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message 1: by H. (new)

H. (hanthe) I read this book five or six years ago, about a guy who's sent to a remote island to be a lighthouse keeper or something similar, to take over from another guy who'd gone crazy/degenerate because of this woman from a kind of...mutant sea-people population? And the protagonist gets obsessed with her and has the same kind of mental degeneration... Does that ring any bells for anyone?

message 2: by Gregor (new)

Gregor Xane (gregorxane) | 420 comments It sounds like it was inspired by Lovecraft's "Dagon."

message 3: by Latasha (new)

Latasha (latasha513) | 10843 comments Mod
no sorry, but it sounds good! if you remember the name I'd love to know so I could read it too.

message 4: by Zombette (new)

Zombette | 545 comments Definitely sounds like Dagon.

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