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Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2076 comments Mod
(I need a better name, and I don't know whether you-Lura-would like the waterfall here or under Boone)

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The GFHB {HoNk} Bane walked from a forest like path into the clearing. "This is a a peacefull place" He said to himself. He saw the buetiful waterfall and it reminded him of his homeland. Bane looks over the area to make so it was college property, ot was indeed their property. Bane sits at the edge of the water fall, his feet in the water. Bane's tail moving side to side as a relaxed tigers tail would normally do.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2076 comments Mod
Kiyiya unintentionally made her way to the waterfall area. Hearing the rushing of the water, she could help the small familiarity feeling that spring to her heart. The crushing often water had reminded her of the large waterfall back home in the village where she trained her body and mind. Her steps were light. Her breathing, she had learned, was quiet as an mouse footsteps. As she rounded a tree, she catches the glimpse of orange and black. Eyes widen, Kiyiya gasped but covers her mouth quickly ducking back behind a tree. An tiger! It's a tiger.

The GFHB {HoNk} Bane sighs a relaxed sigh, he had not yet tooken notice of Kiyiya yet. He slips of his shirt and dived into the water. He surfaces the water when he needed air. He purrs happily and enjoyed the cool water because his fur often made him very hot do to the warm weather. "Could today get any better?" Bane asked himself with smile. After a few moments he goes back to his originally spot and sits back on the edge of the water fall.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2076 comments Mod
Deciding that she needed an closer look, Kiyiya inches closer toward the spot, where the tiger being had jumped into the water from, using the cover of the trees as her blanket. Hearing an happy, roll of the tongue sound coming from the mouth of the tiger, Kiyiya hesitant for an few seconds. She had never been this close to actually hear an real life tiger sound so happily. Proceeding onward, she inches a little more closer. As Bane resurfaces, Kiyiya dropped down behind a brush to avoid being caught. Hearing the tiger being shifting around a little more, she raised her head to look out at the beautiful strong creature again. Just as she rose her head, a black furry spider dropped down in front of her face, settling on her nose. Every emotion drained from the young ninja face A...A-spider!!! In her panic, she jumps up from her posting, and started to run forward. Just as she had taken a few steps, her foot catches on a rock and she fell face first onto the ground.

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The GFHB {HoNk} Bane shakes out his fur out from the water that was still upon it. He still continues to purr,it was low and happy. Just then he about jumped 3 feet in the air as a female fell from a bush onto her face. Bane had been startled and spooked. He walks over to the female when he regianed himself. "Are you alright?" He asked as he helped her to her feet. Bane hoped she was a friend and not a enemie. He would hate being expelled for fighting.

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( (Bane reminds me of a kitty)

I will never be an Kunoichi this way. Getting so surprises like this. Kiyiya was pushing herself up, when an hand reaches down to offer to help her up. (Not sure how he helped her up, you didn't say) Forgetting where she was at the moment, she took the hand pulling herself up. "I can't believe..this is horrible" She went on to mutter just as the tiger being spoke. Directing her attention to him, an sharp yelp escaped her lips. Withdrawn back a little, an look of fear enters her eyes as if she was an cornered sheep. "Please don't eat me"

The GFHB {HoNk} "Classic human paranoia" Bane said laughing slightly. "Im a tiger not man or woman eater" Bane said with a chuckle. Why does everybody think im going to eat them when they first meet me?. "Humans are to stringy and are blah tasting" He said joking around. "Im just kidding" He said with a tiger smile. He did look like a scary monster but was actually quite nice and friendly, untill you either frighten or attack him.

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Iesha (In east shade house at...) wrote: "(But than tigers are stronger and scary)"

((True. Very true. The cubs aren't scary though. They're cuddly. Though they do have very sharp little teeth. Those things hurt! Yet they don't break the skin. Usually.))

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2076 comments Mod
(playing with a cub looks like so much fun. *Is wishing to play with one*)

A look of disbelief crossed Kiyiya face in response to Bane statement. No way. Tigers eat meat. We are meat. Aaaa, right. He's not an man eater. Only those who tasted human blood will have a taste for people. "How I forgot the basic principle of beasts." Pausing, Kiyiya looks intensely at Bane. "You talk" Realization sinks in as her mouth drops open slightly.

(So I was thinking that, Bane and Kiyiya will first become sparring buddies or partners, and then an romance builds between them. What do you think?)

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The GFHB {HoNk} ((Yes, I think that is a good idea :) ))

Bane simply smiles, Humans where quite funny when they came to reality. Bane couldnt help but laugh now. "Yes, Most creature that have some human dna can speak". Bane still was smiling a nice and kind smile. "Im Banesus But everyone calls me Bane" He said holding out his tiger paw like hand for her to shake. For a ninja she seems quite jumpy but friendly. He said in the depths of his mind.

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"Kiyiya bowed her head for several seconds in greeting. "My honor to meet you. O" She noticed the outstretched hand he held out toward her. "What do you want me to do with your hand?" Puzzled, she looks from his hand to Banesus. Being unfamiliar with the ways of western greetings or any other greets, Kiyiya ponders whether he was setting himself up for an attack or defending himself. As an precaution, she took a step back and raised her hands slightly, waiting for his next move

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The GFHB {HoNk} "Normally most would shake it but oh well" He said his hand falling to his side. "It is nice to meet you as well." Bane yawns a tiger yawn, he had not been getting enough sleep normally a tiger sleeps for more than half the day. Bane smiles a friendly tiger smile, he was indeed quite friendly. She seems quite nice and pretty he said in his mind.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2076 comments Mod
"You're a tiger right? So how are you walking on your two feet-paws?" Kiyiya lowers her hands to the side, although she keep her guards up. One could not be so careless to be relaxed around an tiger. How is he so calmed and non aggressive is the question. As they stood there, an large bug like creature circles the two using the cover of the bushes as it's hiding place.

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The GFHB {HoNk} "Im a hybrid" Bane said with a smile. "My mother was a weretiger and my father was a actual tiger." bane begins to explain so she understand more easily."I take more after my father so in appearance Im more tiger than human. But I still keep most human like traits and humanly body structures." "Allowing me the abiltly to walk upright on two feet."

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"That's...interesting" Kiyiya blinks her two dark blue eyes. "Could you explain how that is even possible-Er_ I mean the part about you being an hybrid. Doesn't two tigers make a whole, I mean?" Kiyiya eyes darted to the side when she asked the question. She was blushing from ear to ear, in which the face mask had hide. She was thankful for her fighting gear in this case.Slowly returning her eyes to Bane, she waited for a second than added "Did I make any sense?"

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The GFHB {HoNk} "Well most of the time a reglar tiger is born. From what I know is I am a rare hybrid. So my hybrid species has very little infromation about the genetic occurrences that happen. I think its like When a albino is born, it only happens every few occasions." Bane tries his best to explian, he thought he was doing alright. He was true the part about the little genetic occurrences,there was little info on it.

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"I see. Don't understand, but I see" Kiyiya moves toward the edge of the unevenly. The thing which was odd about her move was that she kept her eyes on Ban the whole time she moved. In addition, she had moved sidewalks like an crab would walk as she inched over to the water edge. Good boy. Stay there. Don't move Mentally she prayed until she finally made it to the ledge. "So Uh, you like to swim. That's nice"

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The GFHB {HoNk} She seems frightened,Am i really that scary?. Bane's tail had the motion of a sum what relaxed cats. He didnt quite understand way everyone was so scared of him. "Yes,Swimming helps me relax after a long stressful day". He was quite calm and was still trying to figure out what the girl was doing.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2076 comments Mod
"Ah, so um yea" Kiyiya had straightened herself. Good. He doesn't suspect a thing. Maybe I am cut out for an warrior of the silent. Just than, Kiyiya spins and kicks up an an good bit of water into the air in Bane direction. The water dropping all over and around Bane. Moving fast, she redrew and blade from her side leg. Running directly toward Bane with the short dagger pointed directly toward him, she shoves the dagger straight toward the side of Bane right ribs. The dagger slide pass him into the side of the bug creature.

(Not sure if you want Bane to noticed the bug creature or not)

(view spoiler)

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The GFHB {HoNk} Bane growls and about jumps a few feet in the air. He was glad she hadnt tried to kill him. The bug creature really creeped him out to the point of ewwww. He was not sure if she needed or wanted help fighting the weird bug. Bane was kind twitterpatted and creeped out. Carefull dodging bug creature from falling upon him he about showed a side of him wich wasnt so nice.

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Kiyiya pulled the dagger out of the creature, who had been standing behind Bane. "Don't just let me here to fight this thing by myself!" She yelled at Bane, and jumped out of the way as the bug creature bite at her. Taking out a few throwing star blades, she throws them at the creature, but that didn't stop the creature from coming after her. Jumping back father, she landed on a few small rocks near the water. The creature was still coming at her-almost close enough to bite at her head...

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The GFHB {HoNk} Bane snarls and pounces upon the creature. With deadly force he sinks his claws into the creature's weak spot. Bane was looking pretty scary now. With multiple blows to the creatures weak spot blood seemed to come from the creature. "Stupid bug" Bane said attacking again. He was now in a pretty angry mood now.

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Kiyiya, not seeing the quick movements of Bane, had lost her balance just as Bane pounced on the insect. Falling into the water, Kiyiya surfaces in seconds. After she had spat out the water, she set her eyes on the tiger. Amazement and admiration sparkled in her eyes just as she watches the might strikes in which Bane inflicted upon the creature. She couldn't believe that she was literally watching an creature attach another creature. Back home, she didn't get to see this offend as the private lives of animals was something she was taught never to intervene in, unless one was hunting for food purposes.

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The GFHB {HoNk} Bane roars as the creature tried to bite threw his thick tiger skin. He lands a deadly scratch to the creatures face blinding it in one eye. Bane growls and pounces agian without deadly precision and goes for the kill. His golden eyes have a glassy shine to them. With a deadly punch he puched threw the creatures shell, he removed his hand from the creature. He held the creatures heart that was still beating. The creatures body fell to the ground with a loud thud.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2076 comments Mod
Kiyiya watched until the last bit of the fight was over. When the fight was over, the ninja girl moved to the edge of the waterfall and pulled herself out. Just as she was pulling herself out, she heard an hard thud noise. Looking up, she sees that the shell of the bug had been tossed aside and the creature had fallen to the ground. Slowly her eyes returned to Bane. Seeing him standing there holding the creature's heart, she frowned. "That's sick" She shifted to sit down on the rocky edge. Squeezing the water from her hair, Kiyiya looks at Bane. "You planning on..eating or shoving?" She nodded toward his hand that held the heart.

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The GFHB {HoNk} Bane snapped back to reality. "ew ew eww" Bane said dropping the heart. Bane felt really grossed out now. Why cant cantrol my actions when fighting?. "I feel like a exterminator, Eww this slime is just eww" Bane said. Bane tries to relax an and calm down, he really hated bugs especially giant ones. He wipes most of the slime of his hand with a cleaning rag he kept in his pocket.

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Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2076 comments Mod
That's interesting..Bane's comment had quickly caught Kiyiya attention. The fact that he was so focused, so driven to finished the kill of another was truly something, yet this powerful tiger had resulted back to this calm guy. Standing up, Kiyiya strode forceful over to Bane. Balling her right fist, she punched toward his face. She expected him to duck or catch her punch. I just have to test this. To test him.

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The GFHB {HoNk} He stopped her fist mid strike by simply putting his hand in front of his face to stop her hand. "Please do not do that, You will see a side of me that isn't so pretty." He was still quite calm and relaxed for the time being. "Why would you punch someone in the face for no reason?" He asked. Bane had used his hand that was covered in the insects slime to stop the blow. He couldn't help but laugh now.

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Glancing at her hand, she frowned at seeing the slim. "That's one reason right there" Kiyiya only became more interested in what Banesus was capable of, despite the fact that she had seen him ripping apart the contents of the bug. She had to see how he fought in an battle with an more suitable partner. Not to mention, she loved close hand to hand combat.Using her other hand, she swings toward his stomach. Alright, tiger, let's see what you got.

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The GFHB {HoNk} "That tickles" Bane said as she punched his stomach. He was laughing now, he was quite fit and thick skin so it mostly tickled. He then dodges her next attempt to attack him, his speed unmatched to a normal humans. Bane smiles "Is it a battle you want?" He asked with a slight smile. Bane pounces upon her playfully, He could simply sit on her a crush her. Bane laughs finding this to be quite fun now. He did have his mother's serious playfullness.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2076 comments Mod
(So is he sitting on her?)

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The GFHB {HoNk} ((no, he could but no he is not sitting on her))

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(What is he doing?cause he pinched on her right?)

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The GFHB {HoNk} ((He pounced on her playfully to him a minor battle is a serious game))

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(Yes but did he knock her over or they are just standing there or what?)

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The GFHB {HoNk} ((he knocked her over if you pounce on somone you more than likely knock the person over XD ))

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Kiyiya wriggled under the hold of Bane. Like an dog would happily greet you, he had knocked her over onto the ground and was holding her there. Squirming to break free of him, she frown those only her eyes showed her dislike. "You kid me. This is how I lose" I had not expected this. Boy he weights a ton. Though Bane wasn't standing on her, but he did have her pin down. "Alright" An annoyed look on her face, she sighs "I give. Get off"

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The GFHB {HoNk} Bane nodds, and gets off her. He chuckles and helps her up, back onto her feet. He was still trying to be kind, by helping her up. He smiles a warm and kind smile, he looked fierce and dangerous but was a big sweet heart underneath all his scaryness. Bane's tails moved side to side in slight calmness. He wonders if when she got to her feet would she try to attack agian.

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She took his hand as he pulled her up effortlessly it seemed, as if she was very light. Once Kiyiya was up, she sighs. "I forgot about your weight. You're a lot bigger than I am" She let's out a long breathe. Letting go of his hand, she pulls her face mask down and looks over at Bane. "Kiyiya is my name. I must admit. I didn't expect you to use your weight against me. Many of my opponents would have went hand to hand against me."

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The GFHB {HoNk} He found pulling her back to her feet quite easy,she was very light. He wonders if she is alright because he heard her sigh. He lets his hand fall to his side when she let go of his hand. He saw she had removed her face mask, her face seemed very pretty to him. "Its is nice to finally know your name". Bane smiles "Well this world is full of surprises, wild Tigers also use their weight to take down prey and there opponents."

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"You sound like my Master. He's always telling me to not let my guards down because life is nothing but surprises" She walks passed Bane. Walking toward the insect, she picks up her throwing daggers. "I want to test my strength against you. We'll have to soar sometimes just so I can see what you can do" She looked back over her shoulder. Returning several of her weapons to their difficulties place, she thinks about what she did wrong in her small fight with the insects.

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The GFHB {HoNk} "He teaches you well then"Bane said with a smile. Bane wasnt one to like knives and daggers so his gard slighty up. "If you ever wish for a rematch then just let me know". Bane shakes the dust out of his fur. Bane watched her when he finished shaking out his fur. He found her quite unique and high on the beauty level.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2076 comments Mod
Walking over to the insect, she walks around the creature until she came to his other side. Kicking him over, she located her dagger she had stick into him earlier. Pulling the weapon out, she walks over to the water edge. Bending down, she starts to clean her dagger. "Yes, he is. As for the rematch, I'll take you on anytime anywhere. Let me know when you are really" Standing up, she walks back over to him. "No holding back alright"

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The GFHB {HoNk} He watches her with intrest, he had not meet any one like her before. Bane still had is guard up, just incase a knife was to be used. He gladly hoped the knives were not made from copper a weakness that would kill him instantly if it was to pierce his skin. Bane smiles and watches her agian with the same amount of interest. "I am currently free and have nothing to attend, so a rematch can be done now" He said. "If you wish for me not to hold back then that wish will be obeyed"

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2076 comments Mod
Return that blade to it's rightful location, Kiyiya smiled up at him. An look of anticipation coloring her brown eyes. "You're on than. Give me your all and we shall see who is the better fighter"Raising her right hand, she moved her mask back over her face. Turning she took a few steps back. "The terms of this match are no weapons, no cheap shots, and no fighting to the death. The match is over when one of us give or manage an attack that would have been an fatal hit. Got it?" She lowers herself into an stance. " I will be fighting to represent my master, Master Kiouchi of the Eclipse Lotus."

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The GFHB {HoNk} Bane watched her return a knife to its rightful position. He then smiles a smile in return. "I agree to your terms and I understand" He said with a smile. He to took a good fighting position. His ears pinned back and tail moved in a left to right motion. Bane was quite ready for a fight and ready to win. Bane watches her to look for weaknesses upon her. He awaits patiently for her to attack first.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2076 comments Mod
Kiyiya watched Bane gets into an fighting stance. She was already asserting her next few moves as he offenders her the first move. Her eyes narrowed a little as she thought about he first move. The first move is always critical. Never let your opponent see you coming. Become the dark, strike as a snake, and move as an mouse.The lessons of her master returning to her mind. Luring forward, she throws a punch toward Bane front. Than follows the punch with a kick to his side, along his rob cage.

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The GFHB {HoNk} Bane watches and takes the first blow just to get her hopes up. A opponent with high hopes was much easier to defeat. He then strikes back with a punch, he would regret hitting a women, but he had been told not to hold back. He aimed for the stomach area, he hoped not to hurt her that badly. From what bane saw he saw she relied in Camoflouge,speed and strength. Bane used most of it to his advantage. It was quite hard but abled to be managed. Bane used strength and his weight to produce strong attacks.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2076 comments Mod
Kiyiya dodges the punch Bane threw. She in response threw one at him only to have him dodge. She was becoming annoyed as this spar match continued onward. Pondering why she couldn't make a good decent hit, she frowned as she attempted to land several more hits. Kiyiya attempted to try to land a punch on several of his weaker spots.

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