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The Price of Silence
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Mystery book based in small town discovered by newspaper reporter [s]

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bookworm | 86 comments I read a mystery book in early 2007 about a woman who moves to a small town and works for the local newspaper and uncovers a mystery I don't remember details about the mystery other than it was not a current even but was related to something that happened since she moved to town. I remember her boyfriend didn't move with her but comes and stays with her and she it's really broke and fixes cabbage for dinner...I have no idea why I remember the meal though I remember her being in the store and debating about the cheapest vegetable.

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Lobstergirl | 38153 comments Mod
Silence Is Golden?
"In the sleepy town of Flat Skunk, newspaper editor Connor Westphal tries to help her ex-boyfriend clear his name after he is implicated in the murder of his ex-wife, while local prospector Sluice Jackson claims he has discovered gold."

The Alpine Pursuit?
"When the opening night of the Alpine Council Dramatic Club's latest production culminates in the murder of one of the actors, local newspaper editor Emma Lord assists sheriff Milo Dodge in solving the mystery."

"While covering a four-day music festival complete with hippies, psychotropic drugs, and ritual drum circles, reporter-turned-sleuth Alex Bernier investigates a series of mysterious deaths as young men start dying from tainted LSD."

Cries and Whiskers?
"Caught up in her probe into a dangerous new designer drug, reporter Theda Krakow puts her investigation on hold when an animal rights activist, who had been struggling to rescue feral cats on the eve of a ferocious winter storm, is killed in a hit-and-run accident."

Yesterday's Fatal?
"After witnessing an accident that kills a mother of three, Hallie Ahern, newly promoted reporter and troubled gambling addict, gets more than she bargains for when she tries to discover why a seemingly happy woman would drive into a tree."

Madeline Mann?
"A journalist adds sleuthing to her job description when a childhood friend is murdered.Madeline "Madman" Mann, a reporter in Webley, Ill., is annoyed with her teacher boyfriend Jack and her family, who she feels are trying to control her life. So she's ripe for the adventure offered when her old friend Logan Lanford disappears just as he's about to make his debut with her brother Fritz's band. Recently fired from his job with the mayor's office, where Maddy's mother works, Logan has left his wife and two children in the lurch. One place to start looking is Saugatuck, Mich., where his pal Quinn Paley lives. So does Wick, Logan's dad, long divorced from Logan's anxious mother. Maddy and Jack arrive at the cottage Logan's using just as a car pulls out of the driveway, leaving Logan's corpse inside."

Desire Lines?
"Ever since her best friend, Jennifer, disappeared on the night of their high-school graduation, Kathryn Campbell's life has been one long guilt trip. Could she have prevented Jennifer's disappearance? Kathryn's lingering obsession has resulted in a restless dissatisfaction with life and a failed marriage. Returning home to Maine leads to an assignment that injects Kathryn with new energy: she is to write a feature story about Jennifer's disappearance from the point of view of the victim's best friend."

Most of these are part of a series, so if the sleuth's name sounds familiar but the plot doesn't, you should check out the other books in the series.

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bookworm | 86 comments None of those are it thank you though Lobstergirl! Silence is Golden is the closest one to what I'm looking for since there are so many side-stories. I don't think it was part of a series and I don't think the protagonist was intending on being a writer I think she applied at the paper and thought she was gonna be doing something else (editing maybe). At the beginning of the story she first moved to this little town. Wish I remembered more!!

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bookworm | 86 comments Bump

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bookworm | 86 comments Bump

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Tab (tabbrown) | 4967 comments Hi, Bookworm

Here's a few more questions that may trigger some memories.

Did the MC have any friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc?
Who were the suspects? Was she a suspect?

Did the story lean towards humor, suspense, cozy, etc?

What are some of the places she visits in order to solve the mystery? Library, cemetery, school, etc?

Was there a cop/detective that was also trying to solve the case?

Anything about the cover?

Lots of questions, but they may help.

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The Price of Silence has most of the elements you described. It's a stand-alone novel by Kate Wilhelm.

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bookworm | 86 comments Thanks, that sounds right I am ordering at the library. I will post again after I'm sure.

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bookworm | 86 comments Thats it!!! Thanks so much Kate!!!!

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