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Lostinwonderland Name: Julian Misebella
Nickname: Missy
Nationality: African American
Age: 20
Birthdate: 3/13/94
Gender: female
Sexuality: lesbian
Relationship Status: single
Image: Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Personality: loves to be around girls her age and flirt with them
Mom: Andrea
Dad: Jim
sister: Alexia

She lived in Maryland her whole life.
Details about their custom: (Their favourite act, how many times they've been to the club, how regularly they attend etc)
She loves gawking at the girls flaunting their stuff and tries to get a little sexual with them at the club. Her favorite act is when the girls dance on the stripper pole. She's been going there 3 times a week. She will pay them as much as they deserve. It's mainly around 25-50 dollars.

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ΩOne Good Girl is Worth a Thousand Bitches
Name:Lamarcus Odom
Nationality:African American
Birthday:June 8th
Lamarcus is thinks very high of himself compared to others. He is easily angered but he has his reasons. He isn't happy with his life so he comes to the Nᴏɪʀ Pᴀʀᴀᴅɪsᴇ to relax his mind. He isn't sure what he wants in life anymore but he has more money following out of him. Although he has everything a man can want, he feels as if he is missing something in his life.
Lamarcus grew up in the Windy city of Chicago. He learned everthing that he knew from their mostly. He tends to go back and forth although now he has no one he loves in his left anymore since his family died from a car crash.
Their Custom:
He comes to Nᴏɪʀ Pᴀʀᴀᴅɪsᴇ very often as he the person who likes to drink off his pain.

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The Phantom (zerosummations) | 255 comments Name: Joe "Ronaldo" Madir
Nickname: Ronaldo
Nationality: English
Age: 18
Birthdate: 29/06
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Hetero
Relationship Status: Single
Personality: Laid-back, jovial, intelligent, kind. Extremely competitive, especially football, and very proud of his 'tekkers'.
Father: Isidre Ramon Madir - Pro Football Coach
Mother: Elizabeth Madir - Successful Businesswoman
History: Picked out at an early age by his heritage and skill, he currently plays semi-pro football, whilst living off his parents' riches. He earnt the nickname 'Ronaldo' because of his skill, free-kicks, and arrogant competitiveness.
Details about their custom: Comes very frequently to Noir Paradise simply to enjoy it, especially after a victorious match, especially if he scored.

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Name: Felix Castillo

Nickname: Cas, Felix

Nationality: South of France

Age: 28

Birthdate: 4/16

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Single and open.

He is your typical man when walking into this club, he loves it when the girls give him private dances and he often sleeps with the girls.
Family: He has a rich father that funds his money, his mother died when he was little.

History: His father never talks to him so, when he does see him he asks for money, Felix is one of the Richest men in LA. He spends most of his time at the club. His family originated from south of france, he is fluent in Russian, Latin, and French.

Details about their custom: His favorite act is when they dance, or give him a private one. He has been to the club at least 100 times.

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Zac ((Work in progress))

Name: James Brindley
Nationality: British
Age: 25
Birthdate: 05/21
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Personality: Charismatic, calm, cool, and clever. James knows what he wants, and enjoys having a good time.
Family: His only family is his elderly mother.
Details about their custom: James has been to the club a few times, and leaves an impression on those he meets, customers and workers, and he is a generous tipper.

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Bree ||▣|Full Name|▣|| Jay Andrew Kendrick

||▣|Age|▣|| 23
||▣|Date of Birth|▣|| April 10th 1990
|▫Place of Birth▫|Slough, Berkshire
|▫Nationality ▫| English and Irish

||▣|Gender|▣|| Male
|▫Relationship Status▫| Single


|▫Face Details▫| Square shaped jaw
|▫Body Type▫| Muscular
|▫Blood Type▫| O Negative
|▫Distinguished Markings (If any)▫|None

||▣|Personality|▣|| Andrew enjoys being in the spotlight and the center of attention because that is where he belongs. He’s very confident and arrogant about his own abilities and himself seeing as he believes that he is very good looking. And he’s also been told so by people that he meets. He enjoys playing games with the performers by making them work, and sometimes search Andrew’s person, for their money. To him, life is a game. The only person have trouble with life is that they don’t know to play it and learn how to manipulate it so it’ll work out to their liking. Andrew would tell people how to make life better for them, but then he wouldn’t have a reputation for being an intelligent man.

||▣|Backstory|▣|| Andrew grew up in the marketing business as an early childhood model for commercials. At an old enough age, he went to college where he studied abroad with several fashion companies as a model. He does every kind of spread for magazines, websites, commercials, and even porn specials. He doesn’t mind showing what he’s made of. He’s quite proud of his of his body and he lets that show. Since he is a successful model, he has quite a sufficient amount of money to spend at his fingertips. And since he travels a lot, he knows several languages besides English. It’s always amusing to him when he sees girls swoon for him when he speaks in Italian, or when he just speaks because he has an Irish accent.

Nathanial Joseph Kendrick- Father
Amelia Lillian Kendrick-Mother

His confidence
His one sided mind
His temper he gets when he doesn’t get what he wants
His shallow nature

His confidence
His wealth
His appearance
His stubborn nature

||▣|Other|▣|| Ta-da

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Name: Evan Walker
Nickname: N/A
Nationality: American
Age: 21
Birthdate: Aug 1
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: single
Image: http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photo...
Personality: he's a prankster and enjoys having a good time. He likes making people feel better about themselves and is very optimistic
Family: Mother - Mary Walker
History: He grew up going to the same school with Harper and they were best friends. He started coming to the club originally because he had a crush on her, but that disappeared, but they still stayed the best of friends.
Details about their custom: (Their favourite act, how many times they've been to the club, how regularly they attend etc) His favourite act has always been pole dancing and he attends at least twice a week, usually to check up on Harper and have a drink

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Alyssa (Naturallyblond) Obviously under Major construction. Gotta go to school soon but I'll finish her today hopefully!!
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αsнłєy~3000 мıłєs~  | 61 comments Name: Cole Johnson

Nickname: N/A

Nationality: British


Birthdate: 5/5

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship Status: Single


Personality: Cole is funny. sweet and caring. He can be a major flirt at times. He can also be a jerk if you are mean to any of his friends that are girls. He loves to fight. Cole has slight anger issues but he knows how to control them.


History: Cole never knew any of his family. He was put into a orphanage when he was a baby and got adopted a lot but the families never kept him. They always sent him back saying he was horrible. When he was 18 he left the orphanage and lived on his own.

Details about their custom: Cole comes here every day, looking for a girlfriend but never has luck. His favorite thing girls do in strip clubs are the pole dancing and lap dances.

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Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) Name: Chem Klaus Jacobson

Nickname: Klaus

Nationality: British

Age: 24

Birthdate: January 3

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship Status: Single


Personality: Chem has got the complex of someone that everyone wants to save. He can't really be considered insecure. He is as secure as he can manage but he has this way of living that makes it seem like he doesn't have any real idea to what he does and how he lives. He's always so sure with trying new things but has this innocent way of being that makes it all seem a bit childish. His ideals aren't the greatest and he has some damage from how he was raised but he tries hard to right by people. He's always willing to help people who need it but doesn't really connect well with people.

Family: All deceased

History: He was born to two workaholic parents who didn't have time for a child in their life but refused to admit how little they could care for him. Because of this he faced a great deal of neglect and was forced to raise himself on his own. He was exposed to many things that would be better suited for an older age and learned what he could on his own. He didn't grow up around people and got mixed in with the wrong crowd pretty soon after being exposed to a school system. He got into drugs and gang violence as a teen. He managed to get away and has since moved on but it left him more damaged then before. He could never really get the knack of connecting with people and sees the club as means of connection without actual connection.

Custom: He doesn't really prefer any particular act and appreciates them all. He comes on a regular basis to watch the shows. He normally comes somewhere around once a week.

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Name: Ashely Knight
Nickname: Rose, Emily. She dosent want her name to get out.
Nationality: Russian/American

Birthdate: 12/25 Christmas baby!
Gender: Female

Sexuality: Homosexual {She doesn't want people to know}
Relationship Status: Single and open to Request.


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Clothing Style:
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Carefree: She does what ever she wants when ever she wants and she will not take the responsibility of her actions.

Giggly: She laughs at everything even at the worse moments.

Flirtatious:She flirts with she ever she can get her hands on. She may even flirt just for the sake of flirting.

Partier: She loves to dance and drink and just plain out have fun.

Stephan Knight (9-10)♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


Mike Knight (2-10)♥♥


Malory Knight (3-10)♥♥♥


History: Ashley had parents that adored her. They may not have been her real parent's but the still adored her. She was the favorite child between her and her brother Stefan. She could do anything they want but, one day she slept with a boy and got pregnant. Her parents made her get an abortion because they were both famous and the press would ruin their fortune. They disowned her after that so she was on the streets.

A year or so later her mom called her with an acting job. This gave her the opportunity to reunite herself with her parents. She became an actor and threw out the years she found out she was gay. She still acts as though she liked guys to please her parents so she spends her time at Noir Paradise to keep seeing girls in privacy. Also to see her brother Stephan who works there and he keeps her secret.

Details about their custom:
Ashly attends the club as many times as she can. To her the club is her safe haven. She loves it when the girls pick her to impress. She often does not care about how much money she spends, she has nothing but money.

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Coral (counting_stars) | 171 comments Mod

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||♦||Name||♦|| Vincent Montague Mallory Rochestor
||•||Nickname||•|| Vince, Monty, Chester. ((By people who know him well.))

||♦||Age||♦|| 26
||•||Date of Birth||•|| 28th April 1989
||•||Place of Birth||•|| Oxford, England
||•||Nationality||•|| English

||♦||Gender||♦|| Male
||•||Sexuality||•|| Heterosexual
||•||Relationship Status||•|| Single


|▫Eyes▫|Grey Blue
|▫Face Details▫| Square shaped jaw, Beard Stubble, Slight Moustache. Dishevelled hair.
|▫Body Type▫| Muscular
|▫Blood Type▫| O Negative
|▫Distinguished Markings (If any)▫| Birthmark. Location: Shoulder. Shape: Miniature Claw-Marks. Colour: Light Brown.

||♦||Personality||♦|| Vincent is a civilised and slightly refined gentleman, though can sometimes be unintentionally sexist against women, most likely during one of his Drunk Phases. He is a well-known gambler, mooching off his father's fortune. He is his mother's son though, yet will often go out and do a series of drinking without her notice. He is extramly wealthy, and an exceptional poker player, preferring to go out to one of the *ahem* less well known restraunts, with his millionaire-housing drinking buddies.
He has been attending parties from a young age, some of the more refined and civilised middle class gatherings, mostly accompanied by his parents, in a business suit, but at night, the occasional slum party, where he both taught himself how to dance ballroom and how to get extremely drunk and party. Often this is when he learned how to play poker, without his parent's notice.

||♦||History||♦|| Vincent was born and raised in Oxford, England to a happily wealthy yet absent family. His parents, both high-earning lawyers, rarely had time for their children but when they did they spoiled them rotten. Vincent found himself spending a lot of time sneaking out at night and going to parties, almost all of which he proved to make an exceptional performance in. His father, a traditional man, pushed Vince into becoming a professional business man. At least until he began doing strange things. Gradually, The notice of his absences became slightly more noticed, as he began sneaking off at night, and he had to plan out his intervals more carefully, before leaving without their permission, usually to a drunken gathering, somewhere near the slums of the town, where he taught himself how to dance like a "middle-aged slum man" and party throughout the night. He met other middle class men there; most of them millionaires who were trying to hide their identities, to the other "working people", teaching Vince how to play poker convincingly and a few tricks and cheats which they had picked up over the years. They gradually began to con their customers out of their money, and drive them broke, earning themselves an extra buck or two, in the process.


Lloyd Cornelius Rochester ~ Upper Class ~ Alive.
Imogen Dolores Rochester(nee Mallory) ~ Middle Class ~ Alive.

Terrible Drunk.

Exceptional Poker-Player.
Exceptional Dancer(Ballroom, Party).


Roleplay Advances


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Approved. xD

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Tнiѕ template belongs to me, Trisscar, as does the character. All gifs belong to their respective owners, and I do now own any pictures. Quotes however are mine. Please do not steal it unless you wish to feel my wrath.

If only life could be as simple as black and white.

Archer Tigros
First Name Archer
Middle Name N/A
Last Name Tigros
Nickname Arch

Sometimes leaving is the best way to find out that you need to stay

Age 20 years old
Gender Male
Species Human
Sexuality Straight - mostly. ;)
Relationship Status Single
Languages Spoken English

In life, nothing is calm and simple

Date of Birth April 12th
Location of Birth Austin, Texas
Time of Birth 12:08
Zodiac Sign Ares
➳ Father- Carl Tigros
➳ Mother- Scarlet Tigros

First glances are misleading. I'm broken up inside

Description Archer has blond hair ands blue eyes. His skin is fair and smooth and usually ornate with a bright smile. He isn't tall for his age but isn't short either. Avergae weighted he seemes like the perfect boy. In appearence wise anyways. His soft blond hair usually flops right over his forehead as he likes it.
Eyes Blue
Hair Blond
Weight Average
Height 5'1
Style He wears t-shirts pants that sort of thing.

I'm always who you think I am, but never who you believe me to be

Personality Archer is a player. He enjoys girls although and may cheat on you. Archer treats girls right and will hook up with a girl at the strip club. However him having an actual relationship is rather rare. He has yet to meet a girl that he shows true honest to god feelings for except for his dead ex.
Archer is also quite smart. Whether or not he is willing to show it. He has a mind and he thinks often, just doesn't always voice his opinions. If needed he will tell someone good advice, depending on how good of a relationship he has with that person.

All my life I've had to make questionable choise. Looking back I realize I regret none of them.

Background/History Archer hasn't had the easiest life. He was given up at the age of six months. At his orphanage the owner was harsh. However he was especially harsh to Archer. No matter how hard Archer tried he was always displeased. Then after years Archer was finally adopted by a couple. The father, Carl was often drunk and abusive. He beat up Archer for entertainment. The wife, Scarlet was powerless. She was deathly ill and soon passed away. Carl became depressed as well as abusive. Then came the joyus day that he could leave for actual school. His first one and a half years were relatively peaceful. Then halfway through his second year, he got a letter saying that he was disowned. Archer is now trying to live his life to the very best.

I remember the first time I met you, and I died and went to heaven. Then I got to know you and died again. This time to hell

Relationship History The only good relationship that he has had has a sad ending. There was a girl who had it all. She was sweet, gentle, sassy, and she died. She died in a fight against a couple of boys.
Ex's, Crushes, Current Relationships Lydia-dead ex ♡♥

My hobbies were never meant for you or anyone else

❦ Rain
❦ His friends
❦ Animals
❦ Chocolate
✩ Bullies
✩ Pain
✩ Pink
✩ His foster father

Wherever there is light, darkness is ready to take over.

✎ Listening
✎ Obeying
✎ Helping
✎ Standing up

☃ Not able to communicate feelings
☃ Staying alone
☃ Inability to love
☃ Feeling unloved
☯ Chocolate
☯ Blue
☯ Reading
☯ Rain

If I'm a jerk that means I like you...maybe.


♘ N/A

Mode of Transportation
☛ N/A


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Oh wait no shoot I got confused. I meant to put down a different age. Opps. El oh el.

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 (trisscar) (trisscar_rose) | 3 comments deleted user wrote: "♡

Tнiѕ template belongs to me, Trisscar, as does the character. All gifs belong to their respective owners, and I do now own any pictures. Quotes however are mine. Please do not steal it unl..."

By the way Archer is supposed to be Brant Daugherty

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