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Ginny Woodmansee (evlkiitty) | 2 comments Could someone please add this book.
Book 3

It's book 3 in this series

Also there was no publisher listed

----Book 3
* Title His Absolute Instructions: The Billionaire's Ultimatum (A BDSM Erotic Romance, Part 3)
* Author Cerys du Lys
* Publisher
* Publication date October 11, 2012
* Format Kindle
* Description Is this all a mistake? What has she agreed to?

When billionaire CEO Asher Landseer confides in Jessika that he enjoys photography, she becomes curious. When he adds that he prefers pictures of a more intimate sort, she's surprised. And, when he offers her a compromise, a way to prolong their time together on this lovely afternoon, she's all ears.

He'll give her his undivided attention if she agrees to model for him.

It's a casual request, friendly and unintimidating; or at least it is for Asher. The problem is that she's not sexy. She can't pose for him, can't be the sort of woman that men find undeniably seductive. When she voices her concerns, he simply says, "I beg to differ."

She doesn't have to go through with it. She could answer his earlier request, end their lunch date right here and now, and return to her apartment, but...
* Link to cover

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Cait (tigercait) | 5005 comments Here you go:

(Sorry for taking so long -- I got distracted trying to sort out this author's other series.)

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