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message 1: by Yvonne (new)

Yvonne | 4 comments I've seen on some sites and in various groups people reviewing their own books in order to kick-start their self promotion. Is it a little odd to review your own work, giving it five stars or thumbs up? Who wouldn't give their own work five stars? What does anyone think when they see such a review? Has anyone found it useful to review their own work?

message 2: by Hákon (new)

Hákon Gunnarsson | 5 comments I haven't been here long enough to be able to tell you if reviewing ones own work is helpful or not, but I can tell you what I did. I wrote a review about a short story collection I've got a story in, but it wasn't a review. I just talked about what inspiration lay behind my story and left it at that. I didn't put a star rating on it, because even though I feel my work and the collection it is in deserves a whole lot of stars, I felt a little funny about putting them there myself. I still don't know if writing this is helpful or not, but I think I may continue to do it anyway because it is one way to talk to potential readers.

message 3: by Ubiquitous (new)

Ubiquitous Bubba (ubiquitousbubba) | 7 comments I've seen this topic discussed vehemently in various GoodReads groups. Opinions vary, but the prevailing consensus is that reviewing your own work, even in an innocent manner, is a very bad idea. Personally, I don't have a problem with an author stating their own opinion of their work. It seems that most of the authors who are against this are reacting against authors who assume multiple identities in order to fool readers into thinking the book is receiving good reviews. It's sad, but there are some writers who use this to trick prospective customers.

While I deplore that sort of behavior, I don't think there is a conflict of interest in stating that you are the author and you are giving your opinion. However, given the ridiculous amount of hate some self-appointed elite authors spew on this subject, I recommend that you keep your opinions to your blog and don't post a review. Arguing with opinionated authors is just not worth it.

The bottom line is that there's not much of an upside to reviewing your work. Unfortunately, there is a very nasty downside. I think your time is better spent writing blog updates and the next book than in arguing with the competition.

message 4: by Hákon (new)

Hákon Gunnarsson | 5 comments I totally agree that assuming multiple identities to give oneself a lot of glowing reviews is dishonest It's an advertising scam, or something along those lines.

But I'm curious Ubiquitous, do you think that what I did, write a little bit about what I was thinking when writing my story and posting it in the review section with no star rating, and with no reference to how good my story was, could result in a negative backlash?

message 5: by Philip (new)

Philip (phenweb) | 26 comments I'm with Ubiquitous on this one, use a blog to tell your readers what you think - a review is supposed to be just that. I have used my Amazon profile which on the US site allows discussion from the author as do other sites.

message 6: by Ubiquitous (new)

Ubiquitous Bubba (ubiquitousbubba) | 7 comments Hakon, in my opinion, your posting is fine. I don't think you have anything to worry about. In general, I would avoid posting anything in the review section of a site. Avoiding the issue seems to be the best way to sidestep the fight.

Above all else, you want to avoid a public argument. If someone tears you down, let it go. Feel free to speak your mind in your blog, but don't get dragged into an argument on a review site. There are no winners when that happens. Be the bigger person, and just let them rant. Once they get bored, they'll leave.

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