo graphic memory would save her in these Games. To finish off, she went to the weapons area, picking up a long, sharp knife. She ran it through her fingers and began to throw. Her first knife hit the third ring from the middle of the target. She took another knife, moving onto the dummies and threw. Her knife went straight into the throat, her face frowning with concentration. She threw one more knife, it hit the stomach of the dummy, where most of the vital organs were. She smiled, bowed and turned, her long blond hair swishing behind her as she stalked out of the training center, happy with her performance.

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Mel (melsheard) ((Hello! Sorry to bother, but do we just post the district we put into our character's description even if they don't have that district?))

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Fandom_girl (( You put Swalllow in District 9, so yes. Just say

Mel - District 9

Then the talent you wish to preform. ))

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Mel (melsheard) Swallow Button, District 9

I walked in. Golly gosh, this is such a beautiful sight! Loads of weapons I could kill myself with. They wouldn't want that though, would they? Someone dying before the Games have even begun? No, no, such a shame, and someone so young... Pu-lease. The least I'd do would be to snap every piece of equipment - Wait. Then District 10 would have no chance of winning, would they? No chance of performing? With n weapons to use, they wouldn't be able to do anything. - but I might not do that. Gotta rise above the challenge and shiiine. Not that I couldn't do that. Of course I could.

"Swallow Button, District 9, at your service, Sir ."

The Head Gamemaker looked up. Oops, sorry, did I interrupt your precious little conversation with your little group? Nothing. No reaction. Just staring.

"How long do I have?" I asked. I wanted to see just how much I could prove in whatever limit of space they gave me.

The Head Gamemaker was still staring. "Since you've already wasted 5 minutes getting my attention, you now have 4 minutes and 34 seconds to prove yourself. 27, 26, 25..."

Right. This was it. I got a bow and arrow and shot it at the target. Oops, I missed. I tried again. Woops, missed that one too. Tried the final target. Yep, that one missed as well. The people who were previously watching weren't looking any more. I think I did my job well. Made myself seem small.

I had to do something else... It was hard enough trying to miss the targets when bow and arrow are my strongest subject, I get it every time. I wonder if I grab the bow and arrow at the Cornucopia and shoot people the Gamemaker will look at me then?

I reckoned I had about 2 minutes to do something else.

Running to where all the axes are, I grabbed them together, dashed to the wood station and made a fire. I put the end of the axes together, over the flame, and burned down the wood. Looks like they won't be able to be used. I collect the bows and arrows, put them in a pile, and, again, burned the parts that could have been burned. I did the same for each and every weapon.

Whether it was that I was making no sound, or it could have been the flame, but something caught their attention.

When they were all looking, I did a low down bow, said slowly; "Thanks for your... 'appreciation'. It was fun, spending time with... 'you'.", then walked out of the room. As far as I could tell, the fire was still burning when District 10's male went in.

Not sure about my mark though. Whether I'll get a high or a low for that, I don't care. I will prove them wrong in the Arena. They'll wish I was never picked from the pool of people in District 9. Not my fault I'm better than the rest.

'Ooh, the 15 year old girl got a mark 3 in her assessment. We'll have to make allies with her, then kill her.' That will be what they're thinking when our marks are displayed across Panem. I'll just shoot them first.

'Do you think she did it on purpose?' One from another District will ask their mentor.
'I'm not sure.' They will reply.

That will be the same conversation throughout all of the tribute's rooms. Was I happy with my performance? You bet. I should have spent more time failing with the bow and arrow. At least I almost set The Training Center ablaze.

I started to grin to myself, my brown plait swished over my right shoulder, and I went back to greet our Mentor. They wanted to know what I had done.
"Just shot a few arrows. Missed them all."

'Aw, that's too bad.' They replied. Too bad? It was the best thing I've ever done!

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Fandom_girl *These are 1-12, I read all of your sessions, and if you decide to post yours before the arena starts, your number may be changed based on your performance. The ones who already submitted your private session were given accurate numbers. The ones who have not, I took your training center activity, and your district into account when giving you your score*

And the Training Scores are...

M- Paris Manchina : 9
1. F- Silka Odinshoot : 8

2. M-
2. F- Elana Smourt : 7

3. M- Sherwood Albus : 9
3. F- Rhine Evans : 7

4. M-
4. F-

5. M-
5. F- Piper Melinda Lexington : 6

6. M-
6. F- Goldenrod Willis: 10

7. M- Ryker Rollerstone : 7
7. F- Brit David : 8

8. M-
8. F- Daphne Charleston : 8

9. M-
9. F- Mel 'Swallow' Button : 10

10. M-
10. F- Elsa Codd : 6

11. M-
11. F- Alice Ramon : 6

12. M- Alexander Hallaway : 7
12. F- Penelope Willow : 8

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