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message 1: by Brooke (new)

Brooke | 3065 comments Here we go!

ℙ. ♈ɪℊℊᴇʀ | 84 comments

When I think of fluff, I think of best friends. When I think of cute, I think of a couple. When I think of fluffy and cute, I think of best friends turned into a couple. Boom.

Aside from the obvious, I think it'd be really adorable if we did something with either a deaf/mute/blind character. Or maybe one can be deaf and the other blind or any of those combinations, or just one of them. Like, the person could be deaf and the other tries to learn sign language to they can speak. One could be blind so they always have to hold hands or have some sort of contact when they walk and talk. Sign language once again with mute but we could make it sad and say that the person went through a traumatic event and stopped speaking.

I don't know. With you, I'll do anything because I know it'll be good. :]

message 3: by Brooke (new)

Brooke | 3065 comments Ahhh, I love all these ideas so much. I think we should do doubles with a blind person and a mute one :D

ℙ. ♈ɪℊℊᴇʀ | 84 comments Doubles as in each of us get a guy and a girl?

Aah, how would they communicate though? The mute can't speak and the blind can't see the signs. @__@

message 5: by Brooke (new)

Brooke | 3065 comments Doubles as in mute/normal and blind/normal xD

ℙ. ♈ɪℊℊᴇʀ | 84 comments Oh. Oh. Well I'm stupid.

Okay! :D

message 7: by Brooke (new)

Brooke | 3065 comments HEY! you shush your little head, that is so not true xD

Okay! so, who shall be whoooo?

ℙ. ♈ɪℊℊᴇʀ | 84 comments It so is! Quit your denyin'.

I sort of want to be the blind person because I can't think of any traumatic for the mute person, but I'm not opposed, seriously. Do you have a preference?

message 9: by Brooke (last edited Feb 05, 2014 08:20PM) (new)

Brooke | 3065 comments No freakin' way. I shall keep on denyin' C:

Nope. I am totally cool with being the mute person C: I can probably think of something! Oh shit, actually, I just kind of thought of something! hahahahahaha!

ℙ. ♈ɪℊℊᴇʀ | 84 comments Then you'll die denyin'. ;]

Ok. So, what gender ya wanna be for which? Well, better you than me! I'm sort of scared for what you have in mind!

message 11: by Brooke (new)

Brooke | 3065 comments I am willin' to take the risk. C:

I think I kind of want the mute to be a girl....

Oh, just wait an see hehehehe

ℙ. ♈ɪℊℊᴇʀ | 84 comments You're crazy.

Sounds good to me! So I guess that means I'm playing a blind girl as well, otherwise the doubles aspect is gone. xD Do we want a particular setting for one of them? Best friends? Strangers? Or. . . ?

And I love that gif.

message 13: by Brooke (new)

Brooke | 3065 comments You know it! :D

Weeeeeellllll, I'm thinking that the mute girl and the guy should be best friends, and maybe over the summer, he went away, or she did, so they didn't see much of each other. Then when school came about, the mute wasn't talking anymore and, yeah, you get the picture C:
And I was thinking that maybe the blind girl is new, and my guy is asked to help her out, you know?

I know it's freakin' fun.

message 14: by Brooke (new)

Brooke | 3065 comments :)

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