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Bargain Books?? Where do you get your books from?

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Saf I love finding cheap books and good book deals in stores! I jump at the chance to buy a cheap book.

Check out my post on my blog here:

I usually buy my books from charity shops if they're fairly old or have been out for a while.

The Works is also a really good shop to buy cheap brand new books (if you're in the UK idk about other countries).

Amazon of course (but they're still quite a lot!)

So where do you buy your books from & how much do you usually pay for paperback/hardbacks?

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood 2ed Story

Amazon (and sometimes e-bay)

and Vilgle book exchange (but not a lot seeing as they don't have much for teens)

Izzy Annie wrote: "I love finding cheap books and good book deals in stores! I jump at the chance to buy a cheap book.

Check out my post on my blog here:"

Hey Annie,

I absolutely love The Works! There's also where residents from the UK get free delivery. If you're buying used books or books from the bargain bin then they're usually priced about £2.40.
I don't know if you're near Chichester, Worthing or Arundel but 'Kims Bookshop' is a good place to go to. Again, the average price for the books is something like £2.50.

With regards to charity shops, it depends on the area but Guild Care, Link Romania/Link Hope and British Heart Foundation usually price their paperback books at £1 or less. Cancer Research is anywhere between £1 - £3 for paperbacks. There are a lot of charity shops in my area and luckily they price their items on the cheaper end of the spectrum.
There are a lot of local charity events, car boot sales and fetes in my area so if I buy books from there, they're usually anywhere between 5p - £1.

I usually try to avoid buying hardbacks because it's very difficult to move them on since most charity shops don't accept hardbacks.

Wren when it comes to bargain books, i look at chapters/indigo/coles or

Autumn-Blaze second hand on amazon,, charity shops and a book store which i am unsure of the name but all of their books are no more than £2-£5.

Mimi-loves-her-books! I get my books from book a million. I also check out thrift stores from time to time. Sometimes the books are in really good shape.

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Marte I buy them from online Norwegian bookstores. Cheaper than the store, and almost every title imaginable!

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Tor Cassie The works is my absolute fvourite shop... everytime i go in town i go in. And when they have new books on the 3 for £5 deal and i just want to buy them all
This website gives you the cheepest place to buy the books, and include postage costs.
Most of the time the cheapest ones are the used ones from amazon but it's still worth a look id you're gonna but them online

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