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message 1: by Bob (last edited Feb 24, 2014 11:28PM) (new)

Bob Collopy (bobcollopy) | 4 comments Robert Edward Do you review and talk about books online? If so you can help the book community.

I am currently working on my graduating thesis for school. For my thesis I am helping mainly indie authors understand the book market. Due to all the changes with with the book world, authors are no longer sure what their readers want and solving this problem has become quite complex.

By filling out this short questionnaire you would be giving me data which would help me solve this problem, which in the end could mean better books for you!


Please help!


(Survey is anonymous btw)

You can learn more about me and the thesis at

message 2: by Harvey (new)

Harvey Click | 82 comments Your first link doesn't work for me.

message 3: by Bob (new)

Bob Collopy (bobcollopy) | 4 comments Does this link work for everyone?


message 4: by Bob (new)

Bob Collopy (bobcollopy) | 4 comments I want to thank everyone who has taken my survey.

I am really happy to see the response my survey has gotten. Almost 200 people have already taken it. With everyone's help, my thesis now has much better information and far more credible.

This has really enabled me to better the book world by helping authors better develop and promote their books in a responsible way. And i could not be doing it without all of you!

Thanks so much!!!!!!

If you haven't taken the survey, it'll remain open for a few more weeks. More people taking the survey can only make the findings better!

If you want to get a summary of my findings you can subscribe to my newsletter on my site: (I don't send out much)


Thanks again!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!

 (shan) Littlebookcove (littlebookcove) | 137 comments honestly I'm not clicking those links There's a reason they might not work.

message 6: by Bob (new)

Bob Collopy (bobcollopy) | 4 comments I fixed them.

If you like, you can type in www.philosophiesdead.com

That's the site I made for my thesis. I'm doing my thesis through Arizona State University.

I think the link didn't work because I edited the survey a bit and it got a new url. I'm using qualtrics for the survey's platform. It's very sophisticated/secure and therefore, very very finicky.

But the survey is, of course, completely voluntary! Anyone who feels uncomfortable for whatever reason should not participate.

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