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Nahh ~ Use your Imagination ~ loll .

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Mya | 559 comments "Perfect place, now summon that Argus of yours," Val ushered. She had this uneasy feeling, she couldn't point out why, which even made her more uneasy. She just had this tug to get back to the Valentines Day Ball, like she needed to be there for something.

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Angelo Gideon | 313 comments Nico's sword animated from the shadows. He thrust it hard on the ground and it rumbled. A large fissure appeared, and from it, leaped out a large hellhound as big as a rhino. It bounded happily towards Nico, who in turn pat it. "Hey big boy," he said smiling brightly. "How's it been?"

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Mya | 559 comments Ra immediately growled at the hellhound, and positioned itself in attack, posing in front of Val protectively. Val barely noticed at all, she smiled at the dog , and held out her palm to smell first, then touch.

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Angelo Gideon | 313 comments Argus must've sensed Ra, since he tensed, Nico could feel it. Who's the kitty? Argus asked him telepathically.
Ra. Be nice He answered.
Ra? Who names a kitty Ra? It's like Kitty Ra Ra.
Just be nice.
Nico couldn't imagine where the sassiness of his hound came from. He rolled his eyes.
He turned to Val,"This is Argus." Then he saw Ra's expression. Okay, maybe families do affect their relationship.

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Mya | 559 comments Ra growled more, Val snapped her fingers at him to shut up, and he quickly applied but he did not move from his stance. "May I," she asked as she reached her palm out to pet Argus.

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Angelo Gideon | 313 comments Nico looked at her and smiled awkwardly,"Uh, sure." Be nice Argus he reminded the hound.
I am nice.
Argus bent his head to touch Val's palm.

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Mya | 559 comments Val began to pet Argus gently, scratching a little between the ears. Soon when she was done, she stepped back, glanced at Nico, and grinned. "He's a very well train hellhound."

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Angelo Gideon | 313 comments "I handled him myself," he beamed. "Ra's not so bad either. Though, maybe they won't get along as I've hoped." He gave her an apologetic smile.

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Mya | 559 comments "Oh. . . Yeah, probably not. . ." Val said, then the awkward silence and the tension deepened. Then Ra growled suddenly jealous that the hellhound is getting all the attention. Val patted his head in reassurance. ((I hope this is okay)) Then Argus barked wanting the attention. Val scratched his ears, then Ra roared. Soon enough, Val was letting back and forth between two animals.

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Angelo Gideon | 313 comments ((Of course.. Brb ))

Nico watched slightly amused by this. Then he smiled fondly at Val, not realizing it, and called Argus back to his side.

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Mya | 559 comments ((Okay.))

Val breathed ragged breaths, she never knew petting animals would be such hard work, and she had been doing it for three years! She placed her hands onto her knees, and calmed her breathing. She glanced up at Nico, surprisingly he was smiling fondly at her, and even more surprising she smiled back.

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Angelo Gideon | 313 comments "You think we should leave 'em alone for a while?" Nico asked. "Assuming they don't bite each others' head off."

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Mya | 559 comments Val laughed, which was awfully unusual of her, she really hasn't laughed in a long, long time. It felt good, so she laughed again. Then she stopped,"Hmm I must agree, it sometimes works with some of my animals, but. . . . Time to time, it doesn't . . .," Val said, worried. Then she realized Ra would be fine, he can just run off if he is in trouble. She shrugged, "Okay, where do we go? " The sudden need to go back to the Valentines Day Ball was of no more, she completely forgot about it now.

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Angelo Gideon | 313 comments "I suggest we go back," he began. "I noticed you were uneasy about leaving the Ball."

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Mya | 559 comments "Ah, I don't know. I did, but now . . . I can't put my finger on it," Val debated, "it's just now, I don't feel it anymore. . . "

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Mya | 559 comments ((GTG, sorry, but bye, bye! We shall RP later, I promise it!))

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Mya | 559 comments ((Hmph, this Rp kind of ended. It's been a couple days since the valentine ball. ))

Val and Nico had a good time talking, but soon enough they had to part. Ra and Val left to the stables. Val waved a goodbye and said,"See you around, Nico!"

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Angelo Gideon | 313 comments ((Yeah. I, uh, sorry.. ))

Nico nodded with a polite smile. "Bye."
And he returned to his dorm.

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Mya | 559 comments ((It's fine! :) Their bound to Rp again. Soon enough, Val would be at the office too. Well sort of. So I can RP with what's his name, Clearance? ))

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Angelo Gideon | 313 comments ((Clarence.. I don't name my characters after some kind of paper waiting for approval...))

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Mya | 559 comments ((Okay. I like the name Clearance! It's a wonderful name.))

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Angelo Gideon | 313 comments (( You're going to start calling him "Clearance" if we RP, won't you? :D ))

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Mya | 559 comments ((I was. . . But now I won't. I call him Clarence. . . ))

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