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message 1: by Racheal (new)

Racheal Sunshine  (lilrayofsunshine) | 107 comments Mod
I am currently looking for FOUR Mods to help me with this group. To get it started, add more topics, and to keep it active. If you'd like to be one of those people, please answer these following questions.

Why would you like to be a Mod?
Have you ever Moderated a group before?
Are you organized?
Will you be helpful and active?

message 2: by Rachel (new)

Rachel  (APCB Reviews) (gr8rach) | 33 comments Mod
I love being a mod! I am organized, attentive, always participating, and help out a lot. I have a lot of experience and I am constantly on GR everyday. I should be a mod because I know all of the functions. Moderating is fun for me and I am always coming up with more ways to entice more participation.

YES and YES!! I am dedicated and very active in my groups.

I'm super super super organized!!

I can invite my friends and add a lot of new topics on functions, duties, responsibilities, solving problems, and such having to do with mods. I know lots of modding functions and have raised a few groups that have become quite big and popular. Other mods come to me asking for advice and help sometimes!

Plus, You and I already know each other Rach XD :)

message 3: by Racheal (new)

Racheal Sunshine  (lilrayofsunshine) | 107 comments Mod
Your applications have been accepted!! Thank you:)

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