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Overrated !

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Violet Okay. So, I liked the plot.I like the bond between the three. The characters were great. It had potential in the general aspect. But honestly guys! This book does not deserve anymore then 3 stars.
Besides being disconnected in structure,
It was so amateur and juvenile in its narrative. it was sloppy and she has the vocabulary and 'voice' of a 8 year old.
Why has n't anyone mentioned this flaw?
Everyone just seems to have luuuuved it?!

Brooke I agree and the author made her sound slutty when she's meant to be a sporty, different from "every other girl" girl. im a sporty girl myself and would never play in a bikini its for swimming NOT for playing football

Mary If I dwelled upon "Princess" as a character, I might be tempted to give this a 3, but the quality of the writing is more like a 5.

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