Never Fade (The Darkest Minds, #2) Never Fade question

Who else loved this book?
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This is the second book of Darkest Minds series.I loved the book, anyone else like me out there? The third book isn't out yet but i can't wait!!!!!

Yes I loved it. In this installment, I was hoping for a reunion with Zu. Nonetheless, it was a good read.

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I loved it!! But I missed Zu a lot...

Don't kill me, but I didn't mind that Zu wasn't in this book. I liked her, but she didn't really play a big part in the story even in the first book. I really loved her friendship with Ruby though, and I feel like Jude was the new Zu in this book. For not really having a mother, Ruby is such a nurturing type of person which her background at Thurmond wouldn't really suggest. Zu kind of brought Ruby and Chubs and Liam together though, so I could never forget her!

Chubs was so. great. in this one. I literally almost cried when they were reunited.

Sara I loved that scene so much!!!! I want to cry just thinking about it
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I liked it, but I missed Liam and Chubs because they weren't in the whole first half of the book! Any one else miss Zu!? Can't wait until they (hopefully) meet up with her again in the last book! :D
And Jude's ending was very sad :(

Cassidy I wish she would have, uh... taken care of Clancy. He really bothers me xD
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