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Never Let Me Go
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Feb 2014 Never Let Me Go > Chapters 18-End

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Vickylynn Schmidt | 90 comments Mod
This section is for Chapters 18-End.

Maria | 1 comments Hi everyone! I have to say that I was hoping the ending would be more moving. When I read 'The remains of the day', I was so touched by its final chapter. But with 'Never let me go', I don't know... I just felt sad.
Nevertheless, I loved the way Ishiguro ends the story. It's so heart-breaking that, in the end, everything finishes just as we expected, like the life of the characters, whose destiny is written from the beginning.
(please excuse me if I've expresed myself incorrectly, English is not my first language) :)

Dave Lawrence (davefromjerra) | 11 comments I've just finished. I was surprised to learn at the end that the book had been written by a man. I thought when I started it that the author was male, but as I was reading it Kathy was so full of female over-analysis of every nuance of conversation that Kazuo must be a woman's name. I think it is a great credit to Ishiguro that the female narrator is so convincing.
I did enjoy the book, but I was a little puzzled by the way the students just accepted their fate so sedately. It felt a bit unrealistic in that respect, but still a good read.
Looking forward to next month's book. Hopefully with a bit more discussion.

Kate | 21 comments I really liked the way that Ishiguro let the story unfold. I felt that I was looking in on the way things were, and that they didn't need to be explained, they just were. I liked the way it was written and, like Dave, felt Ishiguro really encompassed a woman's inner dialogue really well. The story itself didn't appeal too much to me..I guess I was looking for the characters to break free of their fate, but was saddened when I realised that wasn't going to happen, that they succumbed. The way the book kept going back to Kathy thinking she recognised the site of the place she grew up made it even more depressing. It was a place she felt comfortable and where she didn't have to totally grasp the gravity of the future she knew awaited her and her childhood friends. Why didn't she want something more for herself and abandon her supposed fate? I found it frustrating to understand.

The subject matter was interesting and made me think about how it would be handled by our society if humans were cloned and harvested for "donations". The book was good, but I definitely was in the mood for something with a little more excitement.

Nicole (in_co) | 11 comments I really loved the ending, it took me little bit by surprise. I was half expecting and dreading a love conquers all and saves the day vibe because it would have felt a bit like a cop out. The fact that they ended up just accepting their fate made them much more real to me.
I just loved the way Ishiguro let the reality of the donor's lives develop so slowly and subtly. Really interesting!

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