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bugs > 201 Error for user_shelves add to shelf

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message 1: by Kiwidude (new)

Kiwidude | 28 comments My users started reporting this error, from code that hasn't been changed in a very, very long time.

Can someone please tell me what has changed/been broken on the Goodreads side? And/or what this response code means?

message 2: by Kiwidude (new)

Kiwidude | 28 comments Anyone?

message 3: by Jeffrey (new)

Jeffrey (jeffwong) | 74 comments Mod
201 means the call was a success and the object was successfully created. All HTTP response codes in the 200 range are successes.

If the book is showing up on the shelf that the user added to, you might just need to change your app to recognize the response as a success and update your interface to reflect the new situation.

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