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Blood Meridian, or the Evening Redness in the West
Feb 2014 Blood Meridian > Chapters 1-5

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message 1: by Vickylynn (new)

Vickylynn Schmidt | 90 comments Mod
This section is for Chapters 1-5. Please no discussions past this point.

Peter (peterkeep) I just finished chapter 5 last night. So far, it feels like a more violent, more dense installment of the Border Trilogy.

The main thing that I'm unsure of is how to use the little descriptions at the beginnings of chapters. There's the small "spoilers" to start each one. So far I've been reading them quickly, and not really retaining them that much - especially the last few points. Then I'll look back if I'm confused about something, and see if it tells me.

I guess I'm still trying to figure out if their purpose is strictly utility (it's nice to have a small "outline" of each dense chapter) or if there is some other purpose.

message 3: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Cyr | 6 comments This is my third read through of Blood Meridian so I am kind of cheating. It is my favorite novel of all time. I once studied it in college with a professor who compared it's density to Moby Dick so I gain new insight every time I read it.

To touch on the chapter beginnings, I think they are strictly utility because I don't remember anything significant in them that isn't in the chapter. So if you feel like they are spoiler y I would just say skip em.

Peter (peterkeep) I'm actually finding them super helpful! I've been referring back to them at the end of chapters to make sure I got everything that happened.

Megan | 13 comments I'm starting Blood Meridian today. I've tried and failed to finish other McCarthy books in the past, so I'm a bit worried. Here I go!

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