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Tнiѕ template belongs to me, Trisscar, as does the character. All gifs belong to their respective owners, and I do now own any pictures. Quotes however are mine. If the quotes have been used my another person, please tell me so that I can edit. I was not aware then. Please do not steal it unless you wish to feel my wrath.

Trusting means caring. Caring means loving and loving means that I put you in danger

Alia Brianna Hastings
First Name Alia
Middle Name Brianna
Last Name Hastings
Nickname Ali, Bri

You're not mentally insane you're just...different♪

Age 17 years old
Gender Female
Species Human
Sexuality Pansexual
Relationship Status Single
Languages Spoken English, self-taught Burmese, learning Chinese.

They say nothing is impossible, but they've never experienced this

Date of Birth August 12th
Location of Birth Los Angles
Time of Birth 4:56
Zodiac Sign Leo
➳Father-Jacob Hastings
➳Mother-Crystal Hastings
➳Brother-Cole Hastings

Don't let my flawless look fool you. I'm a bitch

Eyes Hazel
Hair Brown and wavy
Weight Average
Height 5'8
Style She wears skinny jeans, shorts, shirts, dresses and skirts. Really there is no limit to what she will wear. On contrast to how most girls only wear bright colors she wears a mix. Some days she can be dressed in all black other days in bright yellow. She is usually wearing sandals or flip flops only because she finds heels too fancy and sneakers to not be...her. She will wear boots but not usually.

I honestly don't know if I can forgive you for this

Personality Alia is very mixed and different. She is a jigsaw puzzle that never quite seems to fit. Her different traits somehow flow within her. One of her traits would probably be persistent. Alia is determined. She doesn't stop until she gets what she wants. If she seems nosy its usually because she wants to find out what she can. Sometimes its because of her curiosity, other times its because she genuinely cares. Once she finds out what she wants she will stop and chill. No matter what she does she puts her time and dedication in it.

She is also very awkward and closed in. She doesn't open up to the first person she meets. For her, you need to get to know the person. She sometimes doesn't even tell her closest friends everything. Even though it may seem that she opens up she doesn't. Small 'secrets' like who she likes she is less hesitant to tell. However you can trust her with anything and she won't tell anyone. Even if it involved murder. She has her awkward moments. Alia is a human so there are times that she could be a hot mess or a giggly mess. She is a nerd at heart, and sometimes she goes off rambling about random facts no one needs to know. She has her fun times where she puts on weird clothes, talks different and acts the exact opposite of her true self.

I just like being me. Even is me is a complete out of control psychopath

❦Her friends
✩Too much sunlight
✩Perky girls
✩Being interrupted

When you wake up surrounded in a pool of blood know that I send my love bitch

Background/History Alia was often hurt and abused as a child. Her father was often drunk and abusive. He stopped at nothing to make Alia and her mother's life a living hell. Her mother and her were living in constant fear. At the age of eleven Alia discovered that her father was cheating on her mother with some other women. Alia was torn and hurt very much. She would have told her mother except her father threatened her. So she kept quiet and over the next few months she began noticing things and began changing. She began seeing how often her father left, usually completely fine and would later return a little winded up. Not because of the drugs, she realized because he was spending the night hooking up with some other person. Alia began changing over the next few months becoming more quiet. She soon was saying nothing around her home unless she was spoken to. Alia kept in touch with her friends since they became her adopted family. They told her everything and in return she kept their trust and told them a few things about herself. Her home became something she dreaded going to and did everything to keep herself away from it. That pattern continued for a couple of years until finally her mother began to stand up for herself. Over the next year when she was around fifteen, her mother became stronger and somehow pulled the family together. Her father on the other hand didn't change at all. Then one night her mother and father called a truce and agreed to divorce. The next month they were officially broken up. Alia continued to live with her mother and as for her father he continued to be with the other women. She hasn't seen him for a few years now.

No matter how hard I try I can't stay away from you

Relationship Past Alia has somehow managed to have a boyfriend before. She dated a guy named Mason, and he seemed like the perfect boyfriend. He took her out, treated her nicely and everything. A year into the relationship she found him with another girl and was heartbroken. She broke up right then and there and that was the last of it. To her back then, and still all guys area heartbreaking cheaters and she swore to never love another.
Ex's, crushes Mason-Ex

You actually thought that I wasn't going to kill you?

✎Being herself

☃Not opening up

☯People who are real

Life is a deranged, scary place



Mode of Transportation

Her work
☮She is a singer and honestly its just for the love of it. She has been doing it for about a year now and thoroughly enjoys it.

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✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) Name: Alexandra Udinov
Alias: Alex (no last name)

Nationality: Russian. She barely speaks English around others, but when she does, she shows no signs of being Russian.

Age: 21

Birthdate: December 31st

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual (Straight)

Relationship Status: Open


Height: 5'0
Weight: 103 lbs
Build: Skinny and Short, has some serious muscle though but it isn't all that noticeable
Complexion: Tan
Eye Color: Light blue with a darker blue outer rim. Gold flecks dotted in the blue area.



Flirty: Alex is insanely flirty. She usually flirts a lot, but when someone in the room likes someone more than her: she will rack up the sedecution until they're wrapped around her little finger.

Short Tempered: Alex has a rather short fuse. Never, ever, will she give people the time of day. If she doesn't get the answer she wants... you better pray to god she doesn't take her anger out on you.

Observative: Alex is an observer: taking up details and information others don't seem to be able to notice.

Dangerous: Alex is a weapon. You don't want to be on her bad side. It will turn out badly for you. She used to be known for her ruthelesness, so don't ever expect her to show mercy. She knows how to use every weapon ever invented, and has perfected her usage of most of them. Another thing she is skilled at is knowing all types of hand fighting.

Sassy: Alex in her exact words- "I get it. I'm a bitch. I'm also sexy as hell". She is in fact, the bitchiest bitch you'll ever meet. Possibly the most sassy and rude person on the face of this planet.

Un-trusting: Alex never trusts anyone. One of her famous mottos is "Trust is earned. Not given". These are the words she lives by: only trust those who deserve it. Alex is always suspicous of everyone: she will remain like that until they give her a reason not to be suspiscous.

Sensitive: Alex is exactly what she tries not to be: emotional. Although she never shows it, she is deeply broken on the inside from her past. Many times you will see her biting her lip: something that she does to keep herself from breaking down.

- Nikolai- Father - Deceased
- Katara- Mother - Deceased
- Desiree- Adopted Sister - Alive
- Jason- Adoptive Brother - Unknown
- Tony- Step Father/Adopted Father - Unknown
- Nikita- Adopted Mother - Alive

Alex is the daughter of the late Russian mob boss, Nikolai Udinov. He was the owner of a billion-dollar oil company, whom Alex was the only heir to. He was also a man of great power, considering he was the head of a gang of around 250 members.
At a young Age Alex's parents were murdered. They were shot down by government soldiers and as a result, she was sold into sex slavery at very young age by her father's former friend, since he was afraid of retribution for hiding her.

To keep her from fighting against them, the slavers kept Alex with them by keeping her high and eventually forcing her to become a drug addict. For a few years, she had no choice but to stay with them to get her next fix.
Nikita later found and rescued her, as she tried years before, and forces her to become clean, but much to Alex's irritation.
Alex brings this up once to Desiree, saying that the slavers "had the decency to keep her high" as they held her captive, comparing this to many other things she was put through.
After Nikita succeeds in helping Alex past the worst part of her addiction, she starts to train her both mentally and physically to be fit to get revenge on the government agency that killed her family. Ever since her training Alex has lost contact with all her family except for Desiree and Nikita.

She was illegally smuggled into America on a shipping container with a load of other young females who were also 'working' for the sex slavers.

Details about their act: Has a Dancing(Pole or other kinds)/Stripping Solo twice a night. She has been going this for 1 month now, but she is rather good. In her free time she sings... and does other stuff....

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- I apologize, I don't have any fancy templates and can't embed to save my life!! >_<

Name: Harper Ellen
Nickname: Harp; Elle
Nationality: British
Age: 20
Birthdate :Oct 31
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Image: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Z7tMb-YxUF8...

Personality: When on stage, she keeps her real self hidden. On stage, she is bubbly and ditzy, as well as a huge flirt. But when she's not putting on an act, she's completely different. She is caring and compassionate. She's a writer who hopes to make it big one day
Family: younger sister named Melody. Parents are both dead.
History: Her parents died in a car crash when she was 18 and Melody was 7. She found a job at Nior Paradise so she could support Melody through school.
Details about their act: (what they do, how long they've been doing it, who they do it with etc.) She sings and dances, as well as pole dances. She'll do private lap dances for extra cash

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Name:Allison Moreno
Nickname: Ally
Nationality: British

Age: 25
Birthdate: 9/11/1989
Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single and open

Not working


(view spoiler)

Ally has been on her own for quite sometime, she knows what to say when to say it and how to defend her self. She is Vindictive if you pick a fight with her and can be your best friend when she hated your guts.

Family is based (1-10) scale of love from Ally.
~ Alistair Monero [Father] 5
~ Fiona Monero [Mother] 2
~ Oliva Monero [Sister] 9

Ally got into trouble all her life, in highschool she was known as the town whore. She stripped for guys and did all sorts of things to get her money. Her mother and father disowned her but her sister always stuck by here. Ally moved to LA and for a year worked at a strip club but that didn't last long so she was out on the streets again she found this place she calls home and makes a name for herself.

Ally does her act for anyone who pay's enough. She can do anything the customer wants. She has been known to go home with a few guys.

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Coral (counting_stars) | 171 comments Mod
Name: Adelaide Taryn Taylor
Nickname: Lai or Adi
Nationality: American

Age: 22
Birthdate: April 7th

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single and open


(view spoiler)


↬Although it is rare to see Adelaide's natural smile, she is capable of displaying fondness and attaching herself to others. She is a passionate person, she just masks her passion so others mistake it for diverse negative feelings. Even though she isn't the most sympathetic person, she can show compassion for others. Sometimes. Lai is also capable of being humorous when being affectionate, and has been known to give out hugs. Again, this is extremely rare and you should feel honored if you have the opportunity to have this privilege.

↬Lai will use her body to her advantage, to get whatever she wants. She lures people in, using them to how she sees best fit deceptively. Her natural like for all kinds of sexual activity helps her through her career as a performer. She won't hesitate to strut her stuff, taunting others until she is satisfied. Lai enjoys filling others sexual desires, it's what makes her such a great performer.

↬Adi is considered 'petty' because she is a person who worries too much or fusses too much or is overly concerned with small, unimportant details. She is a person who is 'nit-picky' and gets easily angered, offended, or annoyed over inconsequential things. In other words, she is someone who makes 'much ado about nothing'. Watch your back, because she is not someone you want to make enemies with.

↬Lai never gives up. Ever. Despite the obstacles, discouragement, and all odds, she perseveres through it all. She always gets what she wants, and doesn't settle for less. Well, almost always with only one exception. She is unreasonably determined to prevail in all situations, and will be upset if things don't go her way. Adi is well aware this isn't a perfect world however, and that is what she is afraid of. But she never gives up, no matter what. And isn't that what matters?

↬Adi is more daring than graceful and, at times, can act before she thinks. She longs to reconnect with her sister, as they were close during their childhood. Armed with only her fearlessness, a never-give-up attitude and her faith in others, Adi is determined. Unlike her older sister, she is very eccentric, awkward and far from elegant. She usually acts before she speaks, and can be rather impulsive, but holds a lot of innocence to her, nonetheless. She is a free spirit. In addition, Adelaide won't hesitate to try new things, or be the first to do something, to be a guinea pig. She never backs down from a challenge.

Father: Kaden Taylor; 48; Doctor

Mother: Irene Taylor; 46; Doctor

Sister: Sage Taylor; 26; Teacher

[Before Birth]
Irene and Kaden met on Irene's first day of her new job. They immediately took a liking to each other, and began to spend time with each other before and after work. It started with dinner dates, and they kept their growing interest in one another a secret. The dinner dates soon turned to long nights, and before they knew it, Irene was pregnant with Sage. This was when they decided to tell the remainder of their relatives about their new found love, and about the baby. After Sage was born, Irene and Kaden were married on the spot. A couple years later, they debated on whether or not to have another child, and made the choice to try for another one.
[Early Childhood]
During this period of time, Adelaide and her older sister were incredibly close. Adi jumped at the opportunity to spend time with her sister, whom she viewed as a role model and kept dearly close to her heart. The memories she collected during these moments, she will cherish forever. Her parents loved the two girls very much, caring for them and supporting them in every way possible. However, their parents weren't one to pick them up after they fell on the street, and slap on a band-aid. They were more so the type to tell their children to accept what was given to them, leaving them to learn through these experiences.
[Pre-Teen Years]
Adi is also a pure romantic, dreaming of romance from the time she was in early childhood. There can also be a little naivety to her, as she believes in marrying someone immediately if the heart tells you so, despite knowing them for merely a day. And though naive occasionally, Adi is far from weak, and is shown to be quite skilled in defense. Though she values romance greatly, it's clear Adi's most valued treasure is her relationship with her sister. Since childhood, Adi's been attached to her older sister, and always leaped at the opportunity to spend time with her. As the years passed, and the sisters grew apart, the heartbroken Adi continued to try time and time again for some quality time with the one she loved most.
[Teen Years]
As Adelaide developed into a woman, several boys started taking a liking to her. But then, she met a boy she believed was the one. Darren. It had just been another day at the beach, and Adi was lounging outside. Darren approached her, using his charming smile to immediately woo her. Adi fell for him, and she fell for him fast and hard. They saw each other secretly, spending late nights outside together. Little did she know he would be the one to hurt her so badly. She found him, making out with another girl. Adi had just been one of the several girls he used for fun. One of the several girls he took turns seeing every other night. Heart broken, she vowed never to let her naivety get the better of her again.
After having her heart ripped out by Darren, Adelaide changed her life around completely. She became horrible to her family and friends, isolating herself completely. That was when she wandered upon Noir Paradise, a place she belonged. Here she could be herself, and do what she desired to her heart's content. She formed herself into a confident woman, setting herself up nicely at Noir Paradise. Here she remains to this day, filling the occupation she had always secretly wished for. The family she had left grew to despise her, but Lai remained proud in what she does. Her parents and sister were, and still are incredibly disappointed in who she has become. Lai chooses to shut them out and focus on herself and Noir Paradise.

Details: Lai performs as a stripper, a pole dancer, and has been known to give lap dances as well. She has also been known to go home with a few guys for extra cash. She has been at Noir Paradise for two years.

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awkward potato This Template is brought to you by →ܫ←αωкωαr∂ ρστατσ {gryƒƒiท∂σr нσυsє}.
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Part ①

⟳Cassidy Elena McGregor⟲

↬/kass/eh/dee/The name Cassidy is the transferred use of an Irish surname originating from on old Gaelic personal name. Ó Caiside (meaning son of Caiside) comes from the Gaelic element “cas” meaning ‘curly hair’ which would have been used as a nickname. The clan O'Cassidy were physicians to the kings of Ulster (Northern Ireland) from the 14th to the 17th centuries. The O’Cassidy’s were known for their high level of education, their literary prowess and their general cleverness. Cassidy could have also developed as an expanded form of the female nickname Cass, a pet form used for Cassandra dating back to the Middle Ages.

↬ /eh/lay/nah/The name Elena is the Italian and Spanish version of the name Helen which originated from the Greek Hēlēnē, the name of the famous beauty of the Trojan War story in Greek mythology. There are two possible etymologies for this name. One, it’s a form of “hēlios” which is the Greek word for ‘sun’ so Helen is thought to mean ‘ray or sunbeam.’ Secondly, it could be the Greek word for “Greek” (Hellēn) but this is not widely held. Given the legendary beauty of Helen of Troy (the face that could launch a thousand ships), a sunbeam or ray of light seems much more fitting. (For more information, see the name Helen.) In any case, this ancient name of Greek origin produced many variations throughout Europe such as Helen, Hélѐne, Ellen, Elaine, Eleanor, Ella and even Nell. Elena just so happens to be the Italian and Spanish form of Helen.

↬/mick/gray/ger/This notable Scottish surname is an Anglicized form of the Old Gaelic "Mac Greigair". The Gaelic prefix "Mac" denotes "son of", and the personal name Griogan or Gregory comes from the ancient Greek (200 B.C.) "Gregorios", a derivative of "gregorian", to be awake or watchful. This name was borne by two 4th century fathers of the Orthodox Church, St. Gregory Nazianzene, and St. Gregory of Nyssa, but it was St. Gregory the Great, first Pope of the name, who spread its popularity in Western Europe.

Everyone calls her Kitty, or Cat.

Real Age: 22 years
Apparent Age:

Date of Birth: March 30
Zodiac Sign: Aries (view spoiler)
Zodiac Animal: The Ram (view spoiler)
Birth Stone(s): Aquamarine (view spoiler)
Birth Flower: Honeysuckle(view spoiler)

Place of Birth: Sacramento, California
Nationality: She comes from all European Descendants, and is mostly French, with traces of Dutch, and Slavic
Species: Human, Homo Sapiens Sapiens

Gender: Female
↬Derived from the xx chromosome

Sexuality: Bisexual
↬Bisexuality is romantic attraction, sexual attraction or sexual behavior toward both males and females.
Relationship Status: Single, though she is a butterfly with her relationships, flitting from flower to flower

Occupation: She is an "Entertainer"
↬ Cat is a stripper, pole dancer, and lap dancer, and enjoys her job. She has only been at Noir for 2 1/2 years, but has worked in the industry for 4


Face Claim: Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Physical Details:
↬Hair: Long honey colored locks that fall in waves past her shoulders
↬Eyes: Clear blue eyes that become darker when turned on or mad
↬Height: Taller than average, standing at 5'9"
↬Weight: She is a healthy weight of 121 pounds
↬Blood Type: O+
↬Scent: She smells sweet and alluring, and often like nights full of sugary kisses
↬Voice: She has a soft, seductive voice that fall in the contralto range

Distinguishing Markings:
↬ Both her ears are pierced, though only the right one is as decorative (view spoiler)
↬ Her belly button is pierced (view spoiler)
↬ She has two hearts tattooed around her nipples (view spoiler)


Continuation Below

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awkward potato This Template is brought to you by →ܫ←αωкωαr∂ ρστατσ {gryƒƒiท∂σr нσυsє}.
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Part ②


↬ Persuasive, Seductive, Observant, Emotional, Honest

Cat is the kind of girl that can make guys--and girls--her minions with just one look. She has a very attractive body and aura that people can barely stand to be away from. She is also a big talker with her eyes, which always seem to scream "Take me. Oh, pretty please, take me." Cat is also observant, and can pick out the best people in the audience--the customers that would be willing to pay top dollar for just a small peek of her nipple. She isn't greedy, but hey, a girls gotta live too. But, besides being an intelligent seductress, she is easily ruled by her emotions, and has tendencies to cry, or to get very angry at times for seemingly no reason. She is also an honest person, one who couldn't bear to utter a lie even to save her skin. Overall, she is a love em' and leave em' kind of girl with a hidden side that cries herself to sleep at night. A side that no-one knows about.

✔Sex--she loves doing it, discussing it, and fantasizing about it.
✔Cats--she has always just been a cat person
✔Dancing, and not just around the pole either. She loves all types of dance, and even does ballet
✔Sweet Treats--ice cream, chocolate syrup, and whip-cream make tasty desserts ;)
✔People that compliment her--she's a sucker for flattering

✘Rude drunkards that often find their way into Noir.
✘Coffee, tea, juice--basically anything that isn't alcohol or water
✘Her family (explained in history)
✘Cold weather--she loves showing her body off, and when it reaches 59 and lower...
✘People that view performers such as herself as slabs of meat, and "dirty"

⁍Atychiphobia The fear of failure
⁍Coulrophobia The fear of clowns
⁍Arachnophobia The fear of spiders

as told in the character's point of view

[Before Birth]

"We love each other!" They said. "We shall see." Said He.

My parents used to always tell me about themselves. How they were madly in love the moment they met... but then, as the years wound on, that fire diminished, leaving them both not sure of the other. They said they met at a bar in Sacramento. Ellie, my mother, was 26, fresh out of law school, and didn't have a clue what to do with herself. She'd always been pretty, but my dad said that, at that moment, she looked like an angel. This is where my mother would blush, and say my father, Brian, was even more so. He was tall and lean--and still is--and had an air of "untouchable-ness" chimed mom. She said that their eyes met, and it was over. It didn't take them long to do something totally reckless. They put all their money together, and drove to Vegas, where they got married that night. A couple of cheap beers later, and the lack of protection, and I was starting, a tiny thing to soon be a person. They discovered me in there roughly two months later. They had moved back to Sacramento, but the fire was already starting to spark out. Brian was happy, Ellie was scared, and I was there. Nine moths of arguing, and screaming matches, and then I was born, a butterfly free of it's cocoon.

[Early Childhood]

"I dreamt of things beyond my control."

I was a merciful baby, making my mother only go through 30 minutes of harsh labor pain, but the emotional pain I would cause through the years couldn't even compare. But at that moment, I was a jewel, the apple of their eye. My mother sobbed as she held me in her arms, and my father smiled, a tear or two sparkling in his eyes. I was possibly the thing that could bring them back together. And I think they were hoping for such a thing as well. For the first 6 years, we were a big and happy family. I was a spunky and smiley little thing, constantly playing make-believe, and making my Barbie's start a family like mine. School was a rough start, though. I started late, and my parents began arguing. It wasn't horrible, but it was enough to make me cover my ears at night, and turn my radio on to sleep. For the next couple of years, it was mostly the same, and as I grew, I found myself dreaming for how it used to be.

Continuation Below

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awkward potato This Template is brought to you by →ܫ←αωкωαr∂ ρστατσ {gryƒƒiท∂σr нσυsє}.
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Part ③


[Pre-Teen Years]

"And then I learned what 'baby making' meant."

I went into middle school with my head held high, and nerves fluttering in my belly. I had gone to a private school through out elementary, but this would be my first time in Public Schools. I had no idea what I was getting into. The girls wore impossibly tight clothes, and the guys had greedy looks in their eyes. I was average, and still looked like a Kindergartner compared to them with my curly pigtails and conservative skirts. I was also dubbed "nerd" and "prude", and no-one wanted to be my friend. That was, until 7th grade. I puberty by the time I was 12, and soon my boobs made my shirt tight, and I had curves that had never been there before. I made some friends then. Girls crowded around me, and often talked and giggled about thing I had no clue of. They were shocked when I told them I had no idea what they were talking about. And then I learned what sex was, and what a penis was, and what my own lady part was called. I had been in the dark so long! And then they shared with me something I will never forget--guys only want sex. Being naïve, and quite frankly, dim-witted, I shared my discoveries with my parents. They yelled at me, and told me that I was a dirty whore who had no business knowing such things. They said it was my fault they argued. They said I was a disgrace. I ran to my room, sobbing, and that night my mom came in an apologized. But later life, she would regret it.
[Teen Years]

"They refused to love me anymore."

By the time I turned 13, I already looked like a woman. I stood at 5'7", and had a solid C cup breasts, and curves most women didn't achieve. Guys often made sexist comments on my body, and even prodded and pinched at times. It wasn't until I was 15 that Daniella, my friend from 7th grade, gave me the idea of selling my body for cash. "C'mon girl, you're sexy enough, and I know some bastards that would pay top dollar." And so, like the greedy, horny teenager I was, I eagerly agreed. I sold nude pics of myself without my parents knowing, and was making easily 300 dollars a week. But my fun would only last so long. I was 17 when my dad bought my picture. He was livid and angry, and that was the first time I was backhanded. I was left crying, and broken, and with an angry purple bruise on my cheek. He left that night, and I haven't seen him since. My mother blamed me for his leaving, and then tossed me out on the streets. I became a classic hooker, but I couldn't help that I loved it. I sold my body, and soon, my innocence was no more. But still I couldn't get enough. I was addicted.

"I choose this. And I love it."

I was 18 before long, and it was easy to weasel my way into strip clubs, and I was a pretty big hit. I earned money quickly, and I loved every second that I was on the floor. I moved to Los Angeles when I hit 21, and partied once I entered this sparkling city. I was living the dream, and then I found Noir Paradise. It was my home the moment I entered, and I have worked there ever since, my bestie Daniella by my side.


The Family:
Father: Brian McGregor; 40; Unknown
Mother: Ellie Lyon; 39; Unknown

The Friends/Lovers
So many lovers, but none that were "hers". Her best friend is Daniella Monroe.

The Enemies

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|▣|{First Name}|▣| Teigan
|▣|{Middle Name}|▣| Sadie
|▣|{Last Name}|▣| Everett
|▣|{Nickname}|▣| N/A

|♕|{Age}|♕| Twenty Years Young
|♕|{Birth date}|♕| July Seventh
|♕|{Birth place}|♕| New York City

|♛|{Gender}|♛| Female ♀
|♛|{Nationality}|♛| English

|☯|{Sexuality}|☯| Heterosexual
|☯|{Relationship Status}|☯| Single

|▫[Hair]▫| Light Brown
|▫[Eyes]▫| Deep Brown
|▫[Weight]▫| 113Lb
|▫[Height]▫| 5'6"
o Ears Pierced
o A Tattoo of a sun on her lower back
o A Tattoo that say 'Try me..' on the base of her neck

Teigan is a vary sweet and kind girl, she has vary few enemies. Most people think she is vary different, since she is strong and yet, she is not. She is vary smart, she got straight A's in all of her classes when she was in school. She is vary strong, she never lets people see her cry, she feels like it shows weakness. She always tries to get what she wants, or something close to it. She loves to laugh and have fun with anyone around her. She likes to tell jokes and be funny a lot. Many people think she is too childish, but she doesn't care about that. She doesn't let people's opinions bring her down. She is a vary helping person, she helps people so many times, yet she doesn't like people helping her.
↪ Laughing
↪ Working
↪ Rain
↪ Helping people
↪ Yelling
↪ Crying
↪ Getting help
↪ Sickness

|♜|{History}|♜| Teigan was born on a rainy day in July. Her mother and father were both young, her father was in the army. Her mother was nineteen and her father was twenty. They were high school sweethearts, and they got married right after they were both done with high school. Teigan was unexpected, her parents were not ready to have her. They lived in a vary small apartment, it was a nice and cozy little apartment.

Growing up in New York was hard for Teigan. She was only one when her mother put her in daycare. The kids in daycare didn't like her, and the daycare was not a good one. Her father was still in the army, he would only come home every few months, it was stressful for her mother and her. She grew up in New York her whole life. When she was fifteen, her father was announced killed in action. At this point, she had a little brother. Her mother had a breakdown and killed herself, she and her brother went to live with her aunt.

Now she goes along with her life, trying her best to keep her brother with her and alive. She lives in an apartment with him, and they both work at Nᴏɪʀ Pᴀʀᴀᴅɪsᴇ. She has a picture of her father in her dressing room, she wants to go into the army, like her father. She wants to wait until her brother moves out and gets married before she goes into the army. She is making just enough money to feed herself and her brother, so she is happy with her job.
~Father~William James Everett~would be 40~
~Mother~Sadie Jane Everett~would be 39~

~Brother~Asher William Everett~18~

|♜|{Details about their job}|♜| Teigan is a stripper/dancer. She is always working when she can. She does a lot of group dances and works on the pole, she also gives out lap dances to only a few men that tip well.

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✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) This Template is brought to you by →ܫ←αωкωαr∂ ρστατσ {gryƒƒiท∂σr нσυsє}.
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Part ①

⟳Alysia Jamille Veronica Kaslow ⟲

Alysia: Meaning ‘unfading’ or ‘constant’. People with the name are often very captivating and usually have all the attention whether they want it or not. The name is originally from Greece, but has adapted and can be found in Italy. Pronounced: Al-ee-she-uh
Jamille : The name Jamille is an Arabic baby name. In Arabic the meaning of the name is Beautiful. In Alysia’s case, this is true. People with this name are competent, practical, and often obtain great power and wealth. They tend to be successful in business and commercial affairs, and are able to achieve great material dreams. Because they often focus so strongly on business and achievement, they may neglect their private lives and relationships. Pronounced: Jam-ill
Veronica: Meaning ‘unknown’. Many a times people with this name are looking for safety and attention.

Nicknames Here: Ally, Very, mainly goes by her name ‘Jamille’
Stage Name: The Empress

Real Age: 17
Apparent Age: 21. She’s pretending to be much older than she really is in order to get the job and money.

Date of Birth: November 1st
Zodiac Sign: (view spoiler)
Zodiac Animal: (view spoiler)
Birth Stone(s): (view spoiler)
Birth Flower: (view spoiler)

Place of Birth: Italy- no exact city, she doesn’t know.
Ethnicity: Italian/American

Gender: Female
↬Derived from the xx/xy chromosome

Sexuality: Heterosexual though she seems to be interested in women as well as men
Relationship Status: Single (available for requests)

Occupation: Stripper/ Lap Dancer/ Prostitute/Aspiring Model and Singer
Details: For her everyday job at Noir Paradise, Alysia tends to stick to stripping and lap dances since they pay the most. In desperate times she will sell herself for many though that rarely happens. In whatever free time she has, Alysia dreams and works on becoming a famous model, and she loves to sing.

Face Claim: Danielle Mansutti

Physical Details:
Hair: A dark brown almost black color that’s for the most part, very straight. She sometimes curls it but only rarely does that since it’s bad for her hair.

Height: 5’o
Weight: 100 lbs
Blood Type: AB -
Scent: She smells of coconut.
Voice: Soft and sweet. She has a gentle voice that has a slight scratch to it.
Skin: Alysia has tan skin that’s moisturized everyday day, multiple times a day so she has super soft skin. Her hands show no signs of any work and her skin is literally softer than silk.

Distinguishing Markings:



[image error]

[image error]

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Part ②


List of Traits:
Caring: Alysia is very caring although she may not show it. She hates people getting hurt and always wants to keep her loved ones close and help them
Rude: Alysia can be a bit… bitchy. In many cases she will just speak before thinking which results in her getting into a verbal (sometimes physical) fights with others. Because of this trait she is almost impossible to talk too.
Shy: Although this is one trait she covers up with confidence, Alysia is insanely shy. She is very self-conscious and hates talking to strangers which is why she can a bit of a stick in the mud when it comes to dancing and customers.
Flirtatious: Flirt should be her middle name. There is never a time when Alysia is not trying to get into other peoples pants: however she does it all for show. If she could have her way, she would be working as a waitress or a famous singer.
Unpredictabe: Alysia can go from complimenting you to dissing you very quickly. She has a wild side to her which makes it very hard to understand what she’s about to do. This lands her in trouble quite often.
Depressed: Alysia is very sad. She pretty much hates herself in every way possible: thinks her body isn’t pretty, hates her weight, doesn’t like her attitude, and hates being alone. She has scars all along her ribs since the cuts aren’t noticeable so people won’t be able to see them while she’s ‘working’.
Gaurded: Alysia has put up an emotional wall around herself that keeps herself in and people out. She never lets herself get attached to anyone in fear of losing them or being hurt. It will be rather easy to know if she has gotten attached to you though.

✔ Singing
✔ Dancing
✔ Arts
✔ Her family- although rarely any of them love her back or know about her
✔ Music- it’s pretty much her life line
✔ Being alone- Alysia cherishes her alone time and would prefer being alone over being with people

✘ Crowds of people- more than 2 people
✘ Small spaces- claustrophobic
✘ The Dark
✘ Men in general
✘ Little babies
✘ Jerks

⁍ The dark
⁍ Small Spaces
⁍ The Word mama- bad memories are aqainted with any word resembling ‘mom’

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Part ③


[Before Birth]

↬ Alysia was born on a cold November night at 12: 30 in the morning. She was a small child weighing in at only 4 lbs. She had 5 other siblings, many of which were adopted from the streets. Her parents were un able to say no, so they ended up with many children. Unlike the other children, Alysia was the only blood relative to the parents.

[Early Childhood]

↬ When Alysia was around the ages of 2-5 she was constantly happy. Her family was amazing, and she was always the star of the house. All of her siblings were her friends, and she went to a great school. Alysia made a best friend named Kenza who she would invite over every day after school. Her parents eventually wound up taking caring of Kenza when his parents disowned him: this only brought the two kids closer.

[Pre-Teen Years]

↬ This was the beginning of all the troubles for Alysia. Her parents died in a bad crash as a cruel 10th birthday gift. Her parents had been racing to get home to surprise Alysia and had hit a patch of ice, skidding off the road and flipping into a river. This was the start of Alysia’s issues. At the age of 11 she was already bullying her elder siblings, and she wouldn’t stay in school. She eventually dropped out a month into her 11th year being alive. Her 3 older siblings had unstable jobs so food was not always on the table. As a result of their poverty, they agreed to give up Alysia to an orphanage claiming ‘it was for the best’.
This was when she got in drugs and alcohol. She would ditch the orphanage and roam the streets, finding dealers and smoking random shit. She became an addict and ran away from the orphanage at the age of 13.

[Teen Years]

↬ When Alysia was 14, her 2 older siblings ran into her on the street. IT was a happy reunion and they quickly agreed to let Alysia return and live with them along with the youngest sibling of the family. This was great in the beginning before they fell back into bad poverty. However, Alysia refused to go anywhere this time. Everytime she left the house her siblings would move her shit out of the house, only to have her eventually give up on having personal belongings. On the day of April 13th, on a surprisingly cold and rainy Friday. Kenza was killed herself. Alysia found his body on the kitchen floor of his apartment he had bought only a month earlier. This almost tore Alysia’s heart out: her best friend and lover had died and all she had was her 2 siblings who just wanted her gone. Her parents were dead, having died on her birthday. Alysia quickly became an addict of sex and alcohol, using this to get rid of her emotions and feelings. She ran away at the age of 16 and found Noir Paradise on her 17th birthday. Although she has sex often, she has never kissed another person or let them kiss her on the lips.

Favorite Memory:
We’ll always be friends… right?
“Of course silly. Me and you. Best friends forever

Alysia’s best memory is of her and her best friend Kenza before he died. They had been playing on the swings in front of their school, having a conversation about it which color was the best until it turned into an argument. Alysia has started crying and fell off the swing, only to find herself being comforted by Kenza. Their they promised to be best friends forever, and in honor of that promise, Alysia wears a ring around her ring finger that she and Kenza had gotten that day. She never takes it off and also has a tattoo of Kenza’s name on the inside of her middle finger.

Another memory is of her first kiss, which also happened to be with Kenza. Alysia had been 14 at the time and Kenza was 15. They had been walking down Cape Cod beach, when Kenza suddenly scooped her into his arms and kissed her. The feeling of overwhelming happiness was a feeling she always wanted to remember: though she never felt it again. Ever since their last and first kiss, she has never kissed or let anyone kiss her on the lips claiming that they belonged to Kenza.


The Family:
↬Father: Jarred;38; Deceased ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
↬Mother: Sheila;35; Deceased♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
↬Sister: Jenna;20; Banker♥♥♥♥♥♥
↬ Sister: Jayne; 15;Unemplyed♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
↬Brother: David;24; Lawyer♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
↬Grandmother: Sharron; 85; Unemployed♥♥♥♥
↬Grandfather: Sheldon; 92; Deaceased♥

The Friends:
Her older siblings

The Enemies:
↬ Many people in broad
↬ Herself
↬ The orphanage she stayed at

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Name: Élisabeth Gagné
Nickname: Elle
Nationality: From France she's in america illegally.

Age: 22
Birthdate: 7/18

Sexuality: Biosexual
Relationship Status: Single and open.


(view spoiler)

Elle is a really bubbly and ditsy girl. Half the time she doesn't know whats going on mostly due to her language, she can still say a few English words that she picked up from the girls at the club.

Mother- ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ (7-10)

Marie Gagné: Alive
Father- ♥♥♥ (3-10)

Anthony Gagné: Diseased
Brother- ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ (9-10)

Paul Gagné: Alive

History: When Elle was 21 she walked in on her mother and father fighting it was nothing knew till she heard him slap her,

It didn't stop there. She heard repeated punches and smacks till she decided to come out from behind the corner and defend her mother. She pushed him and he fell backwards and hit his head on the corner of counter table. He died instantly, she's been on the run ever sense. She Ran all the way to La with her brother Paul. Every now and then the get a call from their mother but they can't unless they want to get caught. She got a job a Noir Paradise to cover her tracks and make money.

Details about their act: Have the time when she is on stage she doesn't know what she is doing. One of the few words she knows are,"You. Dance. Sex. Money." All that get her everywhere in Noir. She speaks french to the customers and giggles every now and then.

Other: Her brother knows english and often hangs out at the club.

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Coral (counting_stars) | 171 comments Mod
Name: Jillian Maria Forester
Nickname: Jelly Bean
Nationality: American, as far as she knows.

Age: 21
Birthdate: January 8th

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single and open


(view spoiler)


↬Jillian is incredibly good at judging people and situations. She possesses intelligence, insight, and sound judgment, and she isn't afraid to let the world know that. In addition, she is clever and has amazing judgment under any circumstances and in any situation. She is crafty, and feels inclined to deal with others in a clever way. Characterized by keen awareness, sharp intelligence, and also a sense of the practical, Jillian most definitely fits the description of what it means to be shrewd.

↬Jillian indicates her sexual liking for somebody playfully, by teasing them with her body and beauty. She is well aware of her body, and don't you think for a second she won't use it to her advantage. But that is all she is, flirtatious. She would never be one to bring things further, and as surprising as it is, she still holds onto her virginity. It brings a weird sort of sentimental value to her life. This doesn't mean she won't tease and strut her stuff like a regular performer, however.

↬Jillian is extremely witty, and capable of making people laugh with little to know effort on her part. She has made it her mission to lighten anyone's bad day, make anyone smile on a day they wouldn't otherwise. Whether it be by showing off her body, or just being herself, Jillian is has a sense of humor. She can make anything into a joke, and has a million jokes stored in her mind to use at any point in time.

↬Always having a strong desire to succeed, Jillian has always wanted to be successful in life. Of course, her plan wasn't always to be successful by being a performer. But as a quote says, do what you like, lke what you do. And Jillian is doing just that, being a successful performer and liking what she does. She never gives up, even when all odds are against her and there may be a dozen different obstacles in her path.

↬One of Jillian's hobbies most definitely includes nonsensical rambling. Whenever she is incredibly nervous or anxious, she talks to distract herself from the cause. Talking allows her to think of other things, and allows her to mask how uncomfortable she may be with the situation. Jillian is only awkward when it comes to speaking, not to her performing ability. She babbles on and on, and the first thing that comes out of her mouth is the first thing that comes to her mind. She's different when she speaks at times, because she prefers to speak with her hips, not her lips.

Father: David Nathaniel St.Claire; 49; Author

Mother: Charlotte Alyssa Forester; 42; Hairdresser

Step Mother: Patricia Rebecca St.Claire; 47; NYDP Investigator

Half Sister: Margaret Sophia St.Claire; 27; Marine Biologist

[Before Birth]
Charlotte and David met when David brought his daughter to get her hair done at the small little shop Charlotte was currently working at part-time while she attended college. David was married to Patricia at the time, but he took an immediate liking to Charlotte. They began to have an affair, and before they knew it they were sleeping together. Patricia was unaware of it, until Charlotte got pregnant with Jillian. Charlotte was only nineteen at the time, while David was twenty-six. It made Patricia furious immediately, and she made David promise never to see Charlotte again. So he didn't. Patricia and David moved to New York, far away from where Charlotte lived in Los Angeles. Jillian was soon born, destined to never see her father.
[Early Childhood]
After Jillian's birth, Charlotte dropped out of college. She continued to work at the small hairdressing shop, and often left Jillian home alone, even as a baby. Charlotte was an undiagnosed bipolar, and had been her whole life. No one knew, and Jillian was frequently left to fend for herself. But how does a baby fend for yourself, you ask? She doesn't. Jillian was left to cry and whine on her own for a few hours each day while Charlotte worked. Miraculously, nothing bad ever happened to the young child. Charlotte fed Jillian when she returned home to their apartment from shifts at work.
[Pre-Teen Years]
Jillian grew into a gorgeous child, and Charlotte knew this. She signed her up for pageants right away, even though she knew they couldn't afford it. Jillian was often hungry, but outside the house, Charlotte was smart enough to mask her in more ways than one, so no one would take her pride and joy away from her. Charlotte's only hope was that some child modeling agency would take an interest in Jillian and support them, which they did. That was when the leaving began. Charlotte would leave the house for days upon end, disappearing to cure her sudden bipolar wants. Jillian learned to eat whatever was in the cabinets of the apartment. Then, Charlotte got upgraded to manager of the small hairdressing shop she worked at. She then made enough money to support only the family's needs. That didn't mean she used it, however.
[Teen Years]
At this point in Jillian's life, she knew enough to consider herself a worthless waste of space. She began cutting, cutting her wrists with anything she could get her hands on, whenever her mother wasn't home. Charlotte, on the other hand, began sleeping with and bringing home any man she could get her hands on. It was a new obsession of hers. A few of the men came home drunk, and abused Jillian sexually and just plain abused her. Charlotte was too insane to see it. Jillian's cutting got worse, but she knew not to cut too deep. She didn't want an exit from her life, just something to help her get through. She took up shoplifting as well, in an effort to support herself and her mother. Many of the men continued to abuse Jillian, and her mother too. Her mother made her promise not to tell anyone, and Jillian had never been one to break promises. At age seventeen, she stopped her cutting, but she always kept the scars. She quit modeling, which she had been still doing, and took up dance. With dance she could express herself and her feelings and emotions.
At age nineteen, it was as if Jillian's father finally remembered she, as well as Charlotte existed. He sent a little money to them from New York to Los Angeles, but it wasn't enough. Nothing was ever enough for Charlotte. Emphasis on the word ever. Once she had finished high school, Jillian knew she wasn't going to go to college. She searched desperately for a job that she would be able to have to support her and her mentally disabled mother, and finally wondered upon a sign that stated Noir Paradise. Finally, a place she belonged. A place where she could dance and show off her body. She got a job as a performer, and has been using it to support herself and her mother ever since.

Jillian performs as a professional erotic dancer who performs a contemporary form of striptease. She is very talented at lap dances and pole dancing as well. The only thing she doesn't do is sex, she just does the tease. She has been working at Noir Paradise for a year.

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Lostinwonderland Name: Dustin mcriddle
Nickname: dusty
Nationality: German
Age: 20
Birthdate: 3/14/97
Gender: male
Sexuality: straight
Relationship Status: single
Image: Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Personality: fun loving and easy to be around
Doesn't take critism very well and gets overpowering over ladies
Family: all dead
History: his family died in a house fire.
Details about their act: (what they do, how long they've been doing it, who they do it with etc.) he is in the band. He's been doing it for 4 years. He loves it and wouldn't do anything else.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz)
"You can't hate me for living in the world of sin you crave"

[First Name] Mortimus
[Middle Name] Jane
[Last Name] Captivus
[Nickname] Morti
[Stage Name] Babydoll

"That's what they all love, that little taste of insanity."

[Nationality] French

[Age] Unknown, suspected to be somewhere between 17 and 20.
[Birthdate] Unknown

[Gender] Female

[Sexuality] Pansexual
[Relationship Status] Single

[Clothing Style] Under normal situations she can most often be found in sundresses. She's fond of the warm weather and doesn't care what time of year it is. Otherwise she is found in skinny jeans and old baggy t-shirts. On stage is a different matter. She prefers her costumes with lace or fringe with a minimal amount covering the necessary parts. She has a flare for the dramatic and isn't afraid to wear bold colors to draw attention to her assets. She likes to start out with thin dresses over her costume at the start of her shows.

"Everybody wants to feel a bit of that violent, a bit of being empowered."

[Personality] Morti is strong, no one can deny that. She has a high tolerance for many people but once she's been pissed of she is not afraid of taking someone down, by any means necessary. She's got a violent tendency and does little to keep it under control when she's in a situation where she's free to use it. She loves the feel of corruption and hates that act of innocence in the profession of stripping. She takes pride in what she does and isn't afraid to show off her body. She does what she loves with no shame about it and laughs at the accusations it gets her from people.
She has a mentally unstable way to her. She's difficult to deal with at times and isn't always under control of her mind. She knows enough not to have psychotic breaks around others and doesn't trust anyone enough to let them in. She has never been officially diagnosed as insane so she is allowed to continue as she pleases.
She is often seen as over sexual which makes her ideal for this position. She's not afraid to objectify those who objectify her. She's never been great at relationships and tends to keep with those who prefer to keep emotions out of it. She's loyal and affectionate to the few who manage to get through to her and is willing to protect them by any means she deems fit.
She likes telling the truth and can often be brutally honest. She can keep a secret when she is asked to but as a lover of chaos she doesn't have many people she's willing to do that for.
She's got many talents, both onstage and off and is partial to pole dancing and lap dances. She is notorious for how often she is requested for private dances.
She's a brilliant actor and can feign nearly anything she wishes. She is also a talented liar which makes her and easily likable one by the customers. Because of her young appearance she has a few signature acts that suit her best.

"I don't shy away from danger. I search for it. I've got nothing to lose and nothing to fear."

[Family] She has a brother who disapproves of her lifestyle choice. He understands that she needs help for the way she is with her mental issues but he has never convinced her to get help or let him help. (Someone can make her brother if they wish to.)
[History] Morti and her brother were put into a foster home from infancy and from that point on they became accustom to travelling from home to home after several months or so. This only worsened when Mortimus reached her teen years. She had always had underlying mental trauma and as she aged this only increased and became more clear. People became more partial to her well behaved brother. For months at a time she would be apart from her brother as he was chosen by the higher class of foster parents while she was often picked by the unhonorable intended parents. This did not help her condition as she landed in homes which would put in her in the way of abuse and neglect. This drove her further from people entirely. She went through several fits of violence and fits where she would run away until someone would bother to declare her missing and actually search for her to bring her back. She had several marks on her records of a violent nature that have since been sealed and have not been mentioned on her own lips since they transpired. When she came to a point where she could be considered an adult she left and ran far from any place she had ever known. She found the club and joined. This was the one place she had ever managed to fit in and she hasn't left since even after she knew she would never have to go back to foster parents.

[Act] She does both a solo singing act and a dance act that are signature to her. One unique act she has on rare occasion is her acrobatics dance act which involves lots of preparation and special equipment. She is partial to pole dance performances and lap dances when she is not doing her own acts. She is commonly reserved for private performances. She's been working as a performer for a little over two years and has never gotten close to anyone in that time. She rarely does an act with another but would always be open to it.

"Don't test me. I will have you begging for me to pull the trigger by the time I'm done with you. The only relief you'll ever find from me is six feet under."

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Bree ||▣|Full Name|▣|| Craig Jagger

||▣|Age|▣|| 20
||▣|Date of Birth|▣|| January 1st 1988
|▫Place of Birth▫|Las Vegas, Neveda
|▫Nationality ▫| English

||▣|Gender|▣|| Male
|▫Relationship Status▫| Single


|▫Face Details▫| None
|▫Body Type▫| Slender
|▫Blood Type▫| O Negative
|▫Distinguished Markings (If any)▫|
(view spoiler)

||▣|Personality|▣|| Craig isn’t the sort of guy to approach strangers, but he isn’t the type to shy away from someone who is bold enough to approach him and say hi. He can’t stand the people who are full of themselves, and he’ll it obvious that he won’t like these people either. He’ll insult them, ridicule them, or up an leave before they even figure out what they did wrong. When he thinks about how alone he is, without Isaac or anyone by his side, he feels sad. He doesn’t have anyone to vent this out to, so he uses the music that he writes and performs with the band to help him. Craig doesn’t care if he’s down, but he will care if someone who he is fond of, or cares about, is feeling worse than he is. He’ll do anything that he can to make them feel better, even if that means putting their happiness before his own.

||▣|Backstory|▣|| Craig grew up as the hopeless, and sad guy who only wanted to find someone for him in life. He was often sad and alone, but he wasn’t the best with talking to people about himself, or anything that wouldn’t make a conversation between someone awkward. He was so willing to trust anyone, that he had had about fifteen different girlfriends by the time he made it to highschool. In his first year there, he met a guy who would become his closest friend. His name was Isaac. Isaac had managed to open Craig up, and even help him make a few friends. The two became like brothers, and often were mistaken for a pair as well since the two looked alike so much. At one point, Isaac came out of the closet, and told Craig that he was gay, and that he was falling for his best friend. Craig hadn’t been that into guys, so his friend coming out became awkward for him. When Craig turned sixteen, he lost his virginity to his gay best friend. The night of his birthday party, which turned out to be a party with just the two of them staying up late at Isaac’s house while watching horror movies and drinking, Craig opened up to Isaac, and Isaac didn’t think twice about letting Craig experiment with how he would feel about being with a guy. Craig didn’t realize it, or want to admit it, but after Isaac had to extract the truth from his best friend, Craig accepted that he was into guys like that. The two of them then decided to be a couple for their last year of high school together. Craig slowly felt his self-confidence grow the more he spent time with Isaac, and the more he let the opinions of what other people thought about him bounce off of him. Isaac and him formed a band their last year together, Rehabilitation Of The Fine, with two of their other friends that they had made: all of them were bi like Craig was. After they had graduated, and on their anniversary, Craig found Isaac in bed, Craig’s bed, with one of the other band members. They weren’t just sleeping…Craig saw everything about Isaac that he had seen many times before. Devastated, Craig abandoned his home, his band, his family, and his ex-boyfriend.

Ronnie Jagger- Father ( alive: Location unknown )
Simon Jagger- Mother ( alive: Location unknown )
Violet Jagger- Sister ( alive: Location unknown )
Kayleigh Jagger- Sister ( alive: Location unknown )
Brandon Jagger- Brother ( alive: Location unknown )

His sadness
Lack of social interaction
Trusting people easily

Musically talented

||▣|Other|▣||Craig is a part of the band that performs. One of the people who used to be in it left, so Craig took over that position. He’s been a part of this for about a year, almost two, now.

ᗩᑎIᗪᗩᗯEᕼI (faith_kitty) | 243 comments
{First Name} Les
{Nickname} Lil Music Box, L
{Middle Name} N/A
{Last Name} Monette

Initials LM, Les Monette or Lil Music box, whichever.

Age 19 years old
Date of Birth August 3rd

I am in my prime, and I don't plan to waste it.

{Crush or Relationship} Single
{Sexuality} Bisexual

Love is based on happiness, not gender.

{Distinctive Markings} N/A
{Hair} Brown
{Eyes} Hazel
{Build} Les is very lean in build. He has muscles but not too much where he looks beafy. He looks nice and selnder.

{Weight} 160
{Height} 5'10
{Scent} Smoke and Leather

Others may define people by looks, but I don't. I mean just look at me.

{Fashion} Les loves leather, just not tight leather. He can't exactly wear tight leather as his primary interest is dancing, though he does sing as well.

~Les is a goof ball. He just loves to joke around and smile. He is almost never serious. Which is also his downfall.
~He is loyal to those he cares about, never stabbing them in the back for any reason. His precious people are just too important to him.
~Such a sweetheart. Even though he can be a bit of a flirt at times he would never harm a woman and tends to dislike men who treat them like toys.
~He is too nice for his own good and most of the time people take advantage of him for it. Using him for one reason or another.

Les does not like people delving into his background so he tends to keep it a secret. Only telling those he is really close to, even then it isn't much.

Les grew up in a pretty wealthy family while being the only child so he was pretty spoiled growing up. He isn't conceited though. He is actually the exact opposite, very giving and caring. He'd give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.
Because he was so nice people often took advantage of him often. They used him for his money and social status. He was used to it though so he just let it happen, coming to an understanding that he probably was never going to have a friend that liked him for him and not his money.
He grew tired of it eventually though. So when he eighteen he sold all of his stuff without his parents knowledge and took the money to start a new life somewhere else where no one knew who he was.
Thus he ended up in LA. The first few months were pretty boring as he just lived off of the money he had. He decided to get a job though, before the money ran out and that's how he ended up here at Noir Paradise.

I grew up in money, I do not see why people crave it so much.


-Facial Piercings
-Envy/Extreme Jealousy

{Job} Les is auditioning to be a dancer at Noir Paradise. (Will be Scarlette's dance partner.]

I personally want to take off on a spontaneous trip. The kind that you suddenly have the time for one day and just set off with your close friends. I think it will be relaxing to just walk around the busy streets. It will still be a satisfying trip even if it’s not somewhere fancy or if it’s without an impressive itinerary. Just the thought of escaping from the confines of my routine gets me excited.

~Lee Taemin

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Name: Ansley Grace Hartley

Nationality: British; American
»She has a very, very faint British accent, however you can hear it really well in certain words. Her father was from Great Britain, her mother from America«

Age: 21 years of age
Date of Birth: July 13th
Place of Birth: California

Gender: Female [Feminine]
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Always, always, always in a relationship. Even if it's a one night stand. She's open for anyone, at anytime.


Ansley can be described as the girl with a perfectly fake body. You'd never know though. She has flawless skin, and the perfect wide smile. You'll either love her body, or hate her for it. She has a habit of biting her lip, or smirking a lot. Her eyelashes are undoubtly long, and dark. She has long, wavy blonde hair that is brownish near the roots. It is perfect, just for her, though."

General Style:

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I'm better than you. And you'll know it.
Ansley can be the type that will make you know she is better than you. She wants you to think you aren't worth anything, and she is the almighty. That's just the way she works. Sometimes, it'll be passive aggressive, but she will say it any way. Well, that's if she doesn't like you. If she does, or if it's a guy, she's all charm. Sure, Ansley may hint at some times, but it isn't often enough for you to actually know. And by then, you could be too sucked into 'Ansley world' that you may not even notice or care.

Hey baby, I'm easy as pie
Ansley, when it comes to guys, is the easiest person in the world. 'No' doesn't seem to be in her vocabulary when she is doing anything with guys. It is all on her twisted view for being in control of these situations. She leads them on, get's what she wants, then snaps her fingers, and poof they are gone. Until then, she is all about the word "yes". And plenty, really, plenty of people are just fine with that. And so is she.

And then, I caught him by the mouth
For Ansley, seductiveness is key. Well, her body is too. She uses it to get anything and everything. She'll use any and all of her tricks to get something she wants, when she wants it. You don't want to give Ansley something, she'll become a seductive little beast. It makes her the best. A wink, a smirk, blow them a little kiss. And top it off with a real kiss. And she's golden. They are all putty in her hands. Well, most of them are.

I am a class A female dog
This is the side many people see. Some choose to ignore it, some don't. Telling people they are worthless, isn't enough. She has to make them live that way. She thinks of all sorts of devious ways to make your life miserable. She somehow finds joy in others' pain. In fact, she can love it. Mess with her, and she'll chew you up and spit you out like old gum.

Always, always, always in control
Ansley always has to have control in a situation. If she doesn't, she will get it back in her hands. She will do anything to get it back way, even if that means bending the rules a little bit. If that doesn't work, if no one listens to her, she'll be out of there in a moment. Running away as fast as she can. She will gone. And get control of some other situation, so she doesn't lose any of her pride.

And I ain't ever gonna change. Take it or leave it, baby
There is no 'realizing your wrong' and 'turning around yourself' story for Ansley. She is the way she was, and will always be. For most people, you either love it or you hate it. She has made more enemies than she can count, but does she care? Not in the least bit. It's a habit of hers, and she will never change. Once she started being easy with guys, that would never change. It's just Ansley. And it will always be Ansley.


"Daddy, Daddy! I'm a princess!"

Honestly, Ansley grew up being the spoiled child. She was an only child, and would prance around in dresses, spinning around with the widest smile on her face. Even in Elementary School, she was the top of the pyramid. Even back then, she was a little brat. Did that stop her from being one of the most popular girls in the school? Definitely not. She always strove to be the one with the cutest outfit, the best lunch. It wasn't as bad as it is today, but still. She was very bratty for an elementary school kid. Her parents, didn't see this as a problem. They thought her daughter was a little princess and the best in the world.

"Beauty is something that is within me. And now there is no one to stop me from showing it to the world."

This was the time where she really became the type of person she is today. She began stealing men from other girls, and becoming the top dog. Her parents were off on plenty of business trips, so they never could do anything about it. There was nothing holding her back from proclaiming the wonderful person she is to the school. She was a total skank through middle school, especially in Eighth Grade, when this escalated.

[Teen Years to Today]
"I got what I wanted. Did I care that it ruined you? Not at all."

Everyone of her friends loved her in High School. She made everyone who wasn't her friend's life miserable. She was a real fake. A real fake and a lover of all of the boys. Did she sleep with a lot of them? You can bet on it. High School moved fairly quickly for Ansley. She probably couldn't even tell you how many lives she ruined and she didn't even care. How many people she fooled with her little fake smile.

Then came the real world. Her situation only escalated. Her father paid for everything, and she decided to get a job at Noir Paradise. Being a stripper would suit her. So many guys to be with, and so many girl's to crush. It was perfect. She would have to make friends there, though. Ones her were like her. And she would definitely get in, there was no doubt with that. She has only been working there for a couple of days now.

Chris Hartley {Father}
Maria Hartley {Mother}

Details about their act:
>She is a Stripper, and has been for a couple of Days. Honestly, it is her skills at attracting men that landed her the job. Well, that and her dad's money<
>Ansley's Stripper Name has not been decided on yet<

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I fucking love her. Just saying.

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All right I'll post and delete all our spam on this thread. xD

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